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Explore the Tiles Market in Mumbai

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Choosing the right tiles for your space is crucial for achieving the desired interior decor and making a worthy investment. If you are looking for tiles to spruce up your home or space in Mumbai, you need to explore the wholesale tiles market in Mumbai, where you have some expert tile dealers to help you out. With their assistance and expertise, you can find excellent tile designs with reliable quality for your space’s look improvement. This blog will help you with how to choose tiles and navigate through tile stores in Mumbai’s tile market. 

Aspects of Tile Selection

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Whether you are an interior designer, looking for an exotic tile design for your project in Andheri or a homeowner seeking luxurious and durable tiles in Kandivali, there are several tile stores in Mumbai that offer the best rates and all tile varieties. Generally, if you visit any nearby tile store, you may not find many tile varieties and options as not all tile dealers offer the same tile designs or variants. You need to explore the local tile market to find the best tile showroom. You should visit 10-20 tile stores across the city to get more insights into tile buying. After all, you need tiles that can stand the test of time while improving the decor of any space, be it outdoors or indoors. So, you have to select the tiles carefully, depending on certain aspects, like:

  • Space: Not every tile is manufactured for every space. So, you need to determine where you want to lay tiles and the purpose of the space, for example, cooking and seating areas, and then, select your tiles accordingly. 


  • Budget: You also need to select your budget beforehand to not overspend during the process of tile selection. 


  • Durability and Maintenance: It is always better to opt for durable tiles so that you do not have to worry about their cracking and spoiling the overall look. Considering everyone’s busy life in Mumbai, you need tile options that are easy to maintain and clean. 


  • Aesthetics: Thankfully, the tile market in Mumbai is loaded with stunning and elegant tile designs. You can select the tiles as per your taste and the overall aesthetics of your space. 

Exploring Mumbai’s Tile Market

The local tile market in Mumbai has evolved a lot over the years and is now flooded with thousands of trending tile designs, making it the center of attraction for interior designers and enthusiasts seeking classy and stylish spaces. Because of this, you can find several tile shops in the wholesale tiles market in Mumbai that offer several tile variants at various rates. Besides the local tile shops and dealers, some hardware shops also sell tiles along with other hardware elements, making tiles a popular construction element in the market. So, you can easily find any tiles dealer in Mumbai that deals in tiles of various kinds and materials. However, you have to prioritize reaching out to a good and reputed tile brand to not make a regrettable purchase. 

Renowned Tile Showrooms in Mumbai

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Orientbell Tiles Boutique is a prominent name in the tile market of Mumbai. As a leading tiles dealer in Mumbai, you can find an ocean of wall and floor tile options here. 

Try Online Tile Stores 

Instead of visiting each tile showroom in Mumbai, you take an easier route and navigate through various tile options, seating at home, by checking out online tile stores. Some reputed tile brands have e-commerce platforms where they offer tiles to cater to your needs. Not only can you explore a much larger number of tile variants online, but also you get a chance to visualize the tile designs in your home setting in just a few clicks. All you have to do is select a tile design and upload a photo of your room, and the tile visualizer tool will offer a preview of the tiled walls or floor space. 

Tips to Explore Mumbai’s Tile Market

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The wholesale tiles market in Mumbai has multiple tile showrooms where you can find tiles of various quality and at a wide price range. While exploring the tile market, you should look for a tile store that offers reliability and affordability. To find a good tile showroom in Mumbai, you can rely on reviews – both online and offline. You can connect with their previous customers, interior designers, or even contractors to find out more about a particular tile store. Also, you should consider the expertise of the tile dealers to make sure they can help with the purchase and that you make a good investment. Besides, most good tile stores offer other services, like finding the best professional local tile installers. 

Comparing Tile Prices 

As tiles come in different types, their prices vary largely. So, if you plan to buy tiles in Mumbai, you should consider visiting multiple tile stores to explore various tile options available along with their benefits and prices. In this way, you can gain a better idea of the price range of tiles or the particular tile designs you want to get. Also, remember that not all tile shops offer tiles at the same prices. 

Assessing Tile Quality

Since tiles are made using various types of materials, the quality of tiles varies from one another. Also, it differs from one brand to another. Local tile manufacturers generally offer low-quality tiles at cheap rates. But do not get tempted by that. These tiles do not come with sustainability and cannot last for a long period. To buy good quality tiles in Mumbai, reach out to any tile dealer and check their reputation online and offline, and also, get a sample for testing the quality. 

Navigating Through Tile Trends and Designs 

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Selecting just a particular tile design from hundreds of stunning and stylish designs can be a hard and daunting task. It gets even more difficult because of the ever-changing tile trends. That’s why you should reach out to a trusted tile showroom in Mumbai where the expert tile staff can provide assistance and navigate you through the trending tile designs, including 3D, wooden, geometric, Moroccan, and natural stone. You need this assistance to select the right tile designs that can create your desired ambiance in your space. 

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In conclusion, exploring the entire wholesale tiles market in Mumbai can be difficult, especially if you are looking for quality tiles. But don’t worry. With the help of this blog, you can now find a trusted tiles dealer in Mumbai, such as Orientbell Tiles Boutique, where the expert staff will navigate you through a plethora of tile designs to level up your spaces. 

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