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Interior Design Trends 2024: Fresh Ways to Switch Your Home Decor

Looking for the latest interior design trends to transform your home decor and let go of the boring, monotonous look of your interiors? Thankfully, several interior design trends are embracing green living, character-rich, and smart technologies this year. With these ideas, you can not only upgrade your home decor game but also make a transformation that will likely stay in trend for quite some time. So, if you are ready to adopt new styles and trends for an extraordinary interior look, here are some captivating design trends to watch out for this year! 

Interior Design Trends to Upgrade Your Home Decor Game 

Green Living with Natural Freshness 

When it comes to adding the latest interior trend to your house, you must think of incorporating the concept of green living. It is more than just a trend this year, considering our planet getting heated up and drastic changes in climatic behaviours. That’s why people are making eco-conscious choices while decorating their interiors, like opting for biophilic elements, sustainable materials, and indoor plants to bring the outdoor nature inside. 

Nature-inspired elements and designs, like wooden tile flooring, can not only highlight the connection with nature but are quite durable and can last for years. Also, you can add multiple potted plants that thrive in the Indian climates to cleanse your indoor air quality while keeping the interiors cool, lowering energy consumption. 

Future Smart Homes at Your Fingertips

Smart homes have become one of the latest interior design trends as thousands of homeowners worldwide have modernised their homes with smart home technology. From smart lighting to AI-powered applications to control different interior elements. With every passing year, technology is getting more seamlessly merged into our living spaces, enhancing comfort in our lives. Thanks to smart home technology, energy management, which is a major concern for homeowners, has become easier. People can significantly lower their utility bills and reduce their carbon footprints. Also, smart home features can enhance the market value of your property, attracting more potential buyers. 

Soft Black for Drama 

When it comes to picking a colour for interiors that is versatile enough to never go out of style, white seems like an obvious choice. But over the last few years, there has been a prominent shift in the preferences of an unexpected alternative colour – black. Just as the proverb goes, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and the black colour is no exception. Rather, this year, bathrooms and bedrooms are boasting soft black tones. Being a bold and moody colour, these hues of black offer a dramatic yet sophisticated look to the interiors. If you want to create an intimate ambience in your space, you can consider black tiles, from decorative to plain, like Craftclad Stone Square Grey DK, Granalt SNP Royal Black, and Super Gloss Lambert Gold Marble

Make a Statement with Unique Tiles 

Incorporating unique tile designs is a great idea to make statements within interiors, be it wall tile or floor tile. The best tiles for home to make a bold statement are geometric tiles like BHF Sandy Brick Mushroom HL and BHF Sandy Triangle Grey HL, Moroccan tiles like BDM 3×3 Moroccan Grey Multi and HRP Talavera 3×3 Multi, and 3D tiles like SHG 3D Cube Multi HL and EHM 3D Block Matt Beige. These tile designs can add a sense of grandeur and personality to spaces. They are perfect for creating a stunning focal point, drawing the eyes to the decor elements or furniture placed nearby. To introduce glamour into the space, you can add eclectic decor items like decorative mirrors and metal light fixtures. 

Character-Rich Interiors 

Authenticity is becoming one of the most popular interior design trends in 2024. Adding personality and character to your interiors is a perfect way to narrate your story. You can infuse each decor piece to display your thoughts and individuality, allowing you to own the space in true senses. From vintage finds and organic elements to personalised decor items, you can add elements that showcase your thoughts in the space while bringing warmth and distinctiveness to your home. Don’t be afraid of embracing the beauty of imperfections in your space as they make the space feel truly yours. 

Retro Hues for Nostalgic Accents 

Retro interiors often feature vibrant and bold tones, like burnt orange, yellow, and similar rich hues to add a playful and energetic vibe to the spaces. To elevate the nostalgic feel, you can also add bold and eye-catching geometric patterns, like chevron, herringbone, or polka dots. You can opt for geometric pattern flooring with BDF Herringbone Bricks Cotto FT and DGVT Double Herringbone Oak Wood. You can upgrade the warm and retro vibe with mid-century furnishings with clean lines, simple shapes, and functional designs. They can provide a touch of vintage aesthetics to your modern living space

Joyful Aesthetics for Dopamine Rush 

Creating joyful interiors is a new home interior design concept that not only utilises your style and taste but also focuses on finding newer ways to make your space feel more distinctive and reflect who you truly are. It can mean adding your DIY painting, artwork, macrame hanging, or anything else that can put a smile on your face while offering a pleasurable experience every time you encounter them. This will create a dopamine rush, triggering a feeling of happiness and delight with joy and positivity within your interiors. 

Timeless Elegance with Modernity 

Timeless elegance is an evergreen concept in the interior design world, and it is still going to remain prevalent in the coming years too. Today’s timeless elegance reflects the interaction between traditional decor concepts and modern designs, resulting in home decor with warmth, elegance, and modernity. To create a similar setting in your home, you should try to create a perfect blend of smooth edges, subtle and neutral colour palettes, elegant shapes, and functional designs that narrate a story of simplicity and innovation. 

Permanent Workstation at Home 

One of the latest interior design trends this year is to embrace productivity, and the work-from-home, aka WFH, continues to be the reality for many of us. To boost your productivity like the old times, you must accept the new normal and make the best out of this WFH situation. You can only do that by crafting a positive environment to work at your home. So, select an area in your home and upgrade it to your home office with bespoke lighting, a comfortable chair, and a standing desk to maintain a good posture while working. 

Unique and Organic-Shaped Mirrors

Mirrors never go out of trend, and these days, mirrors with organic and irregular shapes or oversized dimensions are finding their places in trending interior design styles. Not only are these mirrors unique and visually striking but they also add a decorative look to the walls, creating an accent wall. Also, they can add a touch of nature and bring the outdoors inside. Thanks to their fluid and irregular shapes, they mimic natural curves and lines, like leaves and rocks, offering a calming and grounding effect to interiors.

