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From Floor to Ceiling: Using Tiles to Maximise Small Spaces

Two pink chairs and a table in front of a speckled wall with designer wall tiles.

Want to revamp your small space? It is time to unveil the hidden potential of small spaces by using tiles. Smaller spaces require efficient design solutions to elevate visual expansion and maximise functionality, and you can give your small space an entirely new look with elegant tiling ideas, ranging from creating optical illusions to expanding horizons for a seamless look. In this blog post, we will explore the magic of tiles to transform compact areas into visually expansive and functional spaces. Compact spaces with limited square footage can be hard to revamp, but with the right choice of tiles and strategic placement, you can create the illusion of more space and breathe life into your space. Prepare yourself to be amazed as we unleash the breathtaking versatility of tiles in elevating a space’s style, comfort, and functionality. 

Light and Bright

A white & grey patterned tiled floor & wall with a table and chairs.

Tiles of lighter colours can make any space look larger as they can reflect light. However, if you opt for tiles of darker tones, they will absorb light and make the room appear even smaller. So, choosing light shades for wall and floor tiles is better. You can go for lighter colours like white, beige, pale greys, faded greens or browns to elevate the openness of the space. For example, you can beautifully infuse the elegant white look of Cloudy White into your compact space that can reflect natural light, instantly making the space feel more open and airy. 

Likewise, tiles of neutral tones like Granalt SNP White and DR PGVT Onyx Pearl can provide a warm and clean look, creating an inviting feeling in the space. You can also go for tiles with matte finish surfaces like BHF Cloudy Coin FT for floors to get a comfortable walking surface while adding a slight sheen to the overall decor. Besides that, accenting light colours with darker tones like HRP Dual Diagonals Black & White work perfectly to create a cosy and warm look and elegantly provide distinctive looks to the walls and floors. 

Large Format Tiles

A living room with large format beige wall tiles

One of the best ways to transform tight spaces into breathable and open ones is by using large format tiles. Large format tiles effectively create an illusion of seamlessness, making the space look airy and spacious. You can go for large format tiles of 1000×1000 mm size, such as Tropicana Natural Floor Tiles, to unlock the magic of oversized tiles in your space. 

Large format tiles with fewer grout lines reduce the visual clutter and create a seamless look that contributes to a sense of continuity and spaciousness. It is because our eyes trick our brains to see the area as a larger expansion, thanks to the uninterrupted tiled look. Alongside making compact spaces appear larger, these oversized tiles also provide a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space. With the elegant and sleek appearance of large format tiles, you can create a perfect modern look for compact apartments or small homes. 

Vertical Elegance

A bathroom with blue and white patterned wall tiles with white sink.

Embrace the elegance of laying tiles vertically. Doing so allows you to draw the attention upwards, making compact spaces appear taller. It is a perfect solution for rooms with short ceilings. For example, you can think of elevating the vertical elegance in bathrooms with tiles, as many home bathrooms often do not have the luxury of high ceilings. Whether you want a contemporary or traditional bathroom look, you can get a refreshed look by vertically installing tiles. 

Go for rectangular tiles such as DGVT Tango Wood Floor Tiles and DGVT Peru Wood Jumbo L to create a taller ceiling look while emphasising height and maximising the perceived roominess. Also, consider using contrasting grouts to elevate the visual appearance of the walls. 

Besides the bathroom, you can infuse the impact of vertically oriented tiles in your open kitchen to change the game. Whether you want to create a stylish backsplash or a full-height wall, use vertical tiles such as Marstone Verde on the walls, letting the wall look play a significant role in drawing the eye upward and offering a taller look. All in all, installing tiles in a stacked vertical manner elongates the space and makes it appear taller and more open. 

Strategic Layouts and Patterns

A pink sofa in a room with black & white checkered floor tiles.

