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6 Ways To Design Kid’s Bedroom

Want to create a memorable childhood for your kid? Make her bedroom a soothing space.

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Creating a fun space for your kids can be a bit challenging, especially if you don’t know how. However, it is not that difficult if you look at it. Kids like colours, free space and an environment that’s comfortable yet full of energy – just like they are. Therefore, designing a bedroom that matches their personalities should be on top of the list. Their room should be not only aesthetically appealing but also very practical and functional. Here is a roundup of simple ways to design your children’s room.

1) Keep it Simple

Going overboard never helps, even when it comes to interior design and especially when it comes to the kids’ rooms. Children grow up very fast, and investing too much time, energy and money into decor for their early years doesn’t make sense as they will all become dated very quickly.

Hence, focus on keeping the space open, spacious, lively, and functional with the right kind of furniture. You can spice it up with some furnishings that will not burn a hole in your pockets, even if you have to change them every once in a while, such as bright and eye-catching bedsheets, curtains, upholstery, the occasional quirky picture frame or accessory and eye- catching floor tiles like DGVT Hickory Wood Beige.

2) Focus on The Play Aspect

Kids are always on the lookout to play and jump around, and their room should give them that opportunity to do so. Give them things to play with, like an indoor swing, board games, a whimsical house-frame bed, a chalkboard wall for their artistic endeavours, a space where your child can display their art or creations, and maybe even a rock climbing wall.

This way, it becomes a memorable space for them, encouraging them to indulge in more activities and stay away from the screen.

3)Experiment With Colour

The kids’ rooms should be filled with different families of colours – just to make it more engaging and speak of its inhabitant. If possible, decide with your little one as to what colour they like the most and incorporate them in a major way (even if it means having bright orange walls!)

Let the wardrobes, the cabinets, the chest of drawers, the bed be of different colours and of course, the walls and flooring of different colours too – it will help make the room look lively.

4) Keep Their Hands and Minds Busy

To keep children engrossed in something is a humongous task, but if done smartly, you can achieve that as well. If you have some space – dedicate a little ‘work corner’ for them. It could be their colouring station, drawing table, pottery or anything that keeps them busy so that they know if they want to do this activity, they can come back to their room for the same. You can also use floor tile like HFM Anti-Skid EC Wooden Mosaic to make their room more kid-friendly.

5) Colourful Wall Tiles

You can create a feature wall by installing patterned and designed wall tiles that are in line with your children’s preferences. If they are into flowers, you can opt for floral tiles that instantly add a happy vibe to the space. If they like solid colours, you can opt for patterns in darker shades like maroon, orange, brown and tans.

There are germ-free tiles available that can make the space safe for your little one. Orientbell Tiles offers you a range of wall tiles in different designs and patterns that you can choose from. You can also install the Moroccan Art range for a pop of design and to add a little zing to the space. It will be a welcome change in the kids’ room as well.

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6) Strong Floor Tiles

As the kids are always on the go, tumbling and jumping around, you need flooring that stands the test of time as well as theirs. You need a strong floor tile with stronger underfoot, one that comes with a slip-resistant or anti-skid surface and provides you and your kid with a safe space. Vitrified tiles are a great addition in this scenario as they are doubly durable thanks to their added vitrification process.

Designing a space for a child is no rocket science – add colours, provide them with ample space to tumble and run, add some activities and toys, and you are good to go. While you may keep updating the paint colours or the furniture or even the activities in your child’s room – tiles are something that will stay constant for years. For this reason, it is best to install tiles that are durable, long-lasting and do not chip or crack easily, creating a safety hazard.

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Orientbell Tiles’ range of both wall and floor tiles are available in a variety of colours, designs, and materials, ensuring that there is a tile for every need!

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