One of the major factors that contributes to accidents in the industrial sector is the build-up of static charge or electricity. Electric shocks, fire outbreaks and loss of data are some of the most frequent mishaps that can take place due to static charge that is created by something as simple as people walking up and down an area. That is why, nowadays, special care is taken during the construction phase, especially when it comes to the flooring, to create a safe space. One of the ways to reduce the effect of static charge is installing anti-static conductive tiles on the floors. These tiles will reduce the chances of accidents and make your industrial space for the employees and visitors alike.

Read on to know more about anti-static tiles and how they help avoid accidents.

What are anti-static tiles?

Anti-static tiles are made of vitrified material and have a special glaze coating on top that consists of special metallic oxides. This layer is the semi-conducting anti-static layer, which helps reduce static charge, which gets dispersed towards the earth with the help of conducting copper wires laid along the edges of the tiles.

Anti-static tiles are usually scratch-free and are rated 6 at Mohs scale. Most importantly, these tiles are made at a high temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius and are, therefore, resistant to fire.

Places where you can use anti-static tiles

Various places produce static charge due to heavy foot traffic and are prone to accidents like fire shocks, fire outbreaks and loss of data. Here are some of the places where you can widely use anti-static tiles and reduce the chances of accidents.

  • Industries
  • MRI centres
  • Hospitals
  • Fire stations
  • Petrol/gasoline stations
  • IT computer rooms


Qualities of anti-static tiles

You can check out Orientbell’s anti-static tiles collection if you want the most durable and long-lasting tiles in the market. The anti-static floor tiles are rated as class 1 and are stain-resistant.

Most importantly, these tiles are easy to clean and can be washed with running water without the risk of electric shocks or any kind of damage. Not only this, Orientbell anti-static tiles do not absorb moisture and can be used in wet areas as well.

These tiles transfer static charge to the earth without causing any harm to the people in the area.

Anti-Static Conductive Blue Dk and Anti-Static Conductive Blue Lt tiles are available in different shades of blue.

Anti-static tiles don’t just create a safe space and prevent accidents but also give a stylish look to your space. You can use these tiles not just in commercial areas but also in residential places. Due to an additional step of adding copper wires in the spacers, it takes a bit longer to install these tiles compared to other types of tiles.

Main features of Anti-Static Tiles

  • These tiles are durable
  • These tiles require less maintenance
  • These tiles are easy to clean, wipe or mop
  • These tiles are resistant to smudges and scratches
  • These tiles are resistant to fire
  • These tiles are more robust than any other ordinary tile
  • These tiles prevent the loss of any data from the server rooms

There is no doubt that these tiles are one of a kind. A large number of companies are opting for anti-static tiles given the benefits of installing them. These tiles are truly a unique innovation that is here to stay.