Endings are a concept unknown to the Inspire 3.0 range of tiles. Endless tiles are those with continuous vein matching patterns that will fall into place irrespective of the direction they are laid in. Put any tile face at any place, and you will see that the continuous vein matching pattern is maintained. All you have to be cautious about is maintaining the same arrow direction (refer tiles back for arrow) for a continuous vein matching pattern.

The highlight of the Inspire 3.0 series is that it has tiles that we think are one of our best-manufactured products. For example, the colour of the PGVT Endless Onyx blue tile is nothing short of mesmerising. You’ve got to look at this tile if you’re out looking for tiles, while planning to re-do your home or commercial space. The tile is available in the size of 800mm x 1600mm. Another lovely colour that features on the list of endless tiles is Granalt Endless Statuario. It sure steals the show when mounted in any space.

Large tiles have a cleaner and more streamlined floor finish while reducing the possibility of having to maintain and clean endless grout lines. Larger tiles give the impression of more space in your home or workplace.

Do check out the collection if you’re looking to give your place the make over it deserves.