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Inspiring Guest Room Design and Decor Concepts

Designing your own home requires attention to every inch and every corner, and the guest room should be no different. It also deserves all your artistic touches. The guest room should itself be a welcoming space. You would like to provide your guest with a quiet and comfortable atmosphere where they can enjoy their time spent with you. You can make your guest room more attractive no matter how small it is by applying smart guest room design ideas. Having a well-designed guest room seems like providing a retreat to your visitors, making them want to stay longer and have a nice experience.

Guest Room Design and Decor Ideas

Creating a guest room is more than simply providing a bed; it is about creating an experience. Before asking friends or family to visit, peruse these guest room design ideas to be inspired to make the area seem welcoming and ensure your guests have a pleasant stay. 


1. To add a classy touch to the guest room, place a seat at the end of the bed.

A seat at the foot of your bed is not only functional; it may also give a touch of flair. A bench offers your space an elegant appearance, provides a comfortable place to sit or relax, serves as a storage area for an additional rug, and makes your room appear tidy. It’s not only useful for extra sitting and storage, but it also helps prevent spills on the bed when serving breakfast to your guest in their room.

2. Place a mirror in the room so that your guests can check their attire

A full-length mirror in the guest room can be one of the considerate touches to your guest room decor. It will come in handy for your guests to see their outfits and how they may look, especially with a half-unpacked bag. A full-length mirror is generally large and tall enough to stand by itself. You can let it lean against a wall or place it in one corner of the room. It will look good and make your room appear larger by adding depth to it.

3. To elevate your guest room decor, add a functional reading area 

Creating a reading nook in the guest room demands very little work and will make your guests feel at ease. Add an open bookshelf with a range of reading materials such as story books and magazines. Pair it up with a comfortable chair or any small seater with cushions in a well-lit spot. To make the area more utilitarian, you can add a small side table where they may drink a cup of tea or coffee while unwinding or reading a book. 

4. With plants and greens add some vibrancy to your guest room


Indoor plants are a fun way to create a balanced and colourful mood in the guest room. They may provide a natural touch to the environment, making it look bright and cheery. Small potted plants can be placed on a bedside table, while bigger plants, such as Monstera, might be placed in a corner. Hanging plants, such as Spider Plants can be kept near windows or placing Pothos on shelves may offer a lovely green touch. 

5. A pair of twin beds will add a playful touch

Putting up twin beds with plain white linen is a timeless and appealing option for your guest room. The clean and simple design results in a relaxing atmosphere. You can add some cushions or extra pillows to increase comfort. These small details will allow your guests to personalise their sleeping arrangements for a pleasant good night’s sleep and stay.

6. Include statement tiles to bring out the best in your guest room decor 

Using statement tiles in the guest room may have a huge influence on the entire look and feel. There is a profusion of bedroom tiles to pick from for your guest room interior design. Options such as carving tiles, marble tiles, mosaics, and wooden tiles lend a distinctive sense of grandeur to the room’s design. In this manner, you may improve the aesthetic appeal while adding your style.

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7. Experiment with artistic and creative elements

Adding an artistic element to your room can rarely go wrong. You can simply make a gallery wall in the guest room to give the area its personality. It converts the area into a more pleasant and home-like setting without taking up any valuable floor space. You may add a collection of framed pictures or gorgeous art pieces that complement your style. Hanging up painting or abstract art is also a great option.

8. Include some floral joy with fresh flowers and a dehumidifier

Fresh and colourful flowers in the guest room are a simple but effective touch. It conveys to your guests that you are delighted to have them with you. Additionally, considering the comfort of your guests, especially if the room tends to be humid, a dehumidifier might be a nice addition. Together, these details create a welcoming and comfortable environment that displays your concern for guests staying in your home.


9. Make a separate workplace for your guests

If you have some extra space, it’s a great idea to create a little work area for your guests right in their room. You can set up a chair along with a desk and a table lamp for good lighting. This way, you can make their little spot to get their work done. Additionally, this enhances the functionality of the guest room along with the touch of hospitality, ensuring your guests have a convenient space to work during their stay.

