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28 Nov, 2019
Smart Ideas For a Kids Room

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you’re designing a kids room? For most people it’s about creating a vibrant and happy zone, filled with pictures and dreamy decoration ideas. However, a well planned kids room is one that incorporates safety, practicality and creativity all at the same time.  But if you’re confused about where to start, we’ve got it decoded for you.

1. Store Smart

Getting children to put their toys away can be a real challenge at the end of a long day. Improper storage makes it difficult for kids to find the toys they need and put it back in the correct place.

But intelligent storage ideas for a kids room, will make it the clutter-free space you’ve always wanted. Use whatever space you can find- underbed, overhead, cupboards, a niche in the room or even seats with storage inside. The idea is to be smart about using the spaces available in the room to make it easy for the children to put things away themselves.

2. Rooms That Grow With The Child

It is a challenge to incorporate the ever-changing tastes of a child into the design of the room. What’s popular one season may be promptly replaced by something else the next. Therefore, it’s a good idea to stay away of themed bedroom designs as they may outgrow the attraction towards it  very soon.  

The colours, furniture and the storage space all need to be chosen keeping in mind  the evolving tastes of the child. Soft pastel shades are a safe bet. Adjustable furniture is a smart idea and convertible storage solutions can all help the room grow with the child. 

3. Child-friendly Surfaces

A child in a house means that your shiny new floor tiles can be defaced in under a minute. The best way to keep the room looking great is by opting for tiles that are scratch and stain resistant.

Ceramic tiles are tougher than regular tiles and hardwood floors. Germ-free floor tiles are an innovative patent pending technology by Orient Bell Tiles. They are specially formulated anti-microbial glazed tiles that prevent the growth of bacteria, germs, fungus etc. Perfect for a kids room where dirt and food stains are common. By inhibiting the growth of germs on the floor, it reduces foul odour and also keeps illnesses at bay.

Several designer wall tiles are also available in the market today that can be ideal for kids’ rooms. The biggest advantage is that they are easier to maintain than painted walls and therefore the room looks good and new for a longer time.

There’s no dearth of aesthetically pleasing ideas for a kids room available on the internet. However, without having your basic needs addressed, the cosmetic changes will hardly mean a thing. A room design that is functional, clutter-free and clean will create a space that’s happy and safe for the child.


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