Heterogenous and stylish, this is what a Scandinavian theme is all about. Its functional, as well as organic and, is perfect for most of the spaces. However, the kitchen is where the beauty of Scandinavian designs shines. There is something about the serene and sophisticated Scandinavian theme inspired kitchens that fascinates us.

Maybe it is the appealing colour palette, the clean lines, or the interesting textures. Stylish scandi style indoors seems to be on every interior designer’s lips.

Scandinavian is a timeless style that brings with it a sense of cheerful elegance. It is much more than white walls or wooden floors and follows a less-is-more approach. You can pair your white floors with bright cabinetry or wooden floors with pastels. Textured walls with light décor make it more delightful and refreshing.

Orientbell’s range of contemporary kitchen floor tiles stands out for its interesting texture, beautiful colours, designer patterns, and chic styles with the choicest materials like ceramic tiles, marble tiles, porcelain tiles, wooden plank tiles, and hexagonal tiles. You can find gorgeous tiles to create that Scandinavian vibe in your precious spaces from the latest series of trendy kitchen tiles.

Scroll through for three eye-candy scandinavian contemporary ideas that will tempt you to give your kitchen a quick revamp.

  1. Simplicity at its Best

The mesmerising ceramic PCG Mesh Carrara Venato glossy finish kitchen floor tile from Orientbell’s latest collection has been used to infuse the Scandinavian vibe in this contemporary kitchen. These minimalistic mesh floorings will incarnate the perfect symmetry with timeless marble walls. All white kitchen cabinets will make your space airier and a hint of greys on them will enhance the overall aesthetic value of your kitchen. A simple yet practical this is what a Scandinavian design is all about.

  1. Delineate Spaces

Tile enhances visual attention to the vastness of marble and artistically pares out spaces in your large or modular kitchen. In this culinary space, dark floral patchwork floor tile is evocative of a coverlet and brings in a cosy and stylish vibe. A wooden countertop with all-black cabinets is complementing the floorings very well.

  1. Synchronize with Backsplash

If you want to craft a scandi aura in your kitchen space and would love to add the touch of warmth and freshness of mother-nature also, this is a perfect contemporary kitchen idea for your space. Experiment with a variety of colours found in nature from rusty to greens and from whites to greys. The Orientbell’s nature-inspired wood look tiles in this open kitchen layout is flattering. The white cabinets and metal fitting are echoing the stunning scandinavian look. A lighter backsplash is enhancing the aesthetic value.

You can check out the Inspire Wooden Planks here to bring a Scandinavian vibe in your kitchens.

A kitchen of a home is not only baking or cooking but it is all about creating memories to cherish for the whole life. You need a kitchen with all customized functionality and at the same time a practical approach to accommodate your family’s lifestyle, who love to have long conversations while having food, baking a traditional cake for kids, having sips of hot coffee together, or cooking food on a daily basis. A Scandinavian kitchen is all about elegance, calm, and plush vibe. You can create wonders in your kitchen with these scandi theme Orientbell tiles.

You can add accessories complimenting your Scandinavian ideas like adding a Tampa with drop-in-sink, black or white kitchen countertops, light or white coloured backsplash, black or metal appliances. You can wonderfully put the fish scales, honeycomb, or herringbone laying patterns to your kitchen floor or even on walls to complement your Scandinavian style.