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Is Tile a Good Choice For The Living Room Floor?

Are you wondering if a tile is a good choice for the living room? Here are 5 reasons why it is!

The living room is a central part of every home – it is the place where you unwind, spend time with your family, and entertain guests. The design of your living room also often dictates the theme of the rest of your house.

But, there is always a question that strikes the minds of homeowners – is tile a good flooring choice for the living room floor? Is it easy to clean? Does it require additional maintenance? Read on to know more.

Here are some reasons why tiling the living room floors are a great idea

1) Tiles are Easy To Clean

Traditionally, carpets have always been the choice of flooring for living rooms. They are soft and provide a great underfoot and are available in a variety of options for you to choose from. But, the major issue with carpets is the cleaning factor.

To get a carpet to be completely clean is a tall order and, more often than not, is a lengthy process. You need to move furniture, vacuum it, pre-treat stains, scrub it, wipe it and vacuum it again. And even after you clean it, there is bound to be some leftover dust or fluff in the corners!

Tiles, on the other hand, are quite easy to clean. Tiles often come with a smooth surface, and most of the latest tiles come with a surface that is very easy to clean.

You can easily sweep off the dry dust and debris from the surface of the tile, and to get rid of stains, you can easily clean the surface with some soapy water and a mop or a brush (for the more stubborn stains). Tiles do not require regular cleaning, and you can probably get away with a once-in-a-fortnight cleaning cycle while just sweeping regularly.

2) Tiles Do Not Stain Easily

Unlike most flooring choices, tiles do not stain easily. Carpets can stain easily, with it being difficult to get rid of stubborn stains like red wine or tomato sauce. Surfaces such as linoleum are said to be stain resistant but can get discoloured if the spill is alkaline in nature. Also, it is difficult to get the stains out once they’ve dried up!

On the other hand, most floor tiles have a stain-resistant surface. This is because most tiles have low porosity, inhibiting the absorption of liquids into the inner layers of the tile. This prevents the stain from “settling in” and makes it easier to clean the tile surface – even if they have completely dried out!

If your basic floor cleaner is not enough to remove the stain, you can opt for tougher stain removers without worrying about damaging or discolouring the tile’s surface.

3) Tiles are Durable Floor Options

Tiles are some of the most durable flooring materials available in the market, and they are robust enough to stand the test of time. Tiles are manufactured using some of the latest technology available. They are fired at high temperatures, lending them strength and making them long-lasting.

The tiles you will lay in your living room will last you for years without showing obvious signs of wear and tear and will not chip or crack unless you drop something very heavy on them. Even if a tile does crack, you do not need to redo your whole floor – all you can do is remove that damaged tile and replace it, and you are good to go!

4) Tiles Provide A Great Look

While this may differ from person to person, tiles today are available in a large variety of designs, patterns, and colours for you to choose from – especially when compared with other flooring choices. It is highly possible for you to find a tile that matches your colour or design scheme, along with providing you with other suitable features, such as durability and ease of maintenance.

Today, tiles are available in various designs – some even mimic the look of other natural materials that may not be as convenient for use. For example, marble tiles can provide you with the extravagant and luxurious look of marble but without the added maintenance costs and time.

Another great example would be wooden tiles. While everyone loves a good hardwood floor, the practical aspect outweighs the aesthetic. Hardwood floors, while stunning to look at, are quite expensive and unmanageable in a humid country like ours.

Wooden tiles can provide you with the beautiful look of natural wood in a convenient tile form. With the large variety of tiles available, it is just a matter of looking for the tile that matches the aesthetic of the space you envision.

5) Environment-Friendly

Tiles are manufactured using clay and other materials that are fired on high heat to create strong and durable tiles. This manufacturing process is more environmentally friendly than sourcing other materials such as hardwood or marble (which usually require extensive sourcing and processing processes before they are ready for use).

Another advantage of tiles is that they are manufactured in factories close to civilization, thus reducing transport costs and emissions. Natural materials, such as wood, are often sourced in the middle of nowhere and are transported to processing hubs and wholesale or retail stores. This adds up to a lot of emissions! There is also the impact of sourcing on the environment to consider (mining and deforestation can be devastating if not carried out in a controlled environment).

How can Orientbell Tiles Help You?

While many different kinds of flooring materials are available in a living room, tile can be considered one of the best options. It handles constant traffic well, is strong and long-lasting, requires minimal maintenance, is easy to clean, and is available in a plethora of designs for you to choose from.

While the hardness of tiles may be off-putting in homes with seniors and children that often fall, this can be easily remedied by installing matte finish tiles or anti-skid tiles. These tiles help increase the traction between the foot and the tile and help reduce the chances of slipping and falling.

Living room tiles are a great way to enhance the space’s aesthetic while keeping in mind the practicality of maintaining the space.

Want to add tiles to your living room but cannot zero in on a tile? Try TriaLook – a visualization tool that will make tile buying a breeze for you.

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