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Designing A Luxurious Dream Home

An image of a tiled floor in a modern office.

As far as the world of interior design is concerned, one of the best things that you can do to make your grand home even more exorbitant is to adopt a stunning and luxurious interior design. A grand home allows homeowners to have a unique opportunity to display their creativity and expression. Right from grand living spaces to huge and spacious corridors, these big areas need design features that not only go well with them but also enhance their overall quotient of beauty and luxury. This is where the 1200×1800 tiles come in. These tiles are a design trend that is reshaping the landscape of luxury interiors.

In this blog, let us look closely at the beauty and charm of these larger-than-life tiles, and get a deeper understanding of their potential to change how your grand house looks and feels completely. This way your dream home will become a haven of elegance, sophistication, and unmatched visual impact. Let’s now enter the world of large-format tiles and discover how they can redefine the ambience of big homes and mansions.

Why are 1200×1800 tiles good for homes? 

Let’s go through some of the major pros exploring why 1200×1800 tiles are a must-buy for your dream luxury home. 

  • Adaptability for Different Interior Aesthetics:

A marble floor in a dining room.

  • Timeless Appeal and Elegance: The 1200×1800 extra-large tiles are not just versatile, but they are also incredibly adaptable, which means you can fit them in many different styles of interior design and architecture. So whether you want a contemporary look, a classic and vintage one, or a highly personalised and unique one, these large tiles will go with your aesthetics effortlessly, allowing for a timeless appeal.
  • Consistency in Style: Homeowners can create a consistent and cohesive style throughout their expansive space as these tiles seamlessly transition from room to room, maintaining an uninterrupted flow of elegance.

A room with a marble floor and a rack of clothes.

  • Diverse Designs and Patterns:

A marble floor in a modern office.

This 1200×1800 tile category has a vast selection of various luxurious designs and patterns that can make your beautiful bungalows, spacious kothis, and vast villas even prettier. Thanks to their size and designs, from classic elegance to intricate patterns to contemporary geometrical motifs, these tiles can help your dream home reach new heights of grandeur, thus redefining prestigious homes altogether. Some of the most popular designs include designs inspired by luxurious marble around the world, quartzite, carving texture tiles, and more. 

  • Variety of Finishes

A 3d rendering of a living room with pink furniture.

Homeowners have the option of choosing from a large range of finishes while buying 1200X1800 tiles. Whether it is the fancy glossy finish for a sleek and shiny look or a magnificent matte finish for a bold and elegant look, these tiles cover all design aesthetics and choices quite well, adding a distinct charm and character to your spacious and luxurious houses. 

The finishes can be integrated seamlessly into a plethora of architectural designs and styles, right from a classic, contemporary, or eclectic interior; these tiles effortlessly complement a variety of aesthetics, ensuring a timeless appeal to everything, including vintage kothis and modern and chic villas.

  • Fewer Grout Lines to Clean and Maintain 

A living room with marble floors and a fireplace.

To uphold the enduring charm of your 1200×1800 tiles, regular cleaning and maintenance are imperative. Fortunately, this upkeep is both simple and swift, thanks to their minimal grout lines. With fewer grout lines, these tiles provide a seamless and spacious look for the floors of your luxurious bungalows, enhancing the overall ambience of your dream house.

  • Good Durability, Excellent Strength:

A marble floor in a shopping mall.

All 1200×1800 tiles are made using extremely high-quality glazed vitrified materials which makes them quite sturdy, strong, and durable. As they are strong and robust, they can handle a lot of foot traffic with ease.  

  • Perfect, Quick, and Easy Installation: 

A marble floor with chairs and tables.

The 1200×1800 are perfect for large houses such as bungalows as they allow for quick and easy installation. A lot of time is saved while installing large tiles as the time required for measurements, and cutting is reduced quite a lot. 

