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The Reasons Why Red Oxide Flooring Are Unbeatable Choice

Remember those warm, reddish floors you might have seen in your grandparents’ homes? Good news then, as it is back.  Red oxide flooring has become a growing trend in recent years as many individuals want to lead lives more sustainably and include traditional elements in their homes.

But red oxide flooring goes beyond its classic reddish hue. This blog will delve into the exciting world of oxide flooring, exploring the variety of options available, including tiles and a surprising colour alternative you might not have considered. So, whether you’re renovating a traditional space or seeking a touch of warmth for a modern build, red oxide flooring might just be your perfect pick.

The warm, reddish colour adds an old-school feel to any room. However, don’t allow its vintage vibes to fool you! Red oxide flooring can also be super modern. The natural variations in colour and texture make it interesting to look at, and it goes great with both, fancy new furniture and old family heirlooms. Plus, you can customise it! Want a shiny floor? No problem! Want it a bit brighter? Easy!

Hope you have got a basic idea of how red oxide flooring can make your space visually appealing. Let’s check what other changes you can make to your space to get a wow look.

  • Contrast Wall Colour

Red oxide complements both traditional and modern aesthetics. You can achieve a classic look by pairing the red oxide’s vibrant red flooring with neutral-coloured walls like whites, beiges, or light greys and even light-coloured tiles to make the floor the focal point. 

  • Furniture

Light or medium-toned wood furniture complements the warmth of the red oxide floor. Indoor plants add a touch of life and help balance the earthy tones of the red oxide floor. Use sleek, minimalist furniture to keep the focus on the flooring. Go for materials like wood, metal, or glass to complement the rustic appeal of red oxide.

  • Light Fixtures

Warm-toned lighting complements the colour of red oxide. Ditch the harsh overhead lights. Instead, focus on using lamps to create a softer, more layered effect. Floor lamps and table lamps are great choices because they give a warm glow to the room. Plus, you can also buy some good bulbs that give off a yellowish or orange light because they will complement the red tones on the floor, making the space feel even more comfortable.

  • Add Accent Pieces: 

How can you forget the importance of accent pieces? Introduce them in complementary colours which go with red oxide floors. Soft furnishings like jute rugs with traditional work on them, cushions, and curtains in shades of green, blue, or gold can add elegance and contrast.

  • Pair With Modern Decor:

Red oxide is an evergreen element that goes well with contemporary decor. Play with modern art, geometric patterns, and sleek decor items and create a balanced look.

  • Personal Touches: 

Keep your photos, add frames, artwork, or statement decor items that reflect your personality, making the space feel welcoming and stylish.

Spice up your red oxide floors with Tiles!

Red oxide floors are classic and never out of style, like some evergreen stuff. You can choose them, for multiple reasons; their affordability, smooth surface, sustainability and appeal. Let’s see how they can accentuate the area’s vibe when paired with tiles from Orientbell Tiles.

  • Endless Designs 

 1. Terracotta Twins 

Check out the hp-button-terracotta or OPV Capsule Ivory tiles. They go perfectly with your red oxide floor. You can use these tiles for borders and place the red oxide floor in the centre of the patio or at the centre of the living room to give a perfect contrast.

2. Global Geometrics

Bring Moroccan vibes with TL Moroccan Art Black White. These colourful, patterned tiles are great for creating eye-catching borders or a special design on the pathways when paired with red oxide floor tile.

Stone Standouts: Want a touch of luxury? With Orientbell Tiles you can have amazing red oxide flooring tile design ideas. They offer tiles that look like real stone, like craftclad-brick-white and craftclad-strips-black that perfectly go with the oxide flooring. These add a classy contrast to the warm red tones of your red oxide floor. But remember, a little goes a long way; use them sparingly for borders or small designs.

  • Durable & Tough

If you have children at home and they keep spilling stuff on the floor, try red oxide flooring! Made with a special ingredient called iron oxide, the red oxide can take everything that comes on it. To pair them in a more classy way, you can match them with terracotta tiles from Orientbell Tiles, like shown above, for your outdoor area to enhance the look.

  • Affordable

When considering other high-end floor options like marble or oak, red oxide flooring is rather inexpensive. Red oxide flooring can be made with readily available materials that don’t need to be processed expensively. Red oxide floors require very minimal upkeep once placed. You can pair it with wall tiles; spb-royal-dyna-marble-beige which gives a marble effect in a glossy finish on the wall which is not going to break the bank for you. Another reason to love red oxide flooring is that it’s good for your airways as it is non-toxic! 


So, now you know why red oxide flooring might be the perfect choice for you. Bring it to your home because you have many reasons: classy, affordable, and tough. Plus, by pairing it with Orientbell Tiles, you can create a beautiful space.

It goes with a classic look or when you want a modern twist. So ditch the boring floors and embrace the warmth and beauty of red oxide. 

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