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How Ceramic Tiles Can Transform Your Space into a Wow Factor

Ceramics are your best friend whether you are looking for affordability, variety of options, low maintenance range or versatility. They are one of the most popular options for people setting up the floorings of their house, because it comes in a vast array of innovative and stylish designs, ensuring that there is something to suit everyone’s taste. However, with billions of choices available, ceramic tile flooring is still one of the best options available in the market. It offers an array of designs, shades, and colours, plus they do not stain and need minimal care from your end. So in this blog, you will get to know about the best tile with the perfect detailed knowledge for every room setting in your home!

If you are wondering what the different types of ceramic tile are, then

Here are the major types of ceramic tiles:

  • Glazed Ceramic Tiles: Have a glossy layer that covers them and helps shield them from stains and scratches. 
  • Matte Ceramic Tiles: More natural and lack the glossy finish. 
  • Porcelain Tiles: The areas like kitchens and bathrooms that witness high footfall will benefit from Porcelain tiles since they are made out of durable clay.
  • Living Room

Looking for the right ceramic tiles for your living area? For modern yet minimalist living rooms, try incorporating glossy tiles like odg-ardesia-marble-creama, as it reflect light well, making the room look bright and spacious. If you prefer an intimate vibe, wooden finish tiles like ehm-strip-natural-wood are a great choice. With its beautiful brown hue, giving away the warmness of wood; you will fall in love instantly with the vibe it exudes. 

But are you among those who are full of life and love colours, even in their tiles? Don’t worry; we have an amazing collection for them as well. Add patterned tiles, such as Decor Geometric Floral Grey which has floral grey patterns to elevate your living area and make it seem and feel sophisticated. 

Then comes the best one from the ceramic series. If you want your living room to feel luxurious, get some marble-finish tiles, like bdf-statuario-marble-ft, which can give you an elegant look without the high maintenance of real marble.

Textured tiles, especially those with 3D patterns, ehm-3d-block-grey are one such design that can add depth and an interesting twist to your space. The blue block design makes this wall the centre of attraction for your living area. 

Special Tiles for Bedroom!

Wooden-finish tiles for your bedroom are the top choice, as these tiles look like natural wood but are much easier to maintain. You have beautiful options like Teak Natural, to pick from which emanates a natural vibe and calmness in your bedroom. Additionally, you can go with textured tiles as well for your bedroom walls, as they make the whole room a more dramatic and visual treat.

Tiles for Dining Area!

When you are putting so much effort into the interior of your house, why leave the dining area? It is the place that needs to be calm, positive and cheerful. This ODM Cassio (EC) Grey FL

grey ceramic matte-finished floor tile enhances the look of your dining area. It is something that you should do if wanting a neutral ambience.

The one shown in the picture below is ODM Daffodil (EC) Ivory FL comes in marble design and ceramic body. The ivory shade maintains the balance in your dining area. You can pair this neutral flooring with vibrant cabinets and even mosaic wall tiles.

Safe Tiling For Bathroom 

Ceramic tiles are perfect for bathrooms because they are naturally moisture-resistant. They’re tough and won’t get damaged by water splashing. They come in many different colours and designs, from classic white to funky patterns. You can pick GFT SPF Floral Grid EC White, which makes the bathroom look clean and bright.

Whether you want a classic style like ODM Venezia Oak Wood Dk or something more modern ODM Venezia Oak Wood Lt, Orientbell Tile has many options to match. 

These open up the space and make your bathroom feel bright and airy. Or you can elevate the look with tiles that mimic stone or wood. If you want something extra, try hhg-diamond-portuguese6-art-hl and such patterned tiles, geometric designs, or even 3D textures ohg-atlantic-3d-diamond-hl for a one-of-a-kind look.


Remember that anti-skid and water-resistant ceramic tiles are your bathroom’s best friends, as they ensure safety and hygiene.

Clean Stylish Kitchen 

Ceramic tiles by Orientbell Tiles are excellent for your kitchen. They combine durability with stylish designs to enhance your cooking space. Tiles like ODG Kitchen Bainco, can withstand foot traffic and all the culinary mishaps because the material is durable. There’s no need to worry about spills or stains because these tiles are really simple to clean. To restore their original appearance, they only need to be cleaned using a wet mop. 

Outdoor Tiles

Ceramic tiles as beautiful as HFM Anti-Skid Midtown Beige DK, are perfect for outdoor spaces like your garden, patio, or porch. These tiles are specially made to handle outdoor conditions like rain, sun, and dirt. 

Plus, they’re easy to clean with just a quick sweep or hose down. Orientbell Tiles also offers anti-skid ceramic tiles, HFM Anti-Skid Mosaic Cotto and more in their outdoor category which are designed with textured surfaces to provide extra grip, reducing the risk of slipping.


Choosing the right type of ceramic tile can make your space look great and last longer. Think about whether you want shiny, natural, strong, or earthy tiles, and Orientbell Tiles is just a click away. Just pick the one you like best, and enjoy your beautiful new floors or walls! 


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