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16 Innovative Open Kitchen Design Ideas to Transform Your Space

Modern open kitchen interior with wooden finishes and a dining area in the background.

“Kitchens should be designed around what’s truly important – fun, food, and life.” – Daniel Boulud.

Daniel Boulud was absolutely right when he said that kitchens should always be designed around food, fun, and life – after all kitchens serve as the focal point of any house where people break bread together and share their lives with each other.

Open Kitchens have resolved the issue that was often a part of older houses that kitchens were relegated to a corner of the house. It often meant isolating those who would cook from all the action that went on in the house, especially during social events. The blurring boundaries between the kitchen and living and dining space have made the ideas of the modular and open kitchen quite popular. It is no wonder that a variety of open kitchen models are seen in houses across the nation.

If you are interested in an open plan kitchen or an open concept kitchen then this blog is here to help you. Read on to find out the best open kitchen designs as per your style, budget, and requirements.

What is an open concept kitchen?

open kitchen concept design idea

The popularity of open style kitchen design or open kitchen style, in general, has grown exponentially in the past few years, especially due to such styles being shown on television and in movies. But if you think that the open kitchen layout is just an aesthetic choice and does not serve a function then you couldn’t be more wrong. There are multiple advantages and reasons why people want an open kitchen design in their house.

An open kitchen layout breaks down the visible or invisible barrier between the rooms and social spheres, which allows everyone to interact freely even while cooking and preparing meals. Open kitchen models in India often feature large islands which allow multiple people in a joint family to cook together without any hassle or confusion. Almost all open kitchen ideas include provision for a sink, cabinets, an eating counter (whether small or large), etc.

If you are interested in a modern open kitchen design then the minimalist-industrial look is the way to go. A minimalist look also allows for a well-organised and uncluttered kitchen. An open kitchen layout can help you create new and clever storage solutions that will reduce the clutter from your countertops and shelves to make your space look beautiful (and easy to use).

Latest open kitchen design ideas, layouts, and floor plans

There are numerous design and layout ideas for open kitchen design to choose from, but they can be majorly divided into these four categories:

  1. Open Kitchen Designs

    single wall open kitchen design idea

    A popular open kitchen design for small houses is the single-wall kitchen layout. This is a highly modern open kitchen which provides ample space for countertops, sinks, appliances, and other things all linked and across one single wall. A single-wall kitchen is a simple open kitchen design that is especially suitable for small Indian kitchens as it is a small open kitchen design. Definitely recommended for people looking to create a small open kitchen in their home.

  2. L shaped open kitchen design

    L shaped open kitchen design idea

    An L shaped open kitchen design is great as it is versatile and is suitable for small as well as large kitchens. It is a space-friendly design that does not cut back on aesthetics either. It is one of the many small open kitchen ideas in which your platform and overall construction are shaped like the letter L. With proper kitchen tops, you can change the way your kitchen looks. Do remember to keep the corners of your kitchen cabinets, aisle, and platform kids-friendly as they can be quite sharp. 

    If you want to have an invisible division between your kitchen and living room, you can install different tiles in both rooms. If you have a small kitchen, try to keep the decor simple to avoid congestion and overcrowding. After all, an open kitchen should feel open, right?

  3. Open kitchen counter design Island

    Open kitchen counter design Island idea

    One of the best large open kitchen ideas includes an island-style open kitchen counter design. For this, you might have to remove a couple of walls to create a huge island right in the centre of your kitchen. This island can serve multiple purposes – it can act as a second platform for cooking, it can serve as quick storage, and it can serve as a dining space. Having a large island can provide ample elbow space when you have multiple guests and can also be used as a serving station to plate ‘finger foods’.

    Island kitchens are generally arranged along two to three walls with a large countertop right in the middle of the kitchen. This layout can double as an open kitchen design with hall or even a semi open plan kitchen living room as it will provide easy access to the dining room, living room, and other rooms of the house. If you are looking for a small Indian open kitchen with dining room then this might be perfect for you as you can eliminate a separate dining room altogether and instead combine kitchen and dining room. This layout is also perfect for an open kitchen with breakfast counter designs.

  4. Open kitchen counter design: Peninsula

    Open kitchen counter design:Peninsula idea

    Peninsula style kitchen layout is quite similar to L shaped kitchens, but in this layout all the appliances, equipment, sink, fridge, etc. are arranged on two walls (instead of one like in the case of L shaped kitchen). What makes peninsula kitchens different is that they have additional counter space on the third side of the kitchen which is known as the peninsula. As the peninsula is open on three sides, it can be decorated in various ways thus proving to be a great open kitchen interior. As the space is covered from three sides it is also a modern semi open kitchen style creating a soft divide between the kitchen and the rest of your house.

Open Kitchen Design Ideas

Now that we have covered the major layouts of open kitchen layouts, here are some designs that can inspire you in creating your very own open kitchen in your house.

