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Tips for Cleaning up the Kitchen After Renovation

Renovating an old kitchen is not about making them look new…it is about making new memories.

Tips to clean kitchen after renovation

Congratulations on your newly designed and renovated home. And kudos for completing a much needed but exhausting renovation project. Now what? Well, thinking about the next step can be demanding. It takes a village to clean up after a massive renovation and reset the space back to its original and workable condition.

But doing it more smartly can maximize your efficiency, reduce mistakes, and save time and money in this whole process!

Yes! You must have guessed what we are talking about “POST RENOVATION CLEANING.” 

The most tedious reset of a remodeled home would be that of a kitchen. It is the most bustling room of any house. It is a corner that is up and running almost all day long. Because, after all, what is a home without the food that cooks in its kitchen?

There are so many things inside the kitchen. Starting from utensils, the fridge, the food cabinets, and the other electronic kitchenware. Freeing the space before renovation and putting it together takes the most amount of time and energy.

Here are some factors that one can consider post-renovation to bring the kitchen back in shape.

women scrubbing the kitchen platform

Step 1: Cleaning off the Debris

This is the first step to getting the kitchen ready for a reset. Unloading the corners of the kitchen of the rubble and tidying it up will give a better understanding of the blank canvas and the way forward in starting the reset.

Step 2: Dusting and Brooming

Once the coast is clear and the debris is taken care of, next is just dry brooming and dusting the kitchen. This step will make it easier to clean further then. It will remove the layer of dust particles from the floor and off the walls and cabinets.

Step 3: Vacuuming the Deep Ends

For those who are not huge fans of brooming and dusting, vacuuming is a great alternative to get the dust off the floor and the cabinets. Vacuuming is also great for those deep, inaccessible corners and gaps where the hands won’t reach.

Step 4: Wet Wiping and Mopping

clean kitchen platform after renovation

Once you tick mark the above steps, be ready for some wet cleaning. Clean all the exposed surfaces of the kitchen with a wet cloth. Wet wiping is the final step to a sparkling clean, and dust-free kitchen.

Start with Wiping the walls, the ceiling, fans, lighting, cabinetry, countertops, kitchen sink backsplashes, and the windows, followed by mopping and disinfecting the floors. This wet cleaning of the kitchen will make the kitchen spotless and ready for restacking the movables back in.

If your kitchen floor has one of the following materials: Anti Skid Kitchen tiles, vinyl, ceramic tile, laminate, or wood, then you need only a little cleaning.

clean kitchen floor after renovation

Step 5: Restack, Reorganize, and be Ready.

Once all the levels of cleaning have been accomplished, the kitchen is all set to come back to life. Be careful while reorganizing the kitchenware, food storage, and other electronic kitchen items. And don’t forget to open the boxes that were packed before the renovation and place them as per your usage.

Step 6: Reinstall 

All the electronic kitchen appliances like the dishwasher, refrigerator, and water purifier will need to be reinstalled to be functional.

Post-Renovation Maintenance

It is always exciting to restart living in renovated spaces as everything feels new, clean, and spotless. It takes a lot of time, energy, and money to remodel spaces, and sometimes, we may tend to lose sight of the investments we have made by abusing the spaces and using them brutally.

We must value the new space by using spaces consciously and maintaining them well. Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy, organizing countertops, keeping the basin faucets groomed and polished from time to time, and regularly cleaning/ vacuuming kitchen shelves and cabinets are some of the practices one can instill to maintain the kitchens.

One who maintains cleanliness will not only live in a purified environment but will also stay away from diseases. Thus, keeping the kitchens clean is also equivalent to having good health for the family members and brings a sense of contentment to a happy, clean home.


We hope you find these post-cleaning kitchen tips helpful. Have thoughts on this topic? We’re listening. Head over to Instagram and use #OrientbellTiles to share your cleaning secret.


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