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Tile Trends To Look Out For In Nov 2022

There are many ways to refresh your space’s design and give it a new look. You can change the colour of your walls, reupholster your furniture, add unique knick-knacks, and then there is re-tiling.

Tiles are a great way to breathe new life into a space, and along with colour, they can also help add texture to a room. For example, wildly patterned wallpaper or curtains may feel too busy, but a patterned floor can easily add some spunk to the room. Visually, tiles also can mellow down striking patterns or colours.

Like fashion, tile trends change and get updated and here are the most in-vogue tile trends for Nov 2022.

1) Everything Matches

One of the biggest design trends (with respect to tiles also) is a very matchy-matchy look. In this look, all the room elements match each other. To create a seamless look, tiles are matched to existing elements, such as furniture, accessories, bed linen, and even drapes. Similar colours, textures and shapes are used to create a single-toned, cohesive-looking space.

Another way to achieve this matched look is by using the same tiles for your floors and walls to extend the same colour over a large space.

2) Tiles As An Accent

Contrary to the previous trend, tiles are also used as an accent to inject a new colour, texture or pattern. Apart from the usual accent walls and patterns on the floor, patterned tiles are being used as a border for fireplaces and windows. Whereas bright tiles are used on backsplashes, textured tiles are used on walls, and bright-designed tiles are used as step raisers to add pattern, colour, and design in unconventional places.

3) Go Bold With the Colour

Rather than just using pattern tiles or tiles that mimic the look of other materials (such as wooden tiles or marble tiles), the latest trend is to use simple and classic tiles with a simple or no pattern. These tiles are reminiscent of the ones used in the past and bring a nostalgic element to your space. Also, there is something magical about having a huge block of a single colour, unbroken by pattern or design.

While people do prefer to opt for softer colours like sage green or light peach, you can opt to go bold with your colour choices and choose a mango-yellow backsplash or an ocean blue shower area.

4) Jewel Tones With Earthy Undertones

With the pandemic and the extended stay indoors, there has been a rising demand to bring more “natural colours” into the home to remind us of nature and the outdoors. Colours such as aquamarine, emerald, brick, and amber are just some of the jewel tones naturally found in nature and can help give your space a close-to-nature feel. Using tiles in the aforementioned colours can help you feel closer to nature while comfortably relaxing in your home.

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5) Go Soft With Pastels

Pastels are the palette of not just this season but of the year 2022. Soft colours such as pastel pink, sky blue, mint, sage and rose are some of the most popular colours, and people are finding interesting ways to inject these colours into their space.

From pastel cupboards in the kitchen to pastel pillow covers in the living room – pastel is taking over homes, and how so why should tiles be left behind? Soft pastel tiles can accentuate the beauty of a space and can be used in conjunction with various patterns, other colours and textures to create a space that is uniquely yours.

6) Mural Walls For A Grand Look

With the large variety of designs and sizes available, tiles are slowly replacing wallpaper since they are much more durable and easier to clean. The many patterns available make it possible to create a striking mural wall in your space.

Something as simple as a flower pattern can be amplified and made to look grand if used over a large expanse of space. While this trend is best used in larger areas such as living rooms, foyers and even lobby areas, you can also opt to use it in smaller areas, such as bathrooms, for a mesmerising look.

7) Evergreen Marble

Marble has been in use for over hundreds of years and is still one of the most popular choices. Marble has a luxurious look and feels and can make you feel like royalty. If you love the magnificent look but do not want to burn a hole in your pocket, marble tiles are what you should be veering towards. They provide you with the look of marble at a fraction of the cost and maintenance.

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From living rooms to bedrooms to bathrooms, marble tiles can be used in all spaces. They are also available in a large spectrum of colours, so you do not need to sacrifice your desired colour scheme to use marble in your space.

8) Geometric Shapes – Larger, The Better!

Last year we saw the revival and the rise of huge, oversized hexagons. This year takes that trend further and brings in various other shapes, such as parallelograms, diamonds and triangles in all sizes (especially large).

The sharp lines and symmetrical shapes give the space a modern touch and work extremely well with simple square and rectangular tiles. These geometric shapes also help add visual depth to the space, making it feel larger than it is and giving it a 3D effect.

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9)Natural Stone In Warm Shades

Natural stones can help add a natural look as well as a unique texture to a space. But, most natural stones are expensive and can be porous, making it difficult to maintain them. Stone tiles, on the other hand, can provide you with a similar look and feel in an easy-to-maintain form. Continuing with the earthy theme that is dominating this season, stones in natural, earthy hues are highly popular. They can add a natural allure to the space and exude a warm and inviting vibe.

While trends keep changing with time, certain trends are evergreen and keep coming back in different forms – sometimes with a different colour, texture or design. While following tile trends, your own personal sense of style mustn’t get lost. A perfect design is a marriage between personal tastes and the latest trends, so make sure you adapt the trends to reflect your personal tastes.

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