Beige and Ivory for Classics Refined 

Beige and ivory shades have made a triumphant comeback this year. However, they are back with a twist that offers a timeless look to contemporary spaces. These tones are warmer than pure bright white, which is widely used in modern spaces for a sense of luxury. This time, you can opt for these not-so-white shades to inject elegance, luxury, and a calming clean feeling into your interiors. You can consider tile designs in beige shades like Veneer Wood Beige and Carving Endless Desert Marble and ivory shades like BDM EC SANSKRIT Ivory and GFT PGVT Porino Ivory for your interior walls or flooring. These shades can serve as the perfect base for your modern-day furnishings and upholstery, providing a sophisticated yet inviting feel in the space. 

Fusion of Traditional and Modern Ideas

One of the latest interior design trends is to incorporate traditional designs with a fresh twist. Timeless and classic spaces are also infusing modern designs and functionality with elegant wooden or terracotta tiles which are more robust and long-lasting than traditional flooring. You can opt for wooden tiles like Veneer Wood Brown, BDF Koa Plank Brown FT, and BDF Rubra Strip Multi FT and terracotta tiles like HP Plain Terracotta and OPV Star Terracotta for a traditional interior look with which you can upgrade with modern furnishing. Also, you can add ornate furniture in an eclectic layout to add a casual feel to the settings, promoting the comforts of the future with the timelessness of classic. 

Natural Lighting

Bringing the green outdoors inside is a popular interior design trend today. Naturally lit interiors create an elegant and alluring ambience, ensuring a lively feeling in the space. The correlation between natural light and mood lighting is undeniable. So, you should consider having large windows, skylights, or thoughtfully placed mirrors to reflect light all around and amplify the effect of natural light entering your place. Besides, the entry of natural light boosts the healthy dose of vitamin D and serotonin levels, helping in stabilising our mood and maintaining a healthy well-being.

Dual Tones for Minimal Complexity 

Infusing dual colour schemes within the same space is among the top interior design trends in 2024. Be it complementing or contrasting, dual colour combos can add depth and complexity to the spaces, depending on the degree of difference in their colour tones. Soft, harmonious tones are selected to create a sense of balance and visual interest without overwhelming the eyes. In contrast, bold and dramatic tones are used to make a strong statement in interiors while adding depth to the spaces. While incorporating two tones, make sure to use the lighter tones in the higher parts of the room, like your wardrobe or cabinets and the darker tones in the low-lying elements to organise the room visually

Flowy Furniture 

Thanks to the new interior design trends, you can infuse elegant shapes and complementing forms effortlessly into your interiors with flowy furniture. The harmonious flow of curved furniture is ideal for compact spaces as its curves draw attention, making the space appear more open and larger. Opt for a large curved sofa that sits well with your minimalist living room decor. Also, you can add other comforting and visually appealing pieces, like a sweeping chaise or a lamp, creating a more inviting ambience. Curvy, flowy-shaped furniture is set to remain in trend for quite some time now.

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Warm Minimalism to Evoke Simplicity 

Warm minimalism refers to a refreshing look which is often associated with traditional minimalism. It focuses on finding a harmonious balance between simplicity and comfort. The core principle of creating warm minimalism that evokes simplicity is to create a space that feels open and less cluttered, without eliminating the necessary elements of a home. To give your house a comforting feeling with its minimalist decor, you should try to utilise nature-inspired elements, earthy colour palettes, and soft textures to inject a sense of calmness into the space. The easy way to add warmth with simplicity is by opting for the timeless beauty of wooden tiles in soft tones. You can go for DGVT Desert Wood Creama, ODF Bambo FT, and Veneer Wood Creama for both your interior walls and flooring to infuse a sense of comfort and sophistication. 

Playful Sophistication with Vibrant Accents 

Adding elements of playful designs adds a touch of whimsy to your interiors while making them look more contemporary and stylish. To infuse playful sophistication and a lively atmosphere into your interior decor, you can combine vibrant colours, whimsical patterns, and unexpected decor pieces. Using bold tones like sunny yellow, cheerful orange, and vibrant blues can instantly lighten up the mood of a room. The best way to infuse these colours is through the furnishing and wall design. You can add colourful throw pillows and unique wall art to inject personality and charm into the space. Also, you can create an accent half-wall design with decorative wall tiles, like Craftclad Linear Stone Multi and EHM Stacked Stone Multi to upgrade your fireplace and make it stand out. Chunky and fun elements can provide a surprise element to your modern-day living space. 

Chic and Romantic with Soft Greys 

Grey tones are often associated with industrial decor styles, which are quite popular interior design trends in this current era because they provide calmness and support emotions without draining energy. The muted and sophisticated greys are quite versatile and can be paired with both complementing cool undertones like blues and contrasting warm undertones like terracotta for a touch of warmth indoors. However, different hues of grey look well with whites the most, which is perfect for a living room receiving a lot of natural light. From walls to flooring to furnishings, you can infuse grey anywhere in your interiors to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere with understated luxury. You can opt for grey tiles like ODG Soapstone Grey LT and ODG Soapstone Grey DK and use them in combination to add timeless charm and refinement to your space. 


Finally, the latest interior design trends in 2024 play a lot with colours, furniture, and decor items to create elegant yet useful places. Irrespective of the decor style you like, consider a durable surfacing material like tiles, be it for creating an accent wall or a solid base for your decor elements. Reach out to Orientbell Tiles Boutique in your city to explore a fantastic display of amazing tile ranges today!

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