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Maximise Your Bathroom Storage With These Trendy Cabinet Designs!

In the concept of home design, bathrooms are essential and adaptable spaces. They offer a room for relaxation and rejuvenation amid busy daily life, where functionality and aesthetics merge seamlessly. One thing that is key in any bathroom is storage, as it impacts efficiency and organisation. However, style and practicality can coexist. By utilising trendy bathroom cabinet ideas, we can enhance both the utility and visual appeal of our bathroom spaces. These stylish cabinet designs go beyond mere storage solutions, as they transform the bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary. They artfully blend necessity and aesthetics, presenting a range of options to optimise storage while elevating the bathroom’s ambience. Dive into this exploration of innovative storage ideas that create an intersection of necessity and design flair in your bathroom. 

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Cabinet Design

There are many bathroom cabinet options out there and deciding which ones will make your life functionally easiest can feel overwhelming. We have got a lot of different sizes, styles, and materials to pick from. This part of the blog will help you choose cabinets that fit your storage needs and overall bathroom design. It covers what to look for and what to avoid when selecting cabinets for your space.

  • Determine your storage requirements

Before picking a cabinet, look out for the items you usually store in your bathroom. Items like soap, shampoo, towels, cleaning supplies, and medicine get their place in bathrooms. Accessing the storage needs will help you figure out the appropriate cabinet size and configuration. Take the time to assess your current items and estimate the space they require. This planning ensures that everything fits neatly and remains organised within your bathroom cabinet.

  • Measure your bathroom space

            Verify the space available on the wall and the floor to get an estimation of the cabinet size. You can now select a cabinet that is both stylish and fits well without making the bathroom feel too tightly crowded. 

  • Access various materials and their features

To uphold the long life of bathroom cabinets, choosing materials that can resist moisture and humidity should be your priority. Choices like plywood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) are rather competitive in such conditions, having the capabilities of maintaining swelling, warping, and mould susceptibility. Withstanding constant ageing and humidity, these strong (sturdy) materials provide cabinets with structural reliability.

  • Get cabinets that suit your style

            Whether your bathroom has a contemporary, traditional, rustic, or transitional design, there is an assortment of cabinet styles for you to choose from so that you can perfectly complement your existing decor. Be it cabinets having patterns or featuring varied finishes, you will find a design of your choice with a storage system that will cater to both the aesthetic and functionality. Consider what bathroom tiles you have to successfully achieve a visually appealing look.

  • Understand colour coordination

Make sure your cabinet colour fits with the colour scheme in your bathroom. Make sure whether you want it to blend in with the decor or stand out. You can choose from basic colours like white and grey or go for bright colours or wood tones to match your style.


  • Look for storage features

Choose ones that have clever features to help you store things better. Look for shelves you can move up and down, trays that slide out, organisers built right in, and secret compartments. These features make the cabinet more useful, keeping your bathroom tidy and everything in its place.

  • Don’t forget to get quality hardware

Prioritise high-quality hardware options to ensure smooth operation and longevity. Opt for durable metal handles over plastic ones, as they can withstand more weight and resist breakage. Likewise, choose sturdy hinges to guarantee easy opening and closing of cabinet doors, preventing them from becoming loose over time. Investing in quality hardware significantly enhances the functionality and longevity of your cabinets.

Bathroom Cabinet Designs

Irrespective of whether you want to keep it simple or turn on the dial too high, a cabinet style is there for you that will give your bathroom a makeover from the utility point to a visually appealing state.

  • Dark Wood Open Shelves

When your bathroom is small, having a closed cabinet can make it feel even tighter. Instead, go for open shelves. They let you show off your toiletries without making the bathroom seem smaller. This bathroom mirror cabinet is perfect because it’s mounted on the wall, saving space while the open shelves in dark wood give it a modern and spacious feel.


  • Modern and Streamlined Bathroom Cabinet Design

A modern bathroom cabinet design looks very neat. Everything looks smooth and clean, with no extra frills. Imagine it like a super tidy shelf but for your bathroom stuff. You can keep all your things inside the cabinet and avoid cluttering up the place. Look at it as a fuss-free solution that makes your bathroom a bit elegant, making it a space you’ll love to spend time in.

  • Full-Wall Mirrored Cabinet

When you’re aiming to make the most of your bathroom’s storage without taking up valuable floor space, getting your attention to the entire wall for cabinetry is a smart way to do it. However, make sure to strike the right balance, as wall-to-wall bathroom cabinet designs can sometimes overwhelm the whole space.


