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Exploring Contemporary Exterior Wall Tile Design Trends in Delhi

A stone house with a black door and potted plants.


Exterior walls create the first impression on your guests before they enter your house, especially when you reside in an urban city like Delhi. That’s why you should consider giving your exterior walls a distinctive and elegant look that can impress every passerby going along the street in front of your house. To elevate your exterior’s look, consider using wall tiles. Outdoor wall tiles can add character and style to your home exteriors and protect the exterior walls. Orientbell Tiles offers a diverse variety of outdoor wall tile options at an affordable tile price in Delhi. Here are a few of the many exterior wall tile designs. Explore them and find the best wall tile design that goes well with the rest of your home’s exterior elements. 

Contemporary Exterior Tile Designs Trends to Check Out 

Random Stone Look Outdoor Wall Tiles

A black door on a brick wall.

While trying to give the external walls a distinct look, homeowners can choose a random stone wall tile design. For example, you can opt for a stacked stone wall tile of multiple tones, such as EHM Stacked Stone, for a textured and visually striking look. Or, you can find some other vibrant options in stony wall tiles like Craftclad Slump Block Brown that can add a tactile look to the front wall of your house. As these tiles are digitally printed and have a cluster of stones of varying sizes and tones, you can create a unique wall look for your house, setting it apart from other houses in your neighbourhood. 

Striped Outdoor Wall Tiles 

A wooden slatted door with a potted plant in front of it.

For an attractive and elegant exterior wall look, you can go for simple wall tile designs such as striped tiles design. You can find many multiple-toned striped wall tile options with a stony appearance, such as Craftclad Strips Brown and Craftclad Strips Beige, which can surely give your exterior wall a classic look with a hint of modernity. Also, you can go for a simpler wall tile design, such as EHM Stacked Stone White, which comes with a beautiful texture and looks elegant and sleek. These wall tile options can easily blend in with the surrounding environment without overpowering the exterior home look. 

Brick Exterior Wall Tiles 

A man sitting on a bench in front of a brick building.

Many homeowners prefer the classic look of brick for their house’s exterior walls. These days, you can find numerous brick wall tile options, from the traditional red brick look to multi-coloured brick wall tile designs. If you want to go for the classic and rustic look for your exterior walls, opt for Craftclad Brick Brown and Craftclad Brick Cotto. Besides that, if you love being creative and want to give a creative look to your exterior walls, consider wall tile designs with unique textures like HEM Brick Stone Multi for a contemporary look. These wall tile designs can be used to elevate your front wall, house exterior walls, outdoor lounge areas, and boundary walls. You can also pair these wall tile designs with a wooden or marble floor design to create a stunning exterior look. 

Stone Craft Outdoor Wall Tiles

A living room with an orange couch and a pool.

Do you wish to have an exquisite look for your exterior walls? Go for a stunning tiles design alternative that can turn any ordinary patio into a stunning retreat, i.e., stone craft outdoor tiles. You can consider a super rocky tile design such as ODF Urban Rock FT and EHG Riverrock Brown to instantly add a dramatic look to the walls. Also, you can consider other attractive and stone-textured wall tile options, such as EHG Hewn Stone Slate, to give a more contemporary look to the overall setting. Since these wall tiles have a stony look, they go well with a nature-inspired floor tile design such as wooden or natural stone

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Mosaic Exterior Wall Tiles 

An image of a brick building against a blue sky.

Why don’t you think of giving a special touch to your home exterior walls for an impressive look? Consider using mosaic exterior wall tile designs of stone textures. These tiles come in various tones, designs, and looks, offering a unique and attractive appeal to your house. For an attractive yet minimalist look, you can go for a mosaic tiles design of neutral tones, such as Craftclad Stone Square Grey DK which has varying shades of greys. Likewise, you can also consider a mosaic design in beige tones like Craftclad Stone Square Beige. Moreover, since they are available at a reasonable price at a tile store in Delhi, you can go for these wall tile designs to get a long-lasting solution for your outdoor walls. 

Multi-Coloured Cliffstone Outdoor Wall Tiles 

An image of a building with a brick wall.

If you want to create a piece of art by infusing a wall tiles design, consider wall tiles with cliff stone designs. They are quite in trend these days because of their elegant natural look, which elevates the sophistication of any setting. For a dynamic wall look with cliff stone designs, opt for EHM Cliffstone Multi, which has a multi-coloured design, offering a more appealing and classy look. However, if you like things simple and prefer to have neutral tones, you can go for a similarly designed cliff stone wall tile option like EHM Cliffstone Grey and get a minimalist wall look that does not fail to attract eyeballs. To elevate the look further, you can think of combining these tile options with any wooden or marble floor design to create a balance among all the elements in the exterior setting. 

River Exterior Wall Tiles 

A stone wall with a table and chairs.

Whether you want to have a rustic look or earthy modern appeal, go for eye-catching wall tiles with river-rock designs that can offer the natural charm of the stones along rivers with the robustness of tiles. Go for a multi-coloured stone wall tile design such as EHM Riverrock Beige Multi to infuse the scenic and natural beauty of stones, bringing you closer to nature. Besides that, consider incorporating a rocky wall tile design like EHM Riverrock Grey, which is inspired by the rocks embedded in the rivers in the mountains. Moreover, their unique patterns and tactile qualities offer a magnificent aesthetic, creating a mesmerising sensory experience. You can enhance it more by pairing them with any natural stone floor tile, such as limestone or sandstone. 

Linear Exterior Wall Tiles 

A modern house with a large glass wall.If you are looking for an affordable yet stylish wall tile option for your exterior walls, consider laying wall tile options with linear stoney designs. Consider wall tiles such as EHG Linear Stone Slate and EHM Linear Stone Multi, which come in the most classy styles and can easily add a luxurious touch to the places where you lay them. Moreover, these tiles have a glossy finish that offers a smooth and shimmering appearance when the sun’s rays fall on their surfaces. Also, to elevate the overall surroundings further, you can combine these wall tile designs with a concrete, granite, or marble floor design. 


Considering exterior wall tiles for your home provides a lot of benefits – from creating a good impression on passers-by or guests to protecting the walls from harsh weather conditions. So, if you want to elevate your exteriors in every possible way, consider laying exterior wall tiles. Reach out to Orientbell Tiles Boutique to find a fantastic collection of wall tile designs available at an affordable tile price in Delhi. Or, choose from the exterior wall tiles listed above to design the appropriate aesthetics and atmosphere for your home. 


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