They complement each other well and, as part of table etiquette, they are always passed together. The use of salt and pepper together dates back to the 17th century, when the French chefs discovered they are the only condiments which do not overpower the taste of food.

Over the years, the salt and pepper combination also developed as a subtle but elegant look. For example, some people love the salt and pepper look for their hair. The look is also popularly used for home decor, especially for flooring. A variety of granite tiles are available in the salt and pepper look.

Black outdoor tiles

Dotted or speckled granite will enhance the appearance of your house and will not overpower other elements. The natural beauty of granite is the reason people opt for granite flooring. However, the price of granite flooring is quite steep, it is a hassle installing them and it needs to be resealed and maintained periodically.  Orientbell’s granite tiles provide a solution to all of these problems. Along with stunning looks, the tiles take functionality to a new level.

Orientbell’s Granite Tiles

kitchen Granite Tiles

Orientbell offers a plethora of choices of granite flooring tiles to help you achieve the salt and pepper look. These tiles will give your room a rich yet subtle look. When paired with furniture in contrasting darker tinges, they will help create a timeless décor. The simplicity of the tiles give a pristine look to your space.

Characteristics of Granite Tiles

living room Granite Tiles

While the spectacular appearance resembling the natural stone will grab your attention, the tile has much more to offer. Granite tiles are resistant to stains, smudges and scratches. The tiles resembling the properties of the natural granite do not get scratched easily and stains can be easily cleaned from the surface of the tile with a few drops of soap and damp cloth.

Most of Orientbell Tiles’ granite tiles are made of vitrified material. Hence, there is no doubt regarding the strength of the tiles. Vitrified tiles are one of the most durable and robust tiles available in the market. The tiles can withstand heavy wear and tear. The tiles also have a low rate of water absorption, which will prevent water leakages and enable the tile to last longer.

You can now check out the latest Versalia 800x800mm range or Paris range of Double tiles that offer options in Granite tiles with a salt and pepper effect.

One of the major drawbacks of natural granite flooring is the consistent maintenance, which is not required in the case of granite tiles. The surface of the tile will remain unharmed for years without much effort. The surface can be cleaned with running water without the need to rub them to get rid of marks. The surface of the tile will also not get blemished due to any spills of chemicals or acids.

Main features of Granite Tiles

  1. The tiles are durable and robust
  2. They are easy to clean
  3. They are resistant to stains and scratches
  4. The tiles require less maintenance
  5. They are pocket-friendly when compared to natural granite
  6. The tiles can endure rough wear and tear

Places Where You Can Use Granite Tiles

salt and pepper tiles

The luxurious looking granite tiles can be used for flooring at various places. The tiles can be used in residential areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and kitchens, to give your home the desired touch of class.

Since these tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic, they are also an ideal option for flooring in offices, schools, hospitals, bars and/or restaurants and other public and commercial setups.

Orientbell Tiles’ granite tiles are the perfect choice for you if you are in search of a flooring option which offers a conventional look along with modern functionalities. Like salt and pepper enhance the taste of any dish, granite tiles with this look will elevate the ambience of your home decor and give it a refined touch.