05 Oct, 2020
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Glossiest Tiles for Homes that Deserve to Shine

Your home speaks a lot about your personality and thus, it is important to keep it updated with the latest trends. And what else can be better than glossy tiles to set the look and feel of your personal spaces! On the popular market demand, Orientbell brings to you a gorgeous collection of shiny tiles in new colours and designs. Available in the size 350*450mm, they will transform your home into palatial wonders. Sparkle - Our latest tile range is not only beautiful to look at, but it is germ-free as well. Yes! Now you welcome shine and health together in your home with Orientbell’s Sparkle collection. This range introduces a plethora of new colours, designs, and punches - there is something for everyone.

This range has new bases in stone, sand, and marble covering the entire colour spectrum. So, if you like shine but with minimalism, we have got you covered. Bases such as pink floral grid and purple floral grid will look amazingly well in bathrooms of all sizes. The blue cloudy pattern is another lovely and sober base option, ideal to bring class and elegance in your rooms.

GFT SPB Ocean LT Bathroom Ambiance Ceramic Sparkle Wall Tiles

Another major highlight of the Sparkle range is the reflective tile in aqua colour - something that is not readily available in the market. When installed on the walls of your home, it will impart a unique look that will gather everyone’s attention for sure. Inspired by the magnificence of celluloid, Film Reel Punch is an epitome of artistic patterns and shimmering appearance.

Adding a sense of depth and burst of colours in your rooms is now easier with our latest Fish Scale Punch. With curves rising above the surface, these tiles are an excellent pick for achieving bright reflection in your spaces. And when installed near the windows, these can do wonders in interior designing.

GFT SPB Floral Grid Pink Kitchen Ambiance Ceramic Sparkle Wall Tiles

Whether your rooms are large or small, geometric tile is an exceptional way to add beautiful texture and depth. With the never-seen-before combination of shape, size, and symmetry, these tiles reflect light from every angle. While talking about sharp angles and light reflection, we cannot miss our newest sawtooth design. With super-edged angles, these designs are the ultimate choice for the walls near the entrance door and the staircase. The most interesting thing about this design is that it can be laid in three different ways - horizontally, diagonally, and up-side-down. Whatever your personal taste, our sawtooth design will work extremely well.

Install sparkling shine Echo punch in floral design to make your entire space feel fresh, on-trend, and charming. These designs are available in both light and dark colour options to suit the demands of every customer. If warm shades are what you like the most, the Batik and Moroccan patterns are the best choices for you. When installed on the walls of the living room or dining rooms, these will give a royal look with a more homely vibe.

GFT SPB Ocean LT Bathroom Ambiance Ceramic Sparkle Wall Tiles

Other unique designs in the Sparkle range include the Cosmos Floral design which can be installed on the walls of the kitchen to achieve a continuous and shiny floral pattern. Intricate and unique Kite pattern design can be installed as a book-match creating beautiful artwork on your walls. Also, you can get many laying patterns from a single SKU. When it comes to wall tiles design, Square design is among the most favoured options. We have added creativity in this evergreen design by introducing Frames - a latest square layout, ideal for every space.

Make your spaces more alluring with an innovative mosaic design. With two new options of mosaic tiles, you can customize your walls in a way that you want. Creativity and innovation are synonyms with our ever hit brick designs as well. This time, we have launched marble designs with bricks of different colours. Aqua tiles with a creative mix of grid and floral design are ready to become everyone’s new favourite. The Sparkle range will have been incomplete without introducing the new black and white highlighter tiles. Channel your inner artist and design your rooms with class, and sophistication.

Kitchen Ambiance Ceramic Sparkle Wall Tiles

Bathroom Ambiance Ceramic Sparkle Wall Tiles

The wealth of creative tile options in the Sparkle range will bring a vivid sense of style to your space, creating a look that truly stands out.

You can now visit our Signature Company Showrooms to check out our all new Sparkle series. Now visualize your space with Sparkle series at our Signature Company Showrooms with the help of our tile visualiser - QuickLook.

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