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Enhance Wellness and Productivity: 5 Simple Strategies for Office Interior Design

With the dreaded COVID over, people have started returning to their offices. Since they spend a significant portion of their time there, it is their second home. Even a small company now focuses on office interior design, because a poorly lit, cramped space with uncomfortable furniture is not going to make the ambience healthy. So, in this blog, we will be discussing the importance of natural light, ergonomic furniture, tile choice, ideas on creative small office interior design and how to incorporate all of these things more strategically into a layout that can all contribute to positive work. So, let’s dive deeper and explore 5 simple strategies for office interior design.

Let the Sunshine In – How Natural Light Boosts Your Office

Does it happen often with you that you feel uninspired or sluggish at your work? The problem might be with your office setup! Studies show natural light can improve your mood and reduce eye strain. Natural light plays a surprising role in our well-being and productivity. So, the more natural light, the more you will feel good and positive for the day.

Big Windows and See-Through Walls for a Spacious Feel

Replace the heavy walls that are the barrier between you and sunshine with sleek glass partitions. This maximises the natural light streaming in, making your office feel more open and airy. 

Why Position Workstations Near Windows?

You can place desks closer to windows so that employees get a healthy dose of sunshine throughout the day. This can lead to increased alertness, focus, and even better sleep at night.

Tiles: Reflecting Light for a Brighter Space

Here’s where Orientbell Tiles come in! Opting for the light-coloured, super glossy and reflective finish as Super Gloss Orobico Marble for your room floor tiles and walls, you create a clever trick. These room floor tiles act like tiny mirrors, bouncing the light and making the room appear bigger. 

So, if it is a small office interior design, this trick ensures a more even distribution of light. Also, offices tend to see a lot of foot traffic, so you need tiles like Nu Seawave Rich Gold, which are durable and stylish. Especially for high-traffic areas like hallways and entryways, slip-resistance tiles such as DGVT SafeGrip Rustic Grey DK and HFM Anti-Skid EC Grace Wood Brown are important to prevent accidents. Orientbell offers tiles with a textured or matte finish that provides good slip resistance.

Glazed Vitrified Tiles like Carving Galala Rose Marble are a popular choice for office room interior design as they are durable, easy to maintain, and offer a sophisticated look to the area.

You can even go for Natural Rotowood Brown, or  BDP Wood Strips Wenge tiles that offer the warmth and beauty of wood and are super easy to maintain. They are a great choice for creating a modern or rustic office aesthetic.

Why Plants Make a Difference

Now, let’s find the ideal spot for your plant pals to maximise their benefits:

Desks: Low-maintenance options like Snake Plants or ZZ Plants thrive in low light and require minimal watering, so place them on your desk or dimly lit corners.

Conference Rooms: Introduce a touch of life to meeting areas with larger plants like Ficus trees or Monstera Deliciosa. Their vibrant presence can spark creative discussions.

Entryways: So, choose big plants that add a pop of greenery to the space. You can incorporate popular indoor plants like fig plants, elephant ears, areca palms, etc. 

Common Areas: Hang jute baskets, which look sophisticated and are eco-friendly too. Plant pothos or other overflowing plants here.

Light Matters: Snake Plants and ZZ Plants are low-light champions, while Peace Lilies prefer moderate light and humidity. So, place them wisely, and these plants will never bother you.

Power of Flexible Workspaces and How to Transform them!

Gone are the days when everyone used to be stuck in a cubicle! Modern offices are coming up with a new concept: flexible workspaces. It is a kind of office that transforms to fit your needs. It has a cosy corner with comfortable seating to focus on, a collaborative area with whiteboard walls and movable furniture, a lounge area and more as per your own needs. This is the beauty of flexible workspaces!

The benefits go beyond just comfort. 

  • Flexible workspaces can boost collaboration and communication. 
  • Open layouts and movable furniture make you ditch the desk and enjoy your work. 
  • Ditch the bulky furniture! You can opt for desks that have wheels, lightweight chairs, and modular tables.

 Remember, a flexible space needs to withstand constant movement and reconfigurations and you should go for materials that are built to last. 

Strategic Colour Placements

Don’t underestimate the power of paint! The colours you choose for your office room interior design can significantly impact the overall vibe. Choose calming blues, beige, and greens to create a sense of focus in areas where employees need to concentrate. In contrast, vibrant yellows and oranges, maroon, can stimulate creativity and energy, ideal for brainstorming spaces. Consider cool blues and greens for study areas, as these hues have a calming effect that helps employees concentrate. However, always remember to balance the area as pops of colour can be great, but avoid overwhelming the space. Use a neutral base colour or incorporate white space to create a sense of calm and avoid visual clutter. 


By incorporating these simple strategies of office interior design like maximising natural light, using smart furniture, incorporating plants, and designing flexible workspaces, you can create a well-designed office that not only looks great but also enhances employee well-being and productivity. 

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