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Transforming Your Living Spaces: Navigating Pune’s Tile Market with the Top Tile Store

As a rapidly growing metropolitan city in India, Pune is home to thousands of people with busy lifestyles. People here love decorating their living spaces and creating stunning paradises to live in, but find it hard to maintain their beautiful looks for years. So, if you reside in Pune and want to upgrade your living space, you should visit the tiles wholesale market in Pune. After all, tiles are exclusively made to elevate the beauty and practicality of spaces while standing the test of time. Pune’s tile market has hundreds of tile designs, ranging from traditional to modern. This blog will let you know what to expect when you visit the local tile market and how to select the right tile design among the many. 

The Tile Shopping Experience in Pune 

Visiting the tiles wholesale market in Pune in person can be very rewarding, especially when you want to explore a variety of tile designs and styles. That’s why people residing in Pune and the neighboring cities visit the city’s tile market to find sturdy tile options that can stand the test of time regarding aesthetics and longevity. While there are multiple tile stores present in Pune with many brick-and-mortar stores carrying a good collection of tiles, Orientbell Tiles Boutique stands out as a leading local tile store in the city, with a long-standing experience of manufacturing and selling aesthetically elegant and durable tiles. 

A Dream Destination for Tile Shoppers

As a trusted tile brand in India, Orientbell Tiles offers a plethora of designs and patterns of premium-quality tiles, which come in various shapes and sizes. So, whether you are looking for tiles to elevate your home exteriors, interiors, or any commercial areas, you should visit the nearest Orientbell tile store. 

An Outstanding Collection for Tile Enthusiasts

Even though many tile shops in Pune offer popular and trending tile designs, Orientbell Tiles offers many hidden gems exclusively for tile enthusiasts. No other tile store can offer mesmerizing carving marble series and stunning printed tile series like Orientbell Tiles. So, while exploring the local tile market in Pune, make sure to visit this tile store, great and worth considering. 

Where Aesthetics Meet Affordability

As tiles are a long-term investment for your space, it is wise to purchase premium tiles from reputed tile brands like Orientbell Tiles. Do not think that they only offer expensive tile options. Here, you can find tiles at reasonable rates and tile prices start from Rs. 34 for a 300×300 mm tile. From wooden to marble to 3D, you can explore a wide range of designs for wall and floor tiles. Thanks to their versatility, you can experiment with different tile designs and give a stunning look to your space at an affordable cost. 

Orientbell’s Tile Shops in Pune 

While searching for stunning tile designs in Pune, you can find tile stores offering varying tile options at a wide price range. If you wish to reach out to a trusted tile shop in Pune, like Orientbell Tiles, that offers tiles with versatility and cost-effectiveness, you should reach out to any of the following tile shops. 




Tips for Tile Shopping

With countless tile choices in the tiles wholesale market in Pune, selecting tiles can be a puzzling task. Despite that, if you consider a little advice, you can make a great purchase. 

  • Fix a Budget: You need to sit down and fix your budget, before reaching out to any local tile showroom, i.e., determine the amount you can spend on your next project. The budget should include the tile costs and the installation charges. With a set budget, it becomes easier to navigate through tile options and find the right one to purchase. 


  • Visit Multiple Stores: While branded tile shops like Orientbell Tiles are a go-to tile store for everyone, consider visiting multiple shops to get a clearer idea of tile variants, their versatility, and their affordability. 


  • Analyse Your Space: It is crucial to analyze the space where you plan to install tiles. This is because you cannot use every tile kind in every space. For example, you should not lay supper glossy tiles on floors as they can get highly slippery and cause accidents. 

Exploring Tile Variants to Transform Your Living Space 

Well-known tile brands offer an impressive array of tile designs that can transform any space’s looks instantly. But the problem is that there are too many good tile variants, making it hard for you to choose one. In such cases, it is better to consult a tile expert or interior designer, who can assist in selecting the tiles. Some preferred and trendy tile choices are: 

  • Wooden
  • Moroccan
  • 3D
  • Elevation
  • Marble
  • Geometric

Making the Most of Your Tile Store Visit 

While visiting any tile store, remember a few things to make your tile store-visiting experience even more fruitful and memorable. 

  • Multiple Stores: Visiting multiple tile shops will offer a better understanding of the current tile trends and also, their materials and prices. 


  • Talk to Experts: Talking to tile experts can be quite helpful, especially if you are buying tiles for the first time. You can ask questions about their materials, prices, and maintenance tips. 


  • Research: Before you visit any tile store, check its reviews online and offline. If possible, talk to their previous customers or any acquaintance of yours who has recently bought tiles for their space renovation.


The tile market in big cities like Pune is huge and offers a plethora of options, ranging from poor-quality to high-quality tiles. However, you need a tile shop in Pune that offers good quality tiles at a reasonable price range, and in that case, who else can be better than Orientbell Tiles Boutique? Just visit any nearby Orientbell’s tile store and embark on a journey of transforming your space into a living paradise.

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