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Create Inspiring Homes with the Inspire XL Large Format Tiles!

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Large format tiles have risen in popularity and how! From the grand look that these tiles offer to the ease of maintenance – large format tiles have arrived in style and intend to stay on the throne of popularity for much longer.

Orientbell Tiles Inspire XL series is all about combining the sleek beauty of large format tiles and the rusticity of nature to give you tiles that exude elegance and class. The glazed vitrified tiles measure 1200x1800mm and are available in a variety of colours and predominantly in a luxurious marble design.

With the Inspire XL series you can bring nature into your home!

Where Do You Use Inspire XL Large Format Tiles?

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The Inspire XL large format tiles can be easily installed in any area of your home- big or small; from living rooms to bedrooms to kitchens to bathrooms to even corridors and hallways.

There is often a misconception that larger tiles should not be used in smaller spaces, such as bathrooms and corridors. But, on the contrary, larger tiles should be used in smaller spaces since there is a lesser number of grout lines involved, making your room feel and seem more spacious.

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Large format tiles have the ability to make a space look a lot larger. Install them in your lobby area or reception area to add a touch of grandeur and splendour to the space quite effortlessly. Case in point the Super Gloss Emperador Bianco LT. With its light beige surface with a smoky marble design adds an opulent touch to this reception area, while keeping things classy!

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Looking for graceful tiles for your boutique? Go big with large format tiles and add a touch of magnificence and panache to elevate your space! The Carving Sonata Marble Grey is best for you – its dark colour doesn’t display signs of wear and tear or stains easily – a plus in a high traffic space – and gives the space a mysterious and exciting feel.

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Wondering if large format tiles are just for commercial spaces? Well, here we prove it to you that you can effortlessly add large format tiles to your residence and it won’t look out of place in the slightest. Add a warm and inviting feel to your home with the PGVT Duomo Gris White. The classic marble tile oozes royalty and its warm neutral colour pairs well with most design schemes – allowing you to decorate andredecorate your space to your heart’s content!

Advantages Of Using Inspire XL Format Tiles

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One of the biggest reasons why large format tiles are highly popular is the fact that they provide you a host of advantages – both functional and aesthetic. Here are some of the advantages of using large format tiles, such as the ones from the Inspire XL series.

1. Less Grout Lines

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With large format tiles the number of grout lines required decreases dramatically, providing you with an unbroken mass of tile, reducing visual clutter. With the large mass of tile it is as though the grout lines disappear, making it difficult to distinguish between individual tiles. Even on walls, they help create one minimal-grout seamless mass that gives the walls an almost wallpaper like look.

3. Less Cleaning And Minimal Maintenance

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Since there are a significantly lower number of grout lines, cleaning these Inspire XL large format tiles is a breeze! Cleaning out the grout lines is always a challenging affair that requires meticulous toiling to get rid of all the specs of dirt, dust, and grime that may settle in the grout lines. With the reduction in the number of grout lines, your cleaning routine gets shortened, leaving you with more time to pursue more enjoyable pursuits!

3. Modern Day Aesthetic

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The Inspire XL large format tiles are modern, sleek and give your space a contemporary edge. The large size, paired with the elegant designs, can transform any space into every designer’s ultra-modern design dream. The nature inspired designs help ground the look, keeping the overall vibe warm, despite the modern day aesthetic.

4. Bigger And Better

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The unbroken and seamless look that is achieved due to the lack of grout lines makes the room look a lot bigger than it actually is. The lack of visual interruption from the grout lines gives the space a put together look, and makes the space feel brighter and airier. Remember, lay the tiles in the direction you want to extend. For example, if your room is longer than wide, place your tiles horizontally to make your space appear wider than it actually is. It is all about playing with the visual perceptions!

Myths About Large Format Tiles Busted

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There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding large format tiles. Let us debunk some myths!

1. Large Format Tiles Crack Easily

With proper installation larger tiles are no more likely to crack than their small counterparts. With larger tiles it is the proper installation that matters, since the substrate needs to be meticulously levelled before tiling can begin.

2. Large Format Tiles Are More Expensive

The idea that the bigger the tile, the higher the cost is false. While the cost of large format tiles may seem higher upfront, you need to consider that you need a lesser amount of tiles to cover an area and the overall cost per sq. feet is more or less at par with medium sized tiles.

 The popularity of large format tiles, such as those in the Inspire XL series, has been on the rise and will continue rising due to the tremendous amount of advantages these tiles possess. The nature-inspired look of these tiles can infuse a warm and inviting feel to any space they are installed in, while the large size adds to the grandeur of the space.

How Can Orientbell Tiles Help?

Orientbell Tiles has a large collection of large format tiles for you to choose from. Head to the website or visit a store near you to begin your tile buying journey today!


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