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Tile Colour Psychology: How Your Tile Colour Affects Your Mood

Colours speak louder than words

Choosing the tile colours for your space can be a fun task. Isn't it? Simply, it is best to select a colour palette that you love. ❤️ Of course, the colour scheme needs to work for the space and match your design style, but once you figure it out, there is no looking back.

But how do you figure out which colour works for which space?

Colours greatly impact your mental health and can also affect how you think, speak, feel and even act – which makes choosing the right tile colour for your space even more important! Well, here is where the psychology of colours comes into play. Colour psychology is nothing but a tool used by interior designers to determine the colour to use in a space, based on the emotions that particular colour evokes.

The Colour Wheel

Before we understand the color wheel, let us first understand what "colour" is. Talking in scientific terms, colour is nothing but the response of our brain and eyes to the different wavelengths of light that reflects off the surface of an object.

The Colour wheel contains the primary colours – red, yellow, and blue, secondary colours that are made by combining the primary colours – purple, orange, and green, and tertiary colours made by further combining the secondary colours.

The colours can also be divided into two sets – warm colours and cool colours.

  • Warm colours consist of shades of red, orange, and yellow. These colours remind us of all things warm like the sun or fire and invoke a warm feeling.
  • Cool colours consist of shades of blue, purple, and green. These colours remind us of cool things like water and grass and evoke a cool feeling in us.

Tile Colour Psychology

  • Invoke Passion With Red Tiles

Red colour tiles can give an edge to your restaurant.

One of the boldest colours on the colour wheel, a lot of people tend to shy away from this colour since it makes a striking statement. The colour red can heighten the senses and invoke a feeling of passion, love, romance, and determination. It is a colour that can make a long-lasting first impression and can start conversations.

Red tiles can add a touch of drama to any space when used in large quantities. A large mural or a striking accent wall works well in spaces such as malls or living rooms. If you are not one for theatrics, you can opt to use red tiles to add warm accents in an otherwise cool space. Adding red tiles to spaces like kitchens, dining rooms, and food establishments, such as restaurants, bars, and cafes, works well since red is known to increase appetite.

Of course, the shade of red that you choose also makes a big difference:

  • Light red:  joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity, and love
  • Pink: Love, kindness, and friendship
  • Dark red: Action, vigor, courage, leadership, and confidence

Pink and white tiles can never go wrong.

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  • Liven Up A Boring Space With Orange Tiles

Orange has the ability to uplift the mood of a space and enliven even the blandest of spaces. Orange reminds us of good things like sunshine and joy and tropical smoothies! It is the perfect marriage between the excitement that red brings with the warm welcome of yellows.

Orange is a colour that should not be used to cover a large expanse since it will simply overwhelm the space. 

Instead, orange can be used as an accent to inject little pops of colours or in smaller areas, like the backsplash. Similar to red, orange also helps stimulate the appetite, making it an excellent choice for kitchens, dining rooms, and eating establishments. Since orange also helps induce a feeling of determination, it is also ideal for spaces where a high amount of energy is required – such as gyms or exercise rooms. Muted shades such as terracotta orange or honey peach can help invoke relaxing vibes and is an ideal choice for bedrooms.

It is a perfect match of yellow and red, with varying effects depending on the shade:

  • Bright orange: Warmth, excitement, and enthusiasm
  • Red-orange: Playful, energetic, and engaging
  • Gold: Prestige, wisdom, illumination, and wealth

Add Happiness With Yellow Tiles

Yellow is a very multi-faceted colour. It promotes feelings of happiness, energy, intellect, and joy. It is also said that yellow helps spark creativity and encourages communication. But, it is very important to choose the right shade of yellow – go too bright and it can feel very overwhelming, opt for a shade that is too dull and you will feel like the space is just devoid of energy.

Yellow tiles make for an ideal choice for spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms. Since yellow also helps create an illusion of brightness and light, it is also a great choice for windowless rooms and hallways. The different shades of yellow can be used in different ways to elevate the aesthetic of your space. When combined with grey, deep yellow tiles give the space a chic modern look. On the other hand, a buttery yellow can invoke the feeling of homeliness and warmth.

Give Your Eyes Some Rest With Green Tiles

Green is the colour of nature – the colour of leaves, grass,, and moss. It has a very relaxing effect on the eyes. 

Green symbolizes renewal, denoting growth, fertility,, and freshness. It also evokes a sense of emotional safety, calmness,, and security in space.

Green tiles can be used in almost any space that you can think of. You can use different shades of green in a single space for a monochromatic look. It can also be paired with wood tones (and wood floor tiles) to create a space that feels close to nature. Green tiles can be paired with grey furniture for a more modern look. Sea green tiles can be used to give the space an open and airy feel. Deep green tiles or teak green tiles can lend the space an understated yet elegant look.

Infuse Tranquillity With Blue Tiles

Blue is the colour of the ocean and of the sky. It represents so many feelings and emotions based on the different shades. It can evoke a sense of tranquillity and calmness, but also strength and determination. It is said that looking at the colour blue can help slow down the heart rate and reduce blood pressure.

Light blue tiles, such as baby blue or sky blue, are a great addition to any space in which you want to infuse relaxing vibes – such as bedrooms, bathrooms,and kitchens.

Sapphire blue tiles are a great way to add energy to a space and can be used in studies or conference rooms to stimulate the mind. If you wish to add a touch of drama, but in a subtle way, you can opt for navy blue tiles to the backsplash or use them for accent walls. Midnight blue tiles, especially with shades of purple, can evoke a sense of luxury in any space.

Add A Touch Of Luxury With Purple Tiles

The colour purple is often associated with royalty, giving off luxurious vibes. Since the colour is a combination of bright red and calming blue, it can either be vibrant or subtle, depending upon the shade. Darker shades of the colour often have an eccentric, exotic feel, while lighter shades have a soothing effect.

Purple tiles can add another layer of depth to a space and brighten up a darker colour scheme. Dark purple tiles, especially floor tiles, can give your space a mysterious feel,, and silver accents can be used to emphasize the colour. Pastel purple is very much vogue and can provide the space a soft yet modern look

Think Fresh With White Tiles

White evokes a feeling of purity and often denotes a clean slate – a new start. It is also very soothing and often used to signify innocence. 

The white colour helps elevate emotional stress and helps you feel efficient and in control. White tiles often invoke a sense of cleanliness and freshness, and their simplicity makes you feel calm.

White tiles can make any room or space appear larger than it actually is. But, care should be taken since if white is not balanced out with accent pieces or other colours it may come off as sterile looking. While we may think of white as a single colour, white has various shades depending upon the undertones. White with blue undertones can have a striking impact on the space, while white with yellow undertones can give the space a soft and relaxing vibe. White pairs well with possibly all colours, but the combination of black and white is a timeless classic.

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Infuse Sophistication With Grey Tiles

Grey is a powerful colour that oozes calmness, serenity, elegance,and opulence. This is a timeless colour that can be traditional and modern, depending on how you use it.

Currently, Grey tile bathrooms are a great rage amongst homeowners. Grey tiles look stunning when used in smaller doses. They can also be used as a contrasting element to balance certain brighter colours and help them stand out.

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Enjoy in Colour

Finding a colour (or a colour palette) that resonates with your personality and helps create the mood for your space is very important. You do not want to add bright red tiles to your bedroom since it may overstimulate you and make it difficult to relax. Similarly, you do not want to add relaxing colours to a gym, such as baby blue. Whichever tile colour you choose, ensure it makes you feel your best!


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