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10 Tips to Infuse Cosiness into Your Living Room and Home

A living room with a white couch and a beige throw blanket.

This time of year, for some reason, makes you want to curl up and take pleasure in a homey environment. Coziness is a feeling that everyone enjoys having at home. A cosy home is a warm home setting that makes you feel at ease and comfortable and lets you relax and cocoon yourself from the outside world. As trees shed their leaves and the air gets cooler, you get a clear indication that it is time to change home decor to embrace warmth and comfort and add an inviting feel to the space. So, if you want to make your home feel cosier and more comfortable, here are some cosy living room ideas to elevate your snug retreat at home.

Cozy Living Room Home Decor Ideas

Soft Textiles

A living room with a couch and a coffee table.

Soft and plush textures are a great way to provide a feeling of cosiness and warmth to any area, and they are frequently associated with creating a warm and inviting place. You can consider elements like throw blankets, cushions, curtains, and area rugs to create a cosy living room setting. Plush rugs offer underfoot warmth and add softness to the space, making them perfect for homes with hard flooring like tiles. 

Throws and cushions are perfect to snuggle during chilly winter evenings as you curl up and read your favourite book or watch your favourite show. Also, install thick curtains as they act as insulators and add a textural richness to the room. All in all, make sure to choose materials like wool, fleece, and down to add warmth and a tactile element to your home interiors. 

Warm Colour Palette

A living room with wood floors and brown furniture.

The colours around us influence our moods and thoughts a lot. To infuse a cosy interior design, choose a warm colour palette with earthy tones such as browns, deep reds, cool neutrals, and warm neutrals to create an inviting, warm and comfortable space. From selecting dark-coloured area rugs to having warm tones on the walls and floor, you can add multiple elements to transform the ambience of your space with a sense of warmth and cosiness. Consider installing floor tiles like OPV Plain Terracotta Floor Tiles and BDF Smoky Creama FT Floor Tiles to add depth to your space. 

Also, you can install complimenting wall tiles such as BDF Desert Marble Beige of contrasting tones to elevate the comfort and intimate feeling. Moreover, if you want to add a visually striking element, consider creating a feature wall with colours like rich burgundies, deep blues, and burnt oranges. For example, infuse GFT BDF Rustic Triangle Coffee to make the wall stand out while evoking warmth. 

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Layered Lighting

Three pendant lights hanging above a table in a living room.

Choosing the right light fixtures is essential to infuse the level of cosiness you want to have in your space. Be it installing a warm light or incorporating candles and fairy lights, you can introduce warmth, intimacy, and an inviting feeling with ample lighting. You can combine different lighting sources to create a layered and inviting ambience in your cosy living room decor. Place candles around the room to create a focal point. 

Also, you can incorporate soft, warm-toned bulbs and table lamps to add dim lighting in areas like any cosy style living room and bedroom for added ambience. To elevate the level of cosiness, you can use floor lamps for gentle illumination. Combine ambient lighting for overall illumination, task lighting for any task like working, and accent lighting for highlighting specific decor items.

Candles and Candle Holders 

Three candles on a wooden cutting board.

Candles are an essential element for fall. You can strategically place candles around the room to add a sense of luxury and warmth while creating a distinctive focal point. As Indian homes do not usually have any fireplaces, you can try grouping multiple candles to create an illusion of firelight. 

Plus, you can vary the heights of the candles by using candle holders to create a dynamic look. To get to the next level with this, you can infuse light aromatic candles or use decorative candle holders to bring a soft glow and delightful aroma of the season to your room. Go for comforting fragrances like cedarwood, vanilla, pumpkin spice, apple pie, and cinnamon. Try to skip too strong scents and choose subtle fragrances to create a relaxing ambience. 

Natural Elements

A living room with wood floors and chevron pattern.