10. Get wallpapers into your guest room decor

Adding wallpaper is like giving your walls a coloured or patterned makeover that can make the entire area a lot more entertaining. You may opt for bright patterns, weird shapes or relaxing hues as a means of personal styling. When choosing wallpaper for your wall design for the guest room, remember the size of that room; how much sunlight it gets and what kind of furniture you need to place there. For instance, light-coloured wallpapers make a room look bigger and lighter but darker ones somehow make it cosier.

11. Set up furniture and storage options that conserve space

Choosing space-saving furniture and innovative storage solutions is a wise way to make the most of your guest room. These ingenious pieces of furniture are intended to maximise utility while taking up little space. These options, ranging from versatile tables to small storage units, assist in creating an organised and efficient living area for your guests.

12. Install curtains to get the best guest room design

Curtains in your room are an excellent way to improve its ambience and functionality. They give practical benefits like limiting natural light, ensuring privacy and softening the overall appearance of the area. Whether you choose vibrant patterns for a lively feel or subtle colours for a calming effect, curtains can transform the atmosphere of any space. 

13. Add a pop of colour by layering vibrant quilts and cushions

Layering colourful pieces on the bed brings a cheerful touch. You may choose patterns and colours that compliment your guest room decor to create a unified effect. For example, you can pair grey-green and orange cushions with a white quilt that has the same cool colours in a fun pattern. Adding colours is an easy way to infuse some comfort into the guest room with the added benefit of easily switching out the quilts and cushions. It refreshes the room’s look and keeps things lively for your guests.

14. Choose eye-catching bedding to create a statement look

Bedding is not only good for sleep but also goes a long way in contributing towards your room decoration. So if you are organising your bedding, a simple but effective method of making it look sophisticated involves mixing contrasting colours when choosing the pieces for your bedding. For instance, you could pair a pristine white bedsheet with a teal-green duvet and throw in pillows that are both ivory and teal-shaded. Ensure you have a suitable and comfortable mattress, soft sheets, a warming blanket or a duvet and pillows that suit your liking. This kind of mixed and matched style of modern guest room design makes it fashionable as well as properly coordinated.

15. Add different textures to create an appealing visual

Layers of texture may improve the visual appeal of your environment. The use of different textures may bring depth and richness to the overall design. Soft textiles with a textured throw blanket or patterned cushions can be used to provide visual interest. You can change your guest room into an aesthetically pleasant atmosphere by integrating different tactile components, making it a treat for both the eyes and the sense of touch.

16. Create an accent wall

Adding an accent wall to your bedroom will be a perfect way of making the area visually interesting and complete in itself. Painting all four walls with a loud colour or pattern would probably be too much, but one brightly painted or wallpapered accent wall could serve to anchor and elevate the whole region. Another alternative for creating an accent wall is to use wall tiles such as 3D print wall tiles or floral wall tiles. To finish the entire guest room wall design, decorate the wall with wall charmers or add a macrame wall hanging.

17. Include a welcoming seating space

Create a comfortable sitting area in your guest room to make it even more appealing.  You may add a comfortable guest room sofa design like a two-seater sofa, soft cushions, and even a small table. It’s a good idea to provide your guests with a small area where they may relax or simply decompress. A sitting area helps the room feel more welcoming and comfortable for your visitors.

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  • How big is a small guest room?

In general, a small guest room is a kind of room that is more compact in comparison to larger living spaces. In terms of dimensions, a small guest room might typically range from 100 to 200 square feet. They are often designed to efficiently use space while providing a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for guests.

  • How do you build a guest room in a small space?

Creating a guest room in a small space requires thoughtful planning and creative solutions. Choose adaptable furniture such as a sofa bed, wall-mounted shelves for storage, bright hues to encourage openness and strategically placed mirrors. To prevent making the area feel small, keep the design clean and uncomplicated. Making use of vertical space with furniture is a clever method to increase functionality. Think of multi-functional components to maximise utility in a small area.