  1. Open kitchen house for small space

    Open kitchen house for small space

    In the present times of small apartment sizes, if you would like to have a small open kitchen design Indian style then you may be able to reap multiple benefits. Many people think that an open kitchen layout in a small house can be a problem due lack of ample space, but this is untrue. An open kitchen layout can actually change the way your house looks and feels:

    • It can make your house seem spacious.
    • It can discard the need for a separate dining room and kitchen. 
    • It can improve the flow of light and air, creating an illusion of space. 
  2. Open kitchen design ideas with hidden storage

    Open kitchen design ideas with hidden storage

    A highly popular contemporary trend in interior designing is adding a hidden, secret, or clever cabinet organisation in your open kitchen for better management of space. This ‘hidden cabinet’ can be used to store all your appliances that you do not need regularly thus, making your kitchen look less cluttered and bigger. Even countertops have secret spaces nowadays that can be used to store gadgets and other paraphernalia.

    By keeping appliances hidden, you can declutter your kitchen, thus drawing focus and attention to the decorative elements instead. If you are looking for open kitchen cabinets or open kitchen cupboard designs then do consider hidden storage.

  3. Kitchen Arch design for open kitchen

    Arch design for open kitchen idea

    Arches have been a popular interior design trend for centuries as they add a sense of royalty and grandeur to any construction. You can always add arches to your hallway, entrances, and other doors and passages, but did you know, you can also add arches to your kitchen to make it look lavish and grand? An open kitchen arch is all about creativity and panache. While it is often used in large areas, an arch can surely make your small open kitchen front design and the overall kitchen look massive and grand.

    Arches can be constructed using various materials. An easy, good-looking, and cost-efficient way to create arches is using POP or plaster of Paris. This material can be used to create arches of various shapes and design elements and also has an embedded shine. Other materials that can be used to create arches include wood, bricks, metal, etc. You may also incorporate cabinets in your arches for a more functional decorative element.

    Combining the kitchen and the living room as a single, large room can add a lot of space to your house. This single large room can become a multi-utility space that can be used for various purposes. While you may go for a uniform look, it is better to contrast and combine different elements together so that you create a kind of invisible partition between the living space and the kitchen. This can be done through decorative accessories, colours, and even kitchen tiles. Separating the living and cooking space (at least optically) can prove to be quite beneficial, as you would still have ample space to do things yet with proper division.

  4. Minimal and Simple Open kitchen design

    Minimal and Simple Open kitchen design 

    Simple and minimal home design and interior decor are two trends that define this era. Open kitchens designed in a simple and minimal manner are quite popular and can bring out the features of your kitchen along with providing you ample space for different works and tasks. A minimal and simple kitchen is especially suitable as an open kitchen India layout. You can get a cost-efficient, tidy, clean, and uncluttered modern open shelving kitchen that will enhance the way your space feels. To keep it simple and uncluttered, try to keep the design as plain and minimal as possible. This includes choosing a monochromatic theme which will tie in the overlook efficiently.

  5. Luxurious open modular kitchen design

    Luxurious open modular kitchen design

    If you have a large house and some cash to spend, then do consider choosing a luxurious, grand, open modular kitchen design. A grand and luxurious kitchen concept oozes royalty, which will make your overall house look grand and decadent.

    While there are many different ways that you can use to create a luxurious open kitchen, some materials that you should definitely consider using include marble countertops. Natural stones, such as marble look amazing with their natural patterns and stunning shades. They will surely provide a unique look to your kitchen. Pair the marble countertops with wooden flooring for a regal look. If you don’t want to invest in real wood, you can always choose ceramic tiles that mimic the look of wood. 

    Do pay attention to small details such as cabinets and accessories. Storage options such as open shelf kitchen cabinets and others will add to the luxury of your open kitchen. Another thing to consider is the open kitchen interior design. Integral elements such as light and water fixtures should ideally complement or contrast the flooring and countertop. Copper goes well with marble and wood and can make your kitchen look decadent. You may also choose other options such as black metal or even matte steel.

  6. Open Kitchen Layout and front design

    Open Kitchen Layout and front design

    While open kitchen layouts have become quite popular in India in recent times, many Indians still prefer to have some sort of partition between the kitchen and other areas of the house. This is because Indians consider food and cooking a sacred thing and want to maintain purity in the kitchen. If you would like to have some sort of partition in your house and still want an open kitchen then the open kitchen partition design layouts might be the best thing for you. Simple partition ideas such as an open kitchen with glass partition will not only help you have an open kitchen, but will also create a semi-partition that will provide you with the best of both worlds. Other ways in which you can add partitions to the open kitchen area are through curtains and sliding doors. This way, you can shut or open the door or curtains whenever you want.

    Another way to have a semi-partition is through a half open kitchen wall dividing your living/dining room and the kitchen where you can still take part in the conversations but can still have some privacy. There are many options to choose from as far as open kitchen front wall design is concerned but a simple wooden partition is the best as you can remove it whenever needed.

    To make the partition look better you can also have decorated entrances. Sliding doors with filigree are a popular open kitchen entry design trend. The trends mentioned above are a rage in the world of Indian open kitchen designs and decor.

