Jazz up your home and your life with some of the best tiling options with gorgeous glossy finishes. Here is a list of tiles that you should consider if you want your home or office to make a statement- stylish and otherwise!

Star Sandune

Have you always wanted minimalist looking, gorgeous interiors but never really hit that mark? If you’re wondering why that is, it’s easy. Your flooring tiles do not compliment your dreams. With the option of Star Sandune, you can lend your space a pristine finish, that will make you shine almost as bright as your flooring. These are the perfect tiles to use in homes and office spaces.

Canto Almond

The perfect glossy tile to liven up your living room, Canto Almond will give your floors a regal finish. Polished to perfection, these tiles are a great option for all those who are looking for floors that are subtle and elegant. The color is non-obtrusive and will work perfectly with light or dark-colored walls. Make your space, be it an office or a home, the talk of the town with this choice!

Plain Ocean Blue

Bring the glimmer of the ocean into your rooms with this gorgeous tiling option. The soft and alluring tiles are the perfect shade to compliment your bathrooms and kitchenettes. You can install these tiles within your shower so that every time you take a bath, you feel like you are taking a refreshing dip in the deep blue sea. You can also use a hint of them to make for a gorgeous bathroom accent wall. The cerulean sheen will leave your guests swooning.

Wave Blue

Loving the idea of getting gorgeous glossy tiles, but do not know which option to go with? Try to audition the Wave Blue for the role of the perfect floor and wall tile. These tiles have a deep color and gorgeous designs. The glossy finish is just the thing you need to lend that extra oomph to your living room or that bar that you have always planned on setting up. Accent the perfection of your space with these brilliant tiles.

Craft Grey

Tired of those tiles that wear in-your-face colors and over the top designs? You should opt for Craft Grey, and marvel in the beauty of its gorgeous finish and understated charm. The perfect wall tile for a modest home or a commercial space, these tiles will add the shine to the subtle beauty that accentuates your vision. Oh, and you will be #trending as grey is the new black.

ODH Dorma Chess HL

Make your bathrooms a statement piece with this chic and stylish wall tile option. Don’t be fooled by its monochrome colors. The dazzle of this glossy tile will leave your guests spellbound. This is the perfect accessory to heighten the appeal of your walls- use it to accent your spaces. Never again feel like your rooms are lacking something- become the king of your own space.

Let the star in you shine through the gloss of your floors and walls. We all want our homes to be remembered (in a good way, of course), and with these gorgeous glossy floors and wall tiles, you can actually make the dream come true!