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20 Modern & Simple Single Floor House Design

A single floor home with a garage and a driveway.

A home is a sanctuary of peace and comfort. A well-designed exterior and impressive interior decor in our house is a dream for many of us. Building such a dream house involves many things, like layout and interiors, to create a house with beautiful designs. Therefore, if you are planning to construct your home-sweet home that has a modern and stylish design, a single-floor house will be the right choice for you. Single-floor house designs can raise the exteriors of your property. That’s why many homeowners prefer to opt for one-floor houses over multiple stories. So, you can also consider a single-floor house design for your dream house.


A small single floor house in the middle of a yard.

Single-floor house designs have gained immense popularity lately among homeowners because they offer wide open space and fluid floor plans. These designs offer an array of ceiling heights and elevated rooftops. Opting for a single-floor house plan for your dream house provides sufficient building time, minimal labour charges, and raw material costs. 

You will come across various options in a home design style to explore if you choose a one-floor house design. If you are looking for a modern single-floor house design or a single-floor house design with a minimalistic style, select any design to create a magnificent dream house. To learn more about single-floor house designs, continue reading this blog.

Benefits of Single-Floor House Design

  • Accessibility and Aging in Place

Single-floor houses have more living space due to the elimination of staircases. Plus, you can stay here even in your old age and let your wheelchair (if needed) move easily throughout the house. 

  • Efficient Use of Space

If you have a single-floor house design, there will be no space (and money) wasted on constructing staircases and bathrooms on every floor. Also, you can combine your mudroom and laundry room to save space. 

  • Ease of Maintenance

Single-floor houses are easy to maintain and clean as everything is on the same floor. Plus, cleaning the house is less laborious than cleaning a multi-story house. 

Design Considerations

  • Layout and Flow

Single-floor house designs offer a wide range of layout options to suit different lifestyles and needs. Some common floor layout designs are open, split bedroom, ranch-style, and L-shaped floor plans. You need to choose the ideal one according to the flow of your space, i.e., the placements of the rooms and their setups.

A single floor plan of a house with different colored rooms.


  • Lighting

Single-floor houses have ample opportunities for natural lighting through doors and windows, especially if they are large. However, you can elevate the decor of the house by following a colour scheme that complements the interior decor. You can pick lighter colours or reflective surfaces like glossy tiles to bounce the natural light around your space for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

An empty room with grey walls and wooden floors.

  • Materials to be used

Homeowners generally prefer using environmentally safe materials for building houses, especially flooring. The most common ecologically friendly material used to make floors is linoleum. Some other options are tree resin, jute, bamboo, natural stones, and cork powder. Besides that, you can also go for wooden or marble tiles to infuse a natural appeal to your single-floor house.  

A living room with a white tile floor.


  • Storage Solutions

If you want to build a one-floor house, you need to look out for ways to maximise your storage space. Plus, you need smart storage ideas for a cleaner interior look and more space in your interior area for movement, particularly if you have young children and pets. So, go for a single-floor house design with amazing storage solutions such as built-in shelves, cabinets, wardrobes, and drawers. 

  • Energy Efficiency

You should opt for energy-efficient systems and appliances for low energy consumption in your single-floor house. So, you should verify the ‘Energy Star’ label before buying any electrical appliance. Also, consider other details like the appliances’ size, utility, and annual energy consumption. 

You can increase the market value of your home, as well as its aesthetic appeal, by designing the front elevation well. Also read 13 Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Single Floor House Design Ideas:


  • Minimalist Black and White Single House Design An awe-inspiring modern single-floor house design with a black and white facade, elevated rooftop, simple interior decor, and cosy interior lighting can create a one-of-a-kind house-building idea. It is a clear choice for smaller families who prefer a minimalistic house design. 

A wooden deck with a wooden table and chairs.

Also, because of the surrounding open area, you may take advantage of a broader, brighter, and more serene atmosphere in this minimalist single-floor house design.  On top of that, this elevated rooftop design is very effective in combating waterlogging situations during monsoons. This elevation also offers a scope to get a good view of the surroundings.

A 3d rendering of a modern single floor house with a patio.

This minimalist elevated house design emphasises a subtle balance between functionality and simplicity. With a minimalistic interior design, you can create a classic look. Just like the above image, you can have the exterior walls of the house in white and the elevated rooftop in black. This design is one of the most beautiful single-floor front elevation designs for small houses with a minimal architectural style that looks as pretty as a picture.

A 3d rendering of a modern single floor house.

Moreover, you can add a sleek and contemporary look to your single-floor house by adding uncluttered interiors and modern fixtures. You can also further design your elevated house with dramatic tinted windows, aesthetic and beautiful interior decors. So, this single-floor house design is minimal, pocket-friendly, and perfect for nuclear families. 

