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Discover Luxurious Home Decor Wall Tiles in Gurgaon

Luxurious home decor simply means something a little unique from others. Be it elegant decor, furnishing, or high-quality materials, there is nothing wrong with embracing luxury living. There are a lot of beautiful ways to elevate your home to glamorous heights with a lavish and inviting atmosphere. However, nothing can be more effective than luxury tiles to empower your space with unmatched beauty, captivating appeal, and undeniable sustainability. So, if you want to use wall tiles in Gurgaon to take your home to new heights of luxury, here are some luxury wall tile designs that you can consider to create the most fabulous living space. 

Wall Tile Designs for Luxe-Infused Home Decor 

  • Natural Luxurious with White Marble Tiles 

Marble elements are essential for elevating the luxury quotient of living spaces, especially when they are used in white hues. There is a reason this elegant natural stone is everlasting in grand homes. Its looks symbolise glamorous home designs. Be it Calacatta marble tile designs like DR PGVT Dramatic Calacatta Marble or calming Statuario tile designs like PGVT Endless Statuario Marble, mosaic marble tile designs like HHG Statuario Crackle Mosaic HL to bold marble tile designs like PGVT Elegant Marble Gold Vein, white marble tiles are among the top luxury tiles that people love in their homes. From living rooms to bathrooms, you can infuse them anywhere to play up a luxurious home design. The white tones of these tiles can also bounce light all around the room, making your spaces appear more glamorous and stunning. 

  • Stone Textured Walls for Depth 

If you want to upgrade your modern home interiors with a natural feel, consider infusing the captivating charm of stone textured wall tiles. The alluring charm of the stone textured tiles can add the essence of nature to the luxury and comfort feel of your home. These outstanding tile designs, like EHG Riverrock Brown and EHM Riverrock Beige Multi, mimic the appearance of stones or rocks under the riverbed, adding a touch of rustic elegance to your luxurious interiors. You can pair them with cement tiles of similar tones or any dominant tone for a cohesive look with a welcoming vibe. You can easily find these tiles in Gurgaon to transform your urban interior setting. 

  • Mosaic Tile Designs 

When it comes to the world of refined home design, a magnificent wall design is perfect to evoke individuality and an artistic feel in the space. So, you can pick mosaic wall tile designs like Craftclad Stone Square Grey LT and Craftclad Stone Square Grey DK with Stoney textured mosaic designs in grey tones if you have an individual or minimalist decor concept. They are perfect for an accent wall in your living room, creating a bespoke work of art and narrating a story about you. Besides, you can consider more traditional, decorative mosaic tile designs like OHG Armani Spanish Art HL for a classic kitchen or even a pooja room, adding a sense of regalness to the space. 

  • Large Format Tiles 

Bigger does not mean better every time. However, when it comes to creating a luxurious feel in interiors, the tile size matters. In the last few years, large-format tiles, also better known as big slab tiles, have become popular in domestic settings. These tiles are larger than regular tiles and have at least one side larger than 600 mm. The main benefit of using these large-size tiles in interiors is their aesthetic impact, which elevates the luxury factor of spaces. The large-size luxury tiles, like Carving Statuario Marble and PGVT Sardonyx Grey Marble, can make a big statement in your space. As they have a large surface area, they can cover the interior walls with only a few distracting grout lines, providing a seamless look to the walls. They are ideal for low-ceilinged spaces, as they can provide a taller look, thanks to the visual illusion they create. 

  • Wooden Effect Wall Tiles 

If you want to craft a modern living space that evokes warmth and charm, wooden wall tiles are the best choice for you! Wood-effect tiles with their woody appeal can capture the timeless beauty of natural wood in your interior setting. They replicate the texture and grain lines of the natural timber, thanks to the advancement in digital printing technology in the tile industry, injecting a cosy and inviting feel to the interiors with their convincing imitation of natural hardwood. You can find diverse options in wooden tiles in Gurgaon, like Veneer Wood Brown, Veneer Wood Beige, and ODF Burma Teak Wenge FT that are perfect for showcasing the beauty of wooden wall tiles in your ultra-chic interiors. 

  • Onyx Tile Designs

To transform your living space into a haven of opulent beauty, you should consider onyx wall tile designs. These tiles feature an onyx effect that evokes a sense of lavishness and sophistication in any space where they are installed. They are inspired by the breathtaking beauty of natural onyx stones with striking veining patterns. With these mesmerising designs, these luxury tiles create an aura of natural charm and elegance that attracts the eyes instantly to the walls. Besides that, their unique veining patterns come alive in different light settings, breathing life into your interior walls. So, if you wish to transform any ordinary space into a stunning and opulent space, consider onyx-effect tile designs, like DR PGVT Onyx Verde, PGVT Lucent Onyx Gold Vein, and ODG Onyx Brown, which can make your walls the epitome of sophisticated elegance. 

  • Granite Effect Wall Tiles 

If you wish to get the luxurious look of granite in your space, you should consider granite tiles, which are the best options if you are concerned about the budget and maintenance of real 

granite slabs. Being complete replicas of granite, these tiles possess a stunning appearance with unique speckled patterns, providing a high-class look to interiors on a budget. Unlike real granite slabs which are limited to kitchens and bathrooms, these tiles are quite versatile and can be used anywhere, thanks to their exciting range of options with varying shades. You can consider granite wall tiles, such as Nu River Smoky, Nu River Blue, and Granalt Galactic Blue to add a touch of elegance and drama to your walls, making them suitable for creating stunning and stylish accent walls in living rooms to draw attention. 

  • Travertine Effect Wall Tiles 

Another excellent wall tile design that you should consider for your Gurgaon home is travertine wall tiles. These tiles possess rustic elegance, making them suitable for creating a tranquil atmosphere in modern bathrooms. Their soft, warm tones and natural variations can elevate any indoor and outdoor space by adding an ageless appeal. You can find numerous travertine effect wall tiles in Gurgaon, like DGVT Real Travertine Grey, PGVT Marvel Bianco, PGVT Travertine Classic Bronze, and PGVT-S Travertino Beige. From matte finishes that exude understated sophistication to glossy finishes that offer an ageless charm, you can experiment with different textures to create a unique look. Also, you should consider using these tiles in large sizes for a more contemporary feel in your living space. 

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In the world of wall tiles, you can find a treasure of luxury tiles that can transform any ordinary space into an extraordinary epitome of luxury. So, whether you prefer the opulent beauty of white marble tiles or the cosy atmosphere offered by wooden wall tiles, you have to dive into the ocean of wall tiles. Visit a good, reputed tile store in your city, like Orientbell Tiles Boutique, to create luxurious interior walls that narrate your style and story! 

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