Spruce up your Living Room

The trendy Moroccan tiles can instantly inject a touch of glamour and plush statement in a mediumistic décor. If you like minimalistic indoors, you can use light colour palette for your living room walls, curtains and furniture and make a statement with Moroccan tiles floor. It will add that much-needed spark to make it lively and trendy. The captivating pattern and colours of this charming tile will craft your space into something just out of a magazine. They also go well with wood tiles and do not overpower the space yet add a playful touch. Your guests will be flabbergasted by their beauty!

A Detailed post on Different Ways To Use Moroccan Tiles In Your Home

Moroccan Kitchen: The Popular Choice

When it comes to kitchen interiors, you can play with Moroccan tiles for different looks. Moroccan tiles are a wonderful choice for the kitchen walls, floor or as a backsplash to make a chic style statement. These gorgeous tiles will create a happier and lively vibe in the kitchen. They team very well with the neutral as well as bright colour palette. You can complement them with colourful cabinets and neutral tone countertops for a style statement. Feel the elegance with these Moroccan flavour ODH Brick Mini Mosaic HL wall tiles from Orinetbell.

Revamp your Bathroom

You can design your modern bathroom space with these exotic tiles. Clad your bathroom walls or make a backsplash with the Orientbell’s amazing range of Moroccan tiles in different hues and patterns and turn your bathroom into a picture-perfect trendy and timeless space. You can complement it well with the rustic cabinets and natural tone bathtub and basin.

Style your Corridors

Why leave your corridors plain and dull? Give your dull corridor a glamorous facelift with beautiful Moroccan tiles on the floor or walls of your corridor. It will transform it from a functional space just for accessing the rooms, to a more lively and colourful space and an interesting element of your contemporary home. These tiles will easily go with any kind of interior décor theme that you already have and will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Highlight your Favourite Area

No matter what is the design style of your home, you can always skilfully use beautiful Moroccan tiles to highlight your favourite area of your room. You can keep things simple by opting for white or pastel shade walls and furniture and have a standalone section for Moroccan tiles drawing the attention of visitors to a specific area.

Explore Orientbell’s latest range of durable and affordable ceramic Moroccan tiles in Estilo and Eleganz Series for your next revamping project to inject cheerful and modern vibes into your home. You can never go wrong with Moroccan tiles. No matter where you install them, you can trust these charming tiles to make your home more appealing and welcoming.