  • Perfect for the ‘Jointless Look’: 

marble flooing in the living room

A lot of home and property owners nowadays prefer a seamless and jointless look in their dream homes. This style is particularly sought after by those with spacious bungalows and kothis, as it can impart a sophisticated and elegant appearance to floors and walls. The ‘jointless look’ is a way in which tiles can be installed from edge to edge without using any spacers, which can help you achieve an iconic look. The 1200×1800 is one of the most popular tiles that owners of large houses can use to achieve this ‘jointless’ look. 

  • Choice of Architects: 

architects checking the house plan

The 1200×1800 is one of the most popular tile sizes used and recommended by architects, especially for large houses. As a large-format tile, the 1200×1800 options offer a seamless vein-matching experience even in large areas. This means, that instead of using multiple small or regular-sized tiles in a space, you can use just one 1200×1800 mm tile for the same effect. This way the number of joints goes down considerably and the lesser the number of joints, the better, cleaner, and more spacious a room will look.

  • Effortless Marble Look for Your Bungalows: 

A modern living room with beige furniture and large windows.

The 1200×1800 is available in a diverse variety of marble-look and marble-finish tiles that look so much like real marble that it becomes almost impossible to differentiate between them. But that’s not all, while real marble requires a lot of maintenance in the form of polishing and regular cleaning to maintain its pristine look, these tiles can work pretty well and look fresh and stylish without an excessive amount of maintenance. 

Popular 1200×1800 Tile Options:

Here are some popular 1200×1800 tile options suitable for luxurious bungalows and stunning kothis-

  • 1200X1800 Super Gloss Onyx Marble Pearl

A kitchen with a marble floor and white cabinets.

This large tile can add a decadent charm to your interiors with its pearly sheen and elegant look. Perfect for large houses and villas, the Super Gloss Onyx Marble Pearl can be used in various rooms of your dream home.

  • 1200X1800 Super Gloss Dynasty Beige Marble

A room with a large window.

This muted beige tile, called the Super Gloss Dynasty Beige Marble is a perfect addition to any bungalow or villa as it can add a classy and sophisticated touch to any space it is used in. 

  • 1200X1800 Super Gloss Tundra Grey

A living room with white marble floors and a fireplace.

This iconic large tile with its muted grey shades is perfect for homes that have a minimal aesthetic and style. But this does not mean that they cannot be paired with more ornate and grandiose architectural styles either!

  • 1200X1800 Super Gloss Pietra Marble Black

A bedroom with marble floors and a bed.

This rich tile is the perfect example of why black is considered to be one of the most stylish and elegant colours. The rich black hues of this large tile can go well with almost all interior design styles, making Super Gloss Pietra Marble Black tile a perfect fit for your decadent kothi.


  • 1200X1800 Carving Carrara Marble

A white marble floor in a living room.

This amazing glazed vitrified high-quality tile is available in a carving and matte finish which is perfect for adding a sense of elegance to your space. Its veins look just like real marble, making Carving Carrara Marble tile a must-have in any contemporary villa. 

  • 1200X1800 Carving Quartzite Grey

A marble floor with a reception desk and chairs.

For a stylish, classy, and iconic floor, you can choose the Carving Quartzite Grey tile. Its ‘creamy’ grey shades are bold enough to become the focal point of attention in any space the tiles are used in. 


A white tiled floor in a modern office.

Incorporate your personal touch into every aspect of your dream home with the diverse design options offered by 1200×1800 large tiles. From versatile patterns to a variety of finishes, these tiles provide the perfect blend of elegance and adaptability. 

Elevate your living space with popular options like PGVT Azario Gold Calacatta Marble, Super Gloss Onyx Marble Aqua, Carving Silver Root, and Super Gloss Essenziale Grey, creating a home that resonates with your unique style and sophistication. You can check the excellent collection of 1200×1800 tiles by Orientbell Tiles on their website. While visiting the website, check TriaLook, a tile visualiser tool allowing customers to visualise any particular tile in their own space of choice! 


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