  • Contemporary house design with a swimming pool

A modern single floor house with a swimming pool.

How about considering a single-floor contemporary house design while building your house? Look at the above image, which shows an exquisite single-floor house design. The outdoor view of this single-floor house design features a backyard and outdoor swimming pool. Because of its open-air swimming pool and backyard, warm and cool air can flow through the entire single-floor house without any hindrance. 

A swimming pool in a modern home.

This contemporary house design adds a touch of luxury to modern living space thanks to the open-air look of the swimming pool. Besides that, this single-house design offers energy productivity and a resort vibe while living in your private house. 

A 3d rendering of a house with a pool.

This contemporary single-floor house has a primary shared living room, elegant private rooms, and deluxe bathrooms. Besides that, this single-floor house elevation design that you can see in the image is perfect for smaller houses with smart architectural finishes. It offers a refreshing experience and a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor settings. 

If you are looking for a modern and luxurious house idea with an HVAC concept, then you can opt for this single-floor contemporary house design with an open swimming pool. 

  • Modern single-floor house design 

  • A single floor house with palm trees in the background.

    If you have a massive space for building a new house, you should pick a single-floor house design. Instead of building a multi-story residence, it is rational to construct a wide and spacious single-floor house with a modern and stylish architectural design. 

    A hallmark of a modern single-floor house design is an open floor space with minimal interior wall design to get a spacious look. It is a great idea to eliminate the boundaries between rooms. Also, you can infuse the idea of larger windows and doors that allow the flow of natural light within the house and attract prosperity. 

    A 3d rendering of a houseFor your single-floor house, you can choose an artistic single-floor house front design like a glass front design to give a stylish and striking effect to your house. Besides that, you can also go for a wooden front design to add a charming touch to the exterior look of your house. Another single-floor Indian house design that you can consider is an elevated front design. It is an ideal design for areas prone to flooding.

A single floor house with a car parked in front of it.

For your one-floor house, consider neutral colours like white, grey, black, and earthy tones for a modern and sleek look. Also, you can build a garage or storage area in a separate space in your one-floor house plan.

  • Minimalist Black Single House Decor 

A modern single floor house in a grassy area.

Another exciting house design for a single floor is a super modern single-floor house design with stunning black and minimalistic interior decor. Neutral tones like black can create a contemporary look and a classy and timeless feeling. 

The above black house has gorgeous architecture and an open-air swimming pool that gives a subtle and clean look. Talking about the interior decor, you can stick to luxurious black and add drama to your interior space. For example, you can have an open and large living room with black marble tiles on the floor and large glass doors and windows with black frames. You can add interior decor elements and furniture that complement the look of the floor. 

A single floor house with a driveway and bushes.

Moreover, you can explore some great house front elevation designs for single-floor if you opt for a single-floor house design. Some popular house front elevation ideas are detailing in windows, doors, and main gates for a fine view, creating a British-influenced architecture with arches, driveways, and space for gardens. 

A 3d rendering of a modern single floor house.

So, if you have a decent-sized plot to build your dream house, go with this luxurious, black, modern single-floor house idea. You can skip the idea of the pool if you prefer a wider lawn or backyard. 

  • Modern house with a swimming pool, garden and wooden deck

A modern single floor house with a swimming pool and wooden deck.

One of the most exotic house designs for single-floor houses is a modern single-floor house design with an open deck, a blossomy garden, and a swimming pool. Who wouldn’t love to enjoy the beautiful view of the garden while relaxing in the pool? You would love it, right? 

A modern single floor house with a swimming pool and wooden deck.

This single-floor house design is great for creating an inviting and relaxing space. You can enhance the house’s look by installing large, lofty, tinted glass doors and windows to maximise the outdoor view and allow natural light to enter the space. Along with a wooden deck, it provides a feeling of an expanded living area by building an indoor-outdoor connection. Also, you can build an outdoor kitchen and bar if you love to cook and entertain your guests. 

3d rendering of a modern single floor house with a swimming pool.

Moreover, this single-floor house design features an open swimming pool with a beautiful lawn that creates a harmonious appeal. Because of this beautiful outdoor setting, you will love to stay outdoors, breathing more fresh air and enjoying the sun during winters and relaxing sessions in your swimming pool during warm summer nights. 

A 3d rendering of a single floor house with a swimming pool.

So, if you are looking for a new single-floor house design to build your dream house, consider this modern and eclectic single-floor house idea with an open wooden deck and swimming pool. However, you must have a proper house design plan before you map the area for a garden, pool, and wooden yard. 


These single-floor house designs offer open space, functionality, and an amazing indoor-outdoor connection. They provide a great layout to achieve a contemporary look and easy movement between rooms. So, whether you prefer a low-budget single-floor house design or a luxurious one-floor house design, pick your elements carefully to build a stylish and functional house for your family. 

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