Best Way to Clean and Maintain Marvellous Matte Finish Tiles

If you are planning to redecorate your spaces, you’ll have to consider various factors before choosing a tile. While some of these factors would be about the look of the tile such as the colour, texture, pattern, size and shape, other factors would involve the utility aspects such as the durability and ease of cleaning and maintaining the tiles. After all, you would want to keep the new decor looking flawless and appealing, but would not want to burden yourself with a lot of additional work in terms of cleaning them!

The finish of the tiles can have a big role to play when it comes to their look and maintenance.

Matte Tiles vs Gloss Finish Tiles

Gloss finish tiles are very easy to clean and maintain as just a simple wipe down makes them shine again but they show up stains, spots and imperfections more easily as these tiles reflect light. If you are living in an area with hard water, you will find yourself wiping the tiles clean quite frequently. On the contrary, matte finish tiles reflect less light and they do not show up stains and smudges as much as gloss finish tiles. Due to their non-reflective characteristic, they are very good at concealing dirty stains, spots, smudges, and marks of dried water droplets. Therefore, matte finish tiles are low on maintenance but high on aesthetic value.

Matte tiles may lack a shiny appearance, but they offer better grip and are often slip-resistant. They usually have a pattern or design on them which helps to provide better grip even if the floor is wet. Matte finish floor tiles are a good option for spaces that are in constant contact with water or humidity such as the kitchen or bathrooms due to their non-slip feature. If you are the one who loves a natural and comforting décor, matte finish tiles are your best bet. Orientbell’s appealing collection of natural wood, stone, marble and cement effect tiles in matte finish can help you create a very relaxing and rejuvenating space. The earthy tones will add to the rustic effect.

The Cleaning Routine for Matte Finish Tiles

If easily conspicuous stain and smudge marks are something that get on to your nerves quickly, then the best solution for you is to choose matte finish tiles for your surfaces. Matte finish tiles demand less maintenance than glossy tiles as they do not show up dirty spots, marks, stains, and watermarks as visibly as glossy tiles. This feature makes them an excellent option for busy places that frequently get stained due to splashes and spills. Such areas include your beloved kitchen tiles or stylish bathroom tiles. Matte finish tiles require far less frequent cleaning and maintenance.

The cleaning routine depends upon the family’s lifestyle and requirements also. For example, if you have small kids or pets at home who love to play out and get muddy and messy, then of course this transfers to your home easily.  For such homes, choosing glossy tiles may be the right solution for you as they can easily be wiped clean.

Matte finish tiles do not require frequent cleaning, but when you do need to clean them up, it can be a little more time-consuming than the glossy finish tiles. Though matt finish tiles show up far fewer dirty marks, they are more difficult to clean than glossy tiles. You can easily and efficiently remove any marks from the glossy tiles with a quick wipe.

Cleaning matte finish tiles is a tricky job as the rough finish means it gathers dust and stains more quickly than glossy tiles. You cannot wipe it clean and sparkling just with a wet cloth. With matte tiles, you need to scrub a lot more to remove any stains that may have appeared. Moreover, dark coloured matte tiles, such as a black matte finish floor tile in your bathroom, will show a lot of dirt and marks of water and particles of soap collected on the surface. It robs them of their perfect matte finish and rather makes them look bleak and unkempt.

How do you clean stains on matte tiles?

There are several tile cleaning solutions available in the market. However, to prevent damaging your tiles, you should always select the right cleaning product carefully. A good cleaning product shall not damage the texture and colour of the tile and will maintain the quality of the finish of the surface of your tiles. For keeping your worries at bay, explore the amazing matte tile range of Rhino series, Sahara series, Magnifica, Sanskriti series, Inspire Collection, Valencica tiles and Forever tiles offered by Orientbell for your floor and walls. These anti-skid and matte finish tiles will not get damaged or get dull due to cleaning and shall always remain beautiful.

The best way to clean the matte finish tiles is to use a mild solution of warm water with a very small amount of detergent and some white vinegar. In most cases, a bucket of warm water with a cup of white vinegar and one tablespoon of detergent or dish soap is sufficient. Use this solution with a brush to scrub the tiles thoroughly. After scrubbing the area nicely, rinse it with water, and then use a soft lint-free cloth to wipe it down for a good finish. Baking soda is also an effective ingredient to add to the above solution for cleaning your tiles.

To keep your black tiles looking as gorgeous as ever, switch from your regular cleaning agent to the one with white vinegar. If you are troubled by mold or fungus in a tiled room, let the vinegar stay on the tiles for a while to kill it off, before following your cleaning routine. In case the smell of vinegar bothers you and you want to get rid of it, simply use a cloth moist with water and just wipe the surface down after an hour of your cleaning process, and your sparkling and fresh tiles will continue to grace your space and senses!