Porcelain tiles are a fusion of beauty and functionality. On the surface, porcelain tiles look most attractive and elegant, and deep within, they are one of the toughest and durable materials that can withstand any kind of wear and tear.  They are one of the most popular choices for residential as well as commercial spaces as they enhance the appearance of the floors and walls. You can use them in any room, be it your living room, bathroom, or kitchen tiles. They also make for a gorgeous countertop surface.

What are porcelain tiles?

In comparison with other tiles, porcelain tiles offer several advantages. Due to high resistance to stains, scratches and water, they are a preferred choice for areas frequently exposed to water and moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens. They are denser than ceramic tiles and are available in both glazed and unglazed finish. Another significant feature of porcelain tiles is that there is high abrasion resistance, which means the resistance of the surface against action related to the movement of bodies, surfaces, or materials that come in contact with them. This feature makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Modern porcelain tiles are available in a huge variety of textures, patterns, colours and finishes, including beautiful replicas of natural stone, wood, marble and granite. Orientbell’s exquisite range of porcelain tiles is not only low on maintenance but also versatile, durable and affordable. Bring home the magic with Forever Tiles, Timeless Collection, Valencica Tiles, and FT Autumn series of porcelain tiles by Orientbell.

While making porcelain tiles, sand and feldspar are also added to the clay, to make them denser and stronger. This makes the tile absorb less moisture, make them stain-resistant, and give them a hard-wearing finish.

Cleaning Porcelain Tiles

When it comes to flooring, porcelain tiles are famous for not only being eye-appealing but also being low maintenance and easy to clean. The smooth glazed finished porcelain tiles are the easiest ones to clean, but unglazed and textured porcelain tiles can also be maintained easily and efficiently with proper care.

Cleaning and maintaining porcelain tiles is not such a tough job and can easily fit in with your other household chores. If you clean your tiles with plain warm water regularly, you should be fine. To maintain the shine of the porcelain tiles and also keep them hygienic, it is better to make a routine to deep clean them every month. Your tiles will stay sparkling for a long time if you do so. Here are the best ways to maintain, clean and keep your porcelain tiles shining forever:

  1. Regular sweeping or vacuuming dust: Getting rid of any dust and dirt that has accumulated is an effortless routine that you should follow to keep your tiles in the best condition. This can be done daily by using a vacuum cleaner, or it can be just swept away with a broom. A dry mop can also be used for sweeping, as this will give better protection to the tile surface. Place a good doormat at the entrance and near the room doors to catch most of the dirt being carried in. It will reduce the amount of dust to be cleaned and also prevent damage to the tiles.
  2. Clean spills and splashes instantly: Spills and splashes are bound to happen on a regular basis in the kitchen and dining areas. Similarly, bathrooms are prone to stains and dry marks to water or soap. Whenever anything spills on your porcelain tiles, it would be a good idea to wipe it clean immediately to avoid long-lasting stains. Just a quick wipe with a soft cloth will be sufficient to avoid stains in the long run.
  3. Prevent fungus or moulds: Spaces where water is used frequently and which are prone to moisture, such as the bathroom and kitchen, may develop fungus and bacteria if not cleaned and aired regularly. Do not leave your shower wet after use, without cleaning or wiping it. Keeping the area clean and dry after everyday use will keep it mould- or mildew-free. If mould or fungus develops in any area, clean it using a mixture of water and baking soda or white vinegar.
  4. Avoid acids or strong chemical cleaners: Regular use of harsh chemicals or acids can damage the surface of the tile, and ultimately increase its water absorption rate. It will also wear down the grout, which will loosen the tiles and allow water absorption creating dampness and mould. Just use plain warm water for everyday cleaning of porcelain tiles. Make a routine to clean with a mild detergent or baking soda mixed in warm water every fortnight or month, as per your need.
  5. Stain removal: A mild solution of warm water, some white vinegar, and a very small amount of detergent are sufficient to clean any stains on your porcelain tiles and also to disinfect the space. Baking soda can also be used in this solution as it is also effective to remove stains and cleaning tiles. Only stubborn stains left behind after this solution should be treated more aggressively with chemicals. Follow the instructions carefully using any acid or chemical to remove stubborn stains as it may otherwise damage your tile surfaces. When dealing with such difficult stains, clean the particular stain only, do not use it on the whole floor.

What you shouldn’t do when cleaning porcelain tiles

  • Porcelain tiles do not react well to bleach-based cleaning products.
  • Harsh chemicals, acids and ammonia will damage the surface, texture, and colour of the tile.
  • Avoid oil-based cleaning products as they get mixed with the dirt and become extremely hard to remove.
  • Do not ever use a ball of steel wool to clean your tile.
  • Do not use hard bristle brushes to scrub your tiles. It will ruin its surface and sheen.

By following our tips, you will keep your porcelain floor in the best condition, and increase its durability. Orientbell was woven magic in their contemporary porcelain tile series, Timeless, Valencica, which is a Forever tiles range and offers high stain and water resistance, versatility, easy maintenance, durability, and affordability. Embrace these porcelain floor tiles and see them upgrade your spaces. Proper care shall keep your porcelain tiles looking fresh and tremendous for years to come.