  • Floating Bathroom Cabinets

Floating bathroom storage design options mounted on the walls without any apparent support offer a modern and minimalistic look, saving space while providing the illusion of an expanded, more open bathroom. Their elevated position above the floor shields them from excessive moisture and dirt, simplifying the cleaning process to quick wipes with a damp cloth.

  • A vibrant Bathroom Featuring a Simple Cabinet

The bathroom that is bursting with energy and style can be centred around a simple cabinet. This cabinet may be simple, but it fits right in, adding a touch of functionality to the lively atmosphere. With its simple and subdued design, this cabinet acts as a backdrop to the vibrant colours and striking patterns in the room, creating a harmonious composition. Although it has a basic design, this furniture piece confidently stands out, offering the ideal storage space without becoming the centre of attention.


  • Minimalistic side shelves

Despite what many people think, even tiny bathrooms can accommodate a cabinet. The key is to find something small and basic, such as narrow side shelves. Additionally, consider opting for handleless cabinets with mirrors, as they not only save space but also serve a dual purpose by providing storage and reflecting light to make the room feel bigger and brighter. With these clever hacks, even the smallest bathroom can become a functional and organised oasis.

  • Multi-functional Bathroom Cabinet

A multifunctional bathroom cabinet is not merely a storage unit. It goes beyond storing towels and toiletries. This cabinet boasts features that enhance your daily routines. It may have built-in drawers for organised storage, transforming into a mirror or a vanity. Its unique features aim to maximise your bathroom space, keeping everything neat and accessible.


  • Bathroom with Midcentury Vibe

The midcentury-inspired cabinet is a mix of old and new, with simple shapes and cool details. This cabinet has clean lines, legs that taper, and a warm wood colour. It’s all about developing a classic style that’s still super trendy. This cabinet becomes a real eye-catcher that brings a retro feel to your bathroom space, while still fitting in with all your modern decor. It’s the perfect piece to make your space look cool and cosy at the same time.


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  • Cabinet Design Inspired by Modern Farmhouse Style

Imagine a bathroom cabinet that’s all about the cosy, rustic vibe of modern farmhouse style. These adornments replicate and bring the cosy feel of a rustic countryside home into your bathroom. They have not got the complicated design but the details like the distressed-wood-finish furniture and the vintage-style hardware make your interiors even more welcoming and attractive. You can choose unique knobs or handles to make the cabinets feel luxurious and personalised to your style.

  • Use DIY Cabinet

Try making your cabinets with simple materials and tools. You can use simple things like plywood, screws, and paint to create personalised cabinets that fit your style perfectly. For example, you could go ahead with repurposing an old open wooden shelf into a bathroom vanity with storage, or build a set of floating shelves to display toiletries. With DIY cabinets, you can get creative and make your bathroom uniquely yours!

  • Floor-to-ceiling Cabinets for a Lavish Upgrade

            A smart approach to maximise the floor-to-ceiling space with a bathroom cabinet can expand storage while maintaining a clutter-free area. These cabinets utilise the space upwards and allow maximum storage capacity while making your bathroom look refined with that touch of sophistication and elegance. You can pair this cabinet with contrasting or matching bathroom floor tiles to create a sophisticated look.


  • Include Hanging Shelves as an Addition

Enhance your bathroom storage capacity without occupying floor space by installing hanging shelves. Mount them to your walls for storing things like drying towels and flowers. Bathroom shelves provide not only organisation but also can enhance the ambience of the bathroom space. Since their installation is usually pretty simple, they can be tailored to match your taste and other individual needs. If you aim to optimise storage in your bathroom, hanging shelves present an effective and practical solution.

  • Install a Cabinet in a Corner Space

If your bathroom has a little extra space like a small storage nook, think about replacing it with a cabinet you can see. It’ll make your bathroom look more interesting and give you extra room to store things. You might need a customised cabinet that fits just right, but it’ll make your bathroom look great in the end.

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Exploring Material Options for Bathroom Cabinets

Exploring materials vary from classic wood ones to bamboo ones. Each has its pros and cons, like how strong it is or how nice it looks. Having an understanding of these materials can help you choose the ideal cabinets. Let’s check out some of the different materials used for making bathroom cabinets!


  • Solid wood

            Solid wood is very strong for bathroom cabinets. Woods like oak, maple and walnut look nice and last long if you take care. But wood can get ruined by moisture. So pick water-resistant woods or use sealant to protect from bathroom humidity.

  • Plywood

It’s made of thin wood layers stuck together. This makes plywood strong and not bendy. Plywoods are an affordable alternative to solid wood, as they offer strong and sturdy support. Treat it with a waterproof sealant to efficiently use it in the bathroom.