The layouts and patterns of tiles play a big role in elevating the visual appearance of a compact space. Since most smaller rooms are square, consider laying tiles in different designs to shift the focus of the small room size with the widening angles of the patterns. Go for creative patterns like herringbone, chevron, diagonal, brick, basketweave, or crosshatch to add a dynamic touch to your walls or floors and create a sense of movement in your small space. With the visually appealing look of these tile patterns, you can make any compact space expand and elongate while hiding the imperfections of the space.

Besides that, there are endless other ways to lay your tiles strategically to guide the eye and expand the perceived dimensions of any tiny room. Be it the walls or floors, you can create an illusion of space extension with these patterned layouts. For example, if you have a small kitchen, consider tile options like GFT BDF Herringbone Blond Oak and SHG Chevron Emperador HL to elevate the look of the floor or kitchen backsplash while drawing the eyes along the length of the space. 

Reflective Surfaces

A bathroom with glossy black & blue floor tiles.

Glossy tiles are known for their sheen look and lustrous surfaces that allow light to bounce around the room, creating a luminous effect that contributes to the perception of a larger space. Go for tiles with a glossy finish, such as DR PGVT Calcutta Gold Veins Marble and ODG Sheer Chunni Blue LT, to open up small spaces and trick the brain into seeing space expansion within a small room. That’s why glossy tiles are so widely used in bathrooms and compact areas within larger spaces. 

Besides that, there is a concept of “more light, more space” for compact spaces. So, you should consider having larger windows to allow more natural light to enter the space and bring the reflective surfaces of the glossy tiles into use to the maximum. If you cannot widen your windows, you can go for artificial lights for ample lighting within the space. There are several glossy tile options available in the market, but it is better to use light-coloured glossy tiles to add a sense of luxury and glamour while elevating the natural luminosity of your tiny room. 

Multi-Functional Tiles

An entryway with a wooden bench & a painting with beige tiles on floor & wall.

Explore innovative tile designs that go beyond their aesthetic beauty and enhance the functionality of spaces. Multi-functional spaces have become a trend lately, as most people reside in small houses or compact apartments. Besides that, you can also use tiles creatively to make your tiny space multi-functional. Try partitioning your space into different sections for different needs with different tile designs, styles, or colours. For example, you can go for different tile patterns of similar tones to differentiate the toilet space from the shower area.  Also, you can use the same tile designs for walls and floors to create a seamless look. Like, you can combine Carving Terrazzo Grey DK and OHG Sand Mosaic Grey HL to infuse a sense of continuity into your bathroom decor.

For small multi-functional spaces, it is better to go for durable and versatile tile materials like ceramic, vitrified, and porcelain tiles. They are a good choice for heavy-traffic areas like living rooms and open kitchens with dining areas. Go for tiles like DR PGVT Travertino Marble and PCG Endless Dyna Marble Grey with glossy finishes to add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Open Shelving and Tile Accents

Blue Color combination Shelves with Orange Wall Tiles in Kitchen

Open shelving is a popular trend these days, and a must for compact spaces. From books and decor items to plants and beautiful crockery, you can let your open shelves showcase all your favourite items. Be it the kitchen or living room, the open shelves immediately draw the attention of the eyes, which later go to the tiles around them, making the area appear larger and taller if they are laid in a vertical format. 

One of the best ways to elevate the look of the open shelves is by infusing tiles to create an accent space look and highlight the shelves. For example, if you want to elevate the look of your kitchen open shelves, opt for tiles with sheen looks like PCG Mesh Carrara Venato and BHF Sandstone Moroccan Grey HL to make your kitchen backsplash stand out while adding character to the overall decor of your small kitchen. Likewise, choose PCG Swan Marble Blue to infuse visual interest in your small bathroom without overwhelming the space, creating focal points that distract from the limited square footage.


When the space is limited in bathrooms, kitchens, or living rooms, there are thousands of tile options available that you can use to decorate compact spaces and transform them into delightful retreats which are both functional and visually appealing spaces. With the power of tiles, you can make your small space shine out with its true potential. You should select the tiles carefully to revamp your small space while maximising every square foot. 

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