Add natural elements to your space with potted plants, fresh flowers, and wooden decor. Indoor plants help to purify the air while offering a serene feel in any cosy comfy modern living room. They also help soften the harsh lines of other decor items and furniture kept within the same room. Going for low-maintenance plants like snake plants, pothos, peace lilies, succulents, and earthen pots adds a sense of tranquillity and connection to the outdoors. You can opt for faux flowers to add lots of colours and textures to the space. Besides that, incorporate wooden tiles like HBG Venezia Oak Wood DK and BHF Strips Oak Wood Multi FT to evoke a sense of warmth and connection to nature. 

Cosy Nooks

A chair in a dark room with candles and books.

While you are including elements like plush blankets and warm lighting, remember to create your dedicated cosy corner or nook where you can read, relax, or simply sit down to daydream. You can add comfortable chairs, a bean bag, a plush armchair, a window seat and soft cushions, depending on the size of the nook, to create your cosy seating area. You can install a small bookshelf to keep your favourite books, use sheer curtains and rugs to create a sense of demarcation, and add textures to elevate your cosy corner. Besides, get a throw blanket for added warmth. Go for soft, ambient lighting to elevate the cosy vibe of the entire setting. 

Personalised Art and Photos

A group of photo frames hanging on a wall.

Personalised photos will not technically warm up the space, but they can fill your heart with warm and cherishable memories. So, you can think of installing family photos or photos from your most memorable vacations. Besides putting your memories on display, you can also add personalised artwork.

A bench with colorful pillows and framed pictures in a living room.

Be it your DIY macrame decorative piece or a painting your friend has gifted, you can add a unique character while adding a personal touch to the space. You can make your space feel warm and uniquely yours by infusing these personal touches.

Layered Decor

A living room with couches and a fireplace.

Layering is a key to achieving a modern cosy living room look. Try to install rugs, cushions, curtains, and blankets to add depth and warmth to your space. You can start by adding a little rug on your kitchen floor in front of the sink, a runner across the breakfast table, or soft linen slipcovers for chairs and furniture. Just infuse a layer of fabric on every surface to elevate the level of warmth in your space. Feel free to mix textures, patterns, and materials to create a more dynamic and visually appealing space. For example, you can add textured rugs and cushions with different fabrics to create visual interest. Also, use seasonal curtains as they have a great role to play in setting the mood of any room. You can use curtains of appropriate fabrics for particular seasons to create a very cosy atmosphere within your space. 

Comfortable Furniture

A blue velvet sofa in a living room with a painting on the wall.

Creating a home that exudes an inviting feeling starts with adding the right decor elements, and one of the most vital elements within any cosy home decor is furniture. From couches to beds, they play a huge role in elevating cosiness and the comfort level of any space.

 So, you can start by investing in comfortable and inviting furniture which is made from soft, durable materials and has a smooth feel such as cotton or velvet. Also, go for furniture in warm, earthy, or neutral tones to elevate the welcoming feel. If you have soft sofas with curved edges, top them with plush cushions. You can get stackable and plush chairs to create cosy seating arrangements according to your needs, making your home a welcoming retreat.

A living room with brown walls and a beige couch.

Festive Decorations

A living room with christmas decorations and stockings.

This festive season, elevate your cosy house aesthetics with festive decorations such as twinkling fairy lights, pinecone arrangements, and seasonal greenery like a classic evergreen garland. 

No Christmas will be complete without including the Christmas tree. Be it small or big, it will be all fun and joyful if you can install a tree in your cosy living room design, bedroom, or where you would love to get a boost of cheer. Beyond the tree, light up your space with lights. Add string lights and lamps to give ample lighting and elevate the overall home decor with winter charms. 

You can also light candles and incorporate fairy lights to enhance the warm feeling and add stockings to infuse an element of joy, especially if you have young kids at home. This also helps to create accents to reflect your festive flair. Moreover, you can add a textured area rug, blankets, and festive curtains to keep you warm during the cold winter nights. 


Creating cosy small living room decor does not mean a lot of space or effort. You can transform any space into a warm and inviting space by infusing the right elements. Try combining the above elements to create a trendy yet wonderfully cosy and appealing home design. However, the most important thing to remember is to use little things to make a big difference rather than going for big stuff. Just get some inspiration from these small cosy living room ideas to infuse warmth, style, and functionality in every corner of your cosy retreat. 


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