  • Particleboard

This material is manufactured using wood chips and resin. It’s known to be budget-friendly but tends to get damaged by water. Therefore, if you are choosing particle board for crafting your bathroom cabinets, consider applying a water-resistant coating to give it protection against moisture.

  • MDF

It is a lightweight material with smooth surfaces. Known to be made from a mixture of wood fibres, wax and resin binder. There’s one thing you have to keep in mind in regards to MDF is that they can get damaged by water. So get a water-resistant MDF specifically for your bathroom cabinet to prevent any such issues.

  • Laminate

Laminate is stylish-looking, durable, is on the inexpensive side and resists moisture well. It is created by layering fabrics or papers with resin and then adding a protective top layer. They also come in various colours and significant designs. 

  • Thermofoil

Thermofoil is crafted by getting a PVC vinyl coating applied onto the medium-density fiberboard by heat and pressure. They are designed to handle moisture and temperature changes in bathrooms while the tough PVC coating goes on to protect the cabinets from damage and regular scratches.

  • Stainless steel

The use of stainless steel for the structures of your bathroom cabinet creates a tough and rust-proof surface. This material gives your space the feel of a modern industrial style while not getting damaged by the water and being super easy to easy.

  • Glass

See-through cabinets made of glass, with their classy yet open vibe, are great inclusions to bathroom decoration. You can make doors out of simple glass for cabinets or exercise a creative approach by applying frost or textured glass and integrating it into a design that will keep up with style.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo, also well known for being eco-friendly and moisture-resistant, can be a great alternative to wood in building bathroom cabinets. It not only adds a great amount of natural beauty but also it is sustainable.

  • Polymer/ Acrylic

Cabinets that use acrylic or polymer materials are designed to give your bathroom a modern and polished look. They possess good characteristics like resistance against water damage, ensuring durability even in humid bathroom environments and are easy to clean.

The Popular Colour Scheme for Bathroom Cabinets

The colour you will pick for your cabinet is also an important aspect that could change the whole feeling of the bathroom, making it either bigger or smaller. Let’s check out various colour selections (shades and combinations) that will suit your bathroom cabinet best.

  • White and navy blue

White shade brings elegance, to which navy adds a deep richness. This chic combination creates a serene atmosphere that gives off sophistication and drama at every corner.

  • Sage green with a warm wood tone

You can use natural colours in your bathroom by combining wooden bathroom cabinets of brown hue with a shade of green throughout the space. Tying the room together in this combination will make you feel like stepping into a space that transpires a sensational spa-like effect.

  • Grey cabinet with marble accent

Having a grey bathroom cabinet colour that goes well with a marble accent not only goes well together but the marble accent also lets other designs pop up and play with the entire decor. You can use various bathroom wall tiles in the marble finish to choose what looks best for your space.

  • Light Blue and grey

Do you want a space that feels airy and spacious? Then this colour combination would create exactly that. Light blue is very serene and grey that comes off as relaxing would create a sky-like ambience in your bathroom.

  • Royal black and golden

Add a touch of glamour to your entire bathroom with this royal colour combination. Bold black and gorgeous golden create a contrast that makes your bathroom space look luxurious.

  • Beige and White

You can embrace a gentle and enduring colour scheme by combining cabinets in a warm, neutral beige hue with crisp white accents. This pairing is highly adaptable and cultivates an inviting, fresh, and widely attractive aesthetic.

  • Soothing pink

Soft pink bathroom cabinets create a warm, feminine and romantic feeling in the space. This delicate colour is nurturing but still looks sophisticated. Whether you choose a very light blush pink or a deeper dusty rose shade, soft pink works well with many different bathroom design styles from modern to classic.

  • Lilac

Lilac cabinet colours are very versatile for matching with other hues. They can easily pair with cool colours like light greys and blues. Or, you can add warm accent colours like rich gold to create a more luxurious and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Blush

For a warm and inviting bathroom, consider blush-coloured cabinets. This soft, muted pink shade can give your space a gentle, fresh feeling.

  • Teal

This bright colour that mixes blue and green can make you feel like you’re at a relaxing tropical beach. Teal cabinets are among the best bathroom cabinet colour ideas that immediately grab your attention with their vivid and bold look, while also creating a calm and refreshing vibe.


That’s a wrap! You have got a wide variety of bathroom cabinets with various styles and colour schemes. It is a well-known fact that these cabinets not only serve as your storage friend but also help you elevate the whole ambience of the bathroom space. To get a cohesive look in your bathroom, you can get matching wall or floor tiles to add a much-needed wow factor. To explore your options and get the best, visit Orientbell Tiles. Their comprehensive range of tiles and expert guidance will help you achieve a dreamy bathroom. 

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