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Dream Dining Room: Ideas & Designer Secrets No One Will Tell You

The dining room is a special place in everyone’s house. It’s a place where you just don’t eat food but also create memories, play cards and converse with friends and relatives over lunch or dinner. It should exude positivity, and calmness yet also has to keep on maintaining high energy and gratitude for the meal you share. But what to do with dining room interior design and get the perfect dining room ideas that can make it thrive and shine? In this blog, we will share some amazing ideas for decorating your dining space. From flooring tiles to seating comfort, table decor to wall colour, a lot more designer-approved tips and ideas are there for you in-store. 

Let’s get started.

  • Shape Matters!

Round Tables: 

They are perfect for small families where you want an intimate feel. However, they can limit the number of guests you can comfortably seat.

  • Rectangular Tables: 

The classic choice, such types offer ample space and seating capacity. They’re ideal for big families or fancy dinners. Just make sure it’s not too long for your room, like a bowling alley in your living room!

  • Extendable Tables: 

A lifesaver for those who want flexibility. These tables offer the same base size and an option to expand when needed for larger gatherings.

  • Material Matters

  • Wood:  Solid wood is durable, while engineered wood can be a more budget-friendly option. Consider the wood type—dark woods create a more formal feel, while lighter woods offer a casual vibe.
  • Glass: Consider tempered glass for safety and look for options with a tinted or textured surface for a more unique look.
  • Stainless Steel: Tables made with this material are very strong and look modern, but you may find it cold in harsh weather. Not the best choice for a tea party!

Remember: Measure the area and then make a decision for dinner room design keeping in mind the comfort and extra space left after placing the table and chair for smoother movement.

  • Chair Friends!

No joking but the chairs are your table’s best friends when you are looking for hacks for dining room ideas! You need to have all the comfort while sitting and eating on those chairs.


Round Table:

  • Here everyone faces each other, so comfy chairs with good backs are key for comfort.
  • Avoid super-wide chairs and opt for compact and sleek chairs—you want everyone to fit around the table nicely.

Long Table:

  • Go for chairs with supportive backs and even consider armrests on the ends for a finished and sophisticated look.
  • As long as the heights are similar and the colours complement each other, it can add a fun touch!
  • Wood Chairs are classic and sturdy, but they can feel a bit hard after a while. If you go with this, add comfy cushions for long dinners.
  • Upholstered Chairs are super comfy, but might be harder to clean. Consider a stain-resistant fabric if you have little kids.
  • Metal Chairs are stylish and modern. You can add comfy throw pillows for warmth.
  • Soft Colours

If you want a peaceful atmosphere for meals and gatherings, a subtle colour palette is a way to go. Think Soft and Serene:

  • Go for minimal colours like light blues, lavenders, or soft greens for peace and positivity. 
  • Consider warm shades like off-white, beige or light greys for elegance. They offer a clean and calming base that allows other elements, like artwork or tableware, to shine.
  • Stick to 2-3 main colours for a constant look. You can use a slightly darker shade of your main/accent wall if everything appears too cold.
  • But the best part about lighter colours is that they reflect light, making your dining room feel more spacious. So, if your dining room design has limited natural light, stick to neutrals.
  • Paint Vs Tiles

Wall tiles are becoming popular for dining rooms because they offer style to the area and are easy to care for. They last longer than paint and are much simpler to maintain, especially for tough stains! And if you think there are limited options with Tiles then check out Orientbell Tiles for a wide range of tiles to accentuate your dining area.  

  • Tiles Flooring

The floor is the foundation of your dining room design. Tile floors/ walls are super easy to clean and very water-resistant, making them ideal for spills and messy eaters. They make your feet feel cool when you walk on them, which can be a plus in hot climates. Orientbell Tiles offers a variety of stylish tile options in different colours and patterns to complement your dining room interior design.

Wooden Tiles such as PCG Square Multi Wood are timeless and emanate elegant vibes to your dining space. They’re perfect for high-traffic areas and relatively easy to clean. Whereas tile such as  ODM Meenakari Art offers an amazing feel to the boring area. You can add a pop of pattern, design and colour with even tiles.

You can add plants in jute planters, wooden vertical open storage and a few rugs for an overall look and cosy vibe.

  • What to do with a Small Dining Room?

  • With a small size, ditch the bulky furniture! Go for a space-saving table that extends when you need extra seating and chairs that fold up.
  • Built-in benches with storage compartments are a game-changer! They offer comfy seating and hide away extra table covers, tablecloths, or anything else you need to tuck away.
  • Opt for light-coloured walls and mirrors as a decor piece on walls that can make your dining room design feel bigger and brighter. 
  • Round tables can also be a good choice for smaller spaces as they allow for more people to fit comfortably.
  • Shine Bright With Perfect Light!

  • If your dining area is big, do not miss out on Chandeliers & Pendants. Just keep in mind the size of the light.
  • Hang your main or big light over the table, ensuring it provides enough light for comfortable dining.
  • Add extra layers of light with lamps on the walls in corners which sets the mood for a special dinner.
  • Pick the ones with the features of adjusting the light level, from a bright to a dim atmosphere.
  • Blue-Gold For a Luxurious Look!

Dreaming of a dining room that feels luxurious and elegant? Ever thought of mixing blue with gold? Try that and see how regal it looks.

  • Blue sets the base for your elegant dining space. The key to using blue and gold is balance. Kindly note that you don’t have to go overboard with gold! Let the blue be the dominant colour and use gold accents to add a touch of luxury.
  • For example, give gold accents with blue for a hint of luxury and sophistication. You can also opt for chairs with elegant blue upholstery and gold accents on the legs. Or go with a gold cutlery and gold flatware or plates with a gold rim. 
  • Finishing Touch: Table Decor!

Your dining table is the centrepiece of the room, so decorate it with candles, vases, and other tabletop decor to create a stylish space. Don’t overcrowd the table. Put whatever you want, just keep a balance and leave enough space for plates, glasses, and serving dishes. Use tall candles for a classic look or bunch a few small ones together for something more cute. 

How can you forget flowers? Bring some fresh flowers and add life to your table. Choose flowers that are low-profile and won’t block conversation across the table. You can even add a decorative bowl filled with colourful stones, a sculptural piece, or a small framed family photo. Just keep it functional – anything too tall or bulky can look weird.

  • Kids Dining Area!

  • Big tables can make kids uncomfortable. Give your little ones their corner in the dining room. This could be a small table and chairs just their size.
  • Keep in mind to pick a table for the kids that’s easy to wipe after messy meals. Chairs that you can wash or plastic ones are lifesavers for spills.


So are you ready to transform your dining room interior design with these tricks? Get started and create a space that feels magical and seems like a dream. We discussed the importance of choosing the right table shape and material to select the perfect tiles and comfortable chairs, every detail matters. 

Soft colours and lighting can set the perfect mood, while thoughtful decors like flowers and candles add a soothing touch. Whether you’re working with a small space or aiming for a luxurious look with bold colours like blue and gold, the key is to create a space so that you can be grateful for the food on your table. 

Remember, your dining room design should reflect your personality and be a place where you feel comfortable and happy. So, go ahead and use these ideas to design a dining room that’s truly yours! 

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