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Transforming Your Interior with Stunning Hexagonal Flooring

In the world of interior design, hexagonal shapes have emerged as a current trend. These fantastic and eye-catching geometrical patterns have captured the creative imagination of people seeking options to create innovative and contemporary designs in their interiors. There is no better way to introduce these geometric patterns into your home than hexagonal tiles. Any hexagon tile can inject colours and a dash of originality into your space. Whether arranged in a uniform pattern or a complex design, every hexagon tiles design has the power to turn your flooring into an artistic canvas. Let’s find out how you can introduce them into your flooring, providing a touch of modern elegance to your space.

Hexagonal Tiles: A Modern Twist to Interior Flooring 

Hexagonal tiles, also conventionally known as honeycomb tiles, are six-sided geometric design tiles that are laid to form hexagonal grids. Since ancient times, hexagonal designs have been used to create bewitching designs, which were prominently featured in mosaic arts in ancient Rome. Even today, hexagonal shapes are used to create creative designs, transforming contemporary flooring designs with the perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality. With their high versatility and interesting visual appeal, you can experiment with different designs to create your unique hexagon tiles design that stand out in your contemporary or classic interior setting. They offer pleasing visual precision and create clean lines and angles. 

Making a Statement 

Hexagonal tiles are generally used to inject visual interest and impact into any interior setting, creating eye-striking feature walls, floor designs, or backsplashes. One of the greatest benefits of any hexagon tile design is its ability to create original patterns. Like, it allows you to let your creative side out and turn any flooring into a piece of art. If you want to make a bold statement with your interior flooring, you can go for big and bold hexagonal tiles like HRP Stone Hexagon Brown Multi and HRP Stone Hexagon Slate DK for your flooring along with a light-toned wall tiles to balance the entire look of the space. Also, you can consider extending the hexagonal floor tiles to the walls to create an eye-catching, seamless flow in your bathroom or kitchen. 

Keeping Things Subtle 

Hexagonal tiles do not always need to be bold and dramatic. You can still infuse a hexagon tiles design into your flooring while keeping things minimal. So, if you prefer neutral tones, consider hexagonal tile options like Hexa Dove and ODG Hexa Sandune DK. You can also find numerous other hexagonal tile options that are suitable for both interior and exterior flooring. Some of these tile options are TL Hexa Arc Stone Grey, TL Hexa Arc Crema, and TL Hexa Arc Beige. These tiles are perfect for flooring in garden patios, parking spaces, and balconies, thanks to their maximum versatility. 

Unlocking Textures and Colours of Hexagons

Transform your space with an ocean of possibilities, where each hexagon represents style and creativity. Hexagons are more than just geometric shapes, they serve as an empty canvas that can be filled with the most exquisite textures and tones. Hexagonal tiles come in a diverse array of shades, ranging from soft and serene tones like Hexa Sandune for infusing tranquillity to bold and vibrant tones like TL Hexa Arc Nero for awakening your senses and making you feel alive. Soft-tone hexagon tile designs can wrap you in an aura of calm and delicacy while hexagonal tiles in bold and vibrant tones can ignite energy and passion within your space. Also, you should combine textures with tones to create a veritable visual feast. All in all, these hexagonal tiles allow you to experiment, break boundaries, and create floor designs that display your unique expression of style and personality. 

Designing Tips with Hexagonal Tiles 

Infuse a Hexagonal Tile Design for a Bold Bathroom Design 

If you are in doubt about how you will infuse a stunning hexagon tiles design into your bathroom decor, you can go for a dark-toned hexagonal tile pattern for your bathroom flooring and extend it to any of the walls, creating a seamless look. This is a great way to create an accent wall that offers a sense of sophistication and glamour to your otherwise nerve-racking dark colour scheme in your bathroom. 

Try a Decorative Hexagonal Floor Design 

Hexagonal tiles do not just belong to the walls, elevating the visual appeal of accent walls in any space. It is time that you move them to the floor in any space, including your kitchen, balcony, and exterior spaces. You can pick medium-sized hexagon tile designs in a multicoloured pattern to elevate the visual impact of your flooring. 

Combine Marble and Wooden 

Combine hexagonal marble and wooden design to add a sense of timelessness to your space. You can go for tile designs like SHG Hexagon Dual HL with a matte finish to add visual interest to the space. Also, you can pair this tile with similar-toned marble or wooden tiles to create a visual partition between zones within the same space. 

Pair Dark Tiles with Light Grout in Kitchens

Hexagon floor tiles are a great way to inject unique shapes into rooms and provide a fun floor design, crafting a unique look. So, you can go for a ceramic hexagon tiles design like HRP Stone Hexagon Brown Multi with a matte finish to provide a safe, functional space for cooking. 

Hexagon Tiles in the Bathroom 

Besides flooring, you can install hexagon tiles on walls, creating accent walls. In this bathroom, ODG Roland Hexa HL – a hexagonal highlighter tile design is used to make the shower space stand out and have its distinctive look. However, in this case, you should avoid using a hexagonal floor tile design for your bathroom flooring. Otherwise, the bathroom will appear too messy and cluttered. 

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