22 Jan, 2020
Celebrate the Hands That Build Our Homes and Our India

Home – the word itself is so comforting that the moment you hear this word you are reminded of the comfort of your living room. Home is where you can be who you are - unfiltered and most of us spend a lot of effort to design our homes that reflect our personality. It is this home that speaks way more than of you than you yourself. 

Home is where the family is, home is where you want to be when everything in this world goes against you. It is this home for which a lot of us save, very often we use this word-building a dream home.

Do you know while you dream of a home that lets you be who you are, it is someone else who put in all the effort, even leave their homes to make your dreams a reality.

Masons and constructions workers tirelessly work at the construction sites under several favourable and unfavourable circumstances.

As per the Government of India, the construction sector contributed 9% to the annual GDP and employed 51 million workers, making it the second-largest employing sector in India. Owing to the temporary nature of the work, these workers constitute the most vulnerable segment among the unorganized workforce in the country.

With a limited understanding about safety at work, they risk their lives making our beautiful homes come alive

On top of that, once the building is complete they have to shift with their belongings to another construction site, fated to the same vicious cycle.  

This Republic Day, Orientbell Tiles celebrates the spirit of the masons by thanking them through a heartwarming video that captures their sacrifices.


Comment below to show your support to #HandsThatBuildIndia and do share it with your family and friends to join the movement. 



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