  7. Open modular kitchen layout and Ideas

    Open modular kitchen layout and Ideas

    If you are looking for a small space with a small open kitchen design then a simple yet modular open kitchen might be the best layout for you. This will not only spruce up your house almost instantly, but will also provide you ample space for pantry items and appliances. This type of layout has a balanced structure and provides both functionality and aesthetics. It will also provide guests ample space to interact with the members of the house. One of the many great open kitchen ideas in India for sure. For best results, try to use modern technology and innovative ideas. This will help you use your space as efficiently as possible.

  8. Open Kitchen With Open Shelves Design

    Open Kitchen With Open Shelves Design

    If you want to design an open kitchen in a small space, then there are a few small kitchen ideas with open shelves that you should keep in mind. Adding open kitchen cabinets, no doors to your open kitchen will make the tiny space look bigger as compared to closed cabinets. Open cabinets and shelves can be installed on various walls thus using vertical space instead of taking up precious horizontal space. A great kitchen open shelves design is using glass and driftwood open shelves. These will provide a rustic charm to your kitchen. If you want a more industrial look you can also go with clean and crisp steel shelves.

  9. Half open kitchen design idea

    Half open kitchen design idea

    While the utility of partitions in the kitchen has already been covered in a previous section, having a half open kitchen design is a brilliant idea that can change the way your house looks. A semi open kitchen design is especially great for older houses where having a completely open kitchen may cause clashes with decor and colours. By having a semi open kitchen you can avoid these clashes and have a proper, balanced house instead.

    You can install wall tiles such as Moroccan tiles to separate the kitchen space from the other rooms. Pair it with a faux partition decorated in oriental style for a nice look that will look uniform.

  10. Open concept kitchen and dining room

    Open concept kitchen and dining room

    If you have a small flat or house, every inch matters. Wasting even a couple of centimetres is a strict no-no when you already have limited space. This is why a combination of dining space with an open kitchen should be the first on your list. An open kitchen with dining hall or space is a smart way to use all the available space without cramping or unnecessary congestion. You don’t even need to build a separate dining room just construct an open kitchen with dining space. This space can be in the form of a small table or even a kitchen island. This setup is especially great for small, working families who are generally running short of time.

  11. Open Kitchen With Statement-Making Backsplash

    Open Kitchen With Statement-Making Backsplash

    A plus point of having an open kitchen is that you have enough space to experiment with the looks, design, and decor. For instance, if you would like to maximise the natural light in your kitchen, you can choose to install a stunning and vibrant backsplash. A good backsplash is not only functional, but can also add a lot of aesthetic value to your kitchen. If you install glossy and decorative backsplash kitchen tiles, your kitchen will look fancy and elegant – plus the tiles will reflect light thus making your kitchen look bright and neat. Adding backsplash tiles is also a great way to add a pop of colour to your kitchen.

  12. Two-Tone Open Kitchen Layout and Ideas

    Two-Tone Open Kitchen Layout and Ideas

    Two-tone kitchen designs look great with open concept kitchens as they can add a sense of depth and dimension to the room. Just remember to use dark colours for floorings and other things at the bottom and lighter colours on the top such as cabinets and countertops.

Advantages/Benefits of Open Kitchens

benefit of open kitchen for your home

The increasing popularity of modern open kitchen design in recent times proves that open kitchen layout has multiple benefits. Some of the major benefits are as follows:

  • Socialising Benefits

    people socializing in open kitchen

    One of the most prominent benefits of the open kitchen design is that it enhances communication and socialising between people who cook and guests and other members in attendance. People can communicate freely among themselves and may even help out each other. The people cooking can also enjoy themselves along with the guests and even have a view of the things going around in other rooms, making cooking a more pleasurable activity.

  • Better Connectivity and Multitasking

    better connectivity and multitasking in open kitchen

    Another benefit of an open kitchen is that it improves the overall dining experience for guests and the cooking experience for the person in charge of cooking. They can move around and do multiple tasks together such as keeping an eye on cleaning and washing, all the while cooking. This also creates a connection between the house and the members where cooking does not feel like a task anymore. 

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

  • Better Handling of Space

    handling space in open kitchen

    Having an open kitchen can also increase efficiency in cooking and other kitchen-related tasks. In an open kitchen, especially in an open shelving kitchen, ingredients, equipment, and utensils are easy to access and can be found easily. It also provides ample space for preparation, making it an asset, especially for large families. It also provides ample space for other thingsm such as storage and a pantry, and allows for multiple people to cook together.

  • Better Lights

    better lights are there in open kitchen

    Open kitchen designs, especially open kitchen designs with living rooms, have ample natural as well artificial lights. Light gets enough open space to reflect and refract, thus illuminating even the nooks and crannies. Large windows can provide a lot of light, making the open kitchen an asset for every household.

A Few Last Words

Open kitchen designs are here to stay not just because they are chic and look good, but they also have a lot of added functionality. An open kitchen can improve communication, socialisation, and transparency between people and can also make the dining experience divine.

We do hope that the ideas given in this blog prove to be helpful to you. If you are looking for ways in which you can decorate your open kitchen, create partitions, or tie the overall look together, you can think of adding kitchen tiles that will make the room pop!

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