  • How can I make my guest room feel more welcoming?

Use the basics to warm up your guest room design and make it welcoming. Start by offering comfortable bedding including soft sheets, blankets and pillows to make them more relaxed. To make a harmonious and friendly atmosphere, opt for warm neutral colours and add personal touches such as fresh flowers or welcome cards to give it that extra something. Consider providing relevant furniture such as a bedside table and light, or enough shelves for the guests to unpack. Additionally, keep your guest room space adequately ventilated. When all of these factors are harmonised, your guests will feel at home.

  • What colour palette is best for a guest room?

Selecting a colour palette for the guest room depends on what setting you want in there. For instance, soft neutrals such as beige, grey or light taupe offer a classic and soothing backdrop. For a brighter and livelier feel, colour tones such as orange can help or even bold yellow. You can also play with pastels like soft pinks and blues. Take note of your preferred style of guest room colour design, and do not hesitate to try out different combinations of colours to achieve a guest room of taste.

  • How can I maximise space in a small guest room?

Furnish the small guest room in such a way that you get more than one purpose from your furniture, for example, use a sofa bed or beds with drawers underneath. High shelves on the walls will provide additional storage without wasting floor space and foldable furniture such as chairs or desks can be hidden when they are not in use. Light-coloured walls and bedding make the room appear larger, but mirrors could help with that too. Pick low furniture, such as a short ottoman or table. Place the big and tall furniture at the periphery of the room rather than in the centre So, seeing more of the floor makes that room look larger.

  • What amenities should I provide in a guest room?

When preparing a guest room, one must imagine a bedroom that would resemble a hotel room. Spread the sheets, blankets and soft pillows on this bed. Have clean towels and some toiletries, such as shampoo and soap ready for your guests. Place water bottles and glasses on a bedside table for easy access. For entertainment, install a television or provide them with some books. Give them some storage area and a little rubbish bin. Add curtains or blinds to regulate sunlight and protect their privacy. Have electrical outlets easily reached for charging gadgets. If possible it’s a nice touch to have an appliance like a kettle or coffee maker if space allows. These are some of the things you need to have in your guest room.

  • What tech elements should I include in a guest room?

Tech is important for your guests to stay conveniently. Make sure there are accessible power outlets so they can charge their devices. Provide the Wi-fi password so they can remain online. If you own a TV, include easy instructions on how it is used and ensure that the remote control functions are straightforward. You may incorporate these tech features in your guest room.

  • How do I decorate my guest room for holidays and special occasions?

Consider changing up the decorations on holidays and for special occasions. Choose bedding with colours and patterns that match the holiday spirit, and add some fun pillows to the bed or chairs. Hang a colourful banner, change the wallpaper or string lights for some festive spirit. Replace regular artwork with seasonal or themed paintings. Bring good-smelling light candles to contribute to the festive environment.

  • What’s the best way to maintain cleanliness in a guest room?

Do frequent cleaning to ensure everything is neat, especially before your guests arrive. Wash and replace bedding regularly, including sheets and blankets. Wipe down surfaces to remove dust, and sweep or hoover the floors to keep them clean. Always supply fresh towels and change them frequently. Empty the trash bin in the room often to keep things neat. Check and refill toiletries as needed. Keep the room organised by putting things back where they belong, and occasionally open the windows to let in fresh air. These simple steps help maintain a clean and welcoming guest room for your visitors.


The design and decoration of a guestroom go beyond mere aesthetics. It is concerned with developing a cosy and pleasant atmosphere where visitors feel relaxed and appreciated. From choosing bedding and colour schemes to designing practical features such as storage or tech-friendly aspects, each element helps define personal experience. The aim is to bring the balance between functionality and style whether it’s how to maximise space in a small room or adding seasonal touches for particular festivities. 

A thoughtfully designed guest room becomes not just a means of accommodation but an act of care and consideration for your guest. To create a functional and well-designed guest room, you can connect with Orientbell Tiles. We can help you achieve the guest room interior design that will complement your style.

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