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Unlocking the Potential: How to Transform Small Bathing Spaces with Tiles

Small spaces, like bathrooms, cannot be imagined without tiles these days. Tiles have been used in bathrooms for several decades now. They are one of the major elements that lend a sense of style and class to the space. From big slabs to herringbone patterns, there are numerous tile designs that you can add to your small bathroom to turn it into a stylish oasis. So, if you want to upgrade your small bathroom design, here are some small bathroom design ideas with tiles that you may consider. 

Best Small Bathroom Tiles Design Ideas 

Soft Tone Tiles with Accents 

Infuse soft-toned tiles with simple patterns into your bathroom walls to create simple yet decorative accents with soothing shades. For example, you can combine light and dark tile tones, like HWG Khadi Gris LT and HWG Khadi Gris DK to create a simple and elegant backsplash while infusing a complementing tile pattern like HWH Adolf Grey HL in the shower space to separate it from the rest of the bathroom visually. 

Contrasting Glossy and Matte Tiles

Combining glossy and matte-finished tiles can make your small bathroom appear larger. You can go for beige or similar-toned wall tiles with glossy finishes, like Nu Canto Gold and PGVT Endless Modern Softmarbo Beige, to help your bathroom walls reflect light. Pair them up with white matte floor tiles like SDF Crara Bianco FL and Carving Endless Streak Vein Marble, which can provide good contrast in the space. 

Using Tiles with Neutral Patterns 

Tiles in neutral tones and simple patterns are best for any small bathroom design. For example, you can combine tiles of two different shades of blue, like ODG Miller Blue LT and ODG Miller Blue DK for a simple look for your small bathroom. Further, you can add a simple yet complementing pattern tile design like ODH Miller Wave HL to create a focal point. 

Big Slab Tiles 

Big slab tiles or large-format tiles can be a great addition to small bathrooms. Thanks to their large sizes, there will be fewer grout lines, which will make the space appear uncluttered and seamless. Also, for small bathrooms, prefer picking light-toned big slab tiles, like PGVT Sardonyx Grey Marble and Linea Statuario Gold Vein, to maximise the overall space and light. 

Tiles with a Marble Effect 

Combine tiles with marble effect on your bathroom flooring to make your small bathroom space come alive and look attractive. You can pick an elegant white and black pattern tile with a marble effect, like BDM Anti-Skid EC Diamond Carrara for a beautiful floor design. Or, if you prefer adding some colours to your flooring, you can pick Emboss Gloss Crackle Marble Grey or Carving Endless Desert Marble

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Small Bathroom Tiles Design: Colour Ideas 

White Tiles 

White bathroom designs can never disappoint you. It is a soothing colour that goes well with every bathroom layout. You can pick white stone tile designs like EHM Stacked Stone White, white brick pattern tiles like Craftclad Brick White, or white marble designs with soft veining like SFM Calacatta Marble White and Carving Endless Streak Vein Marble. All these white tile designs work well with any simple and small bathroom and toilet design. 

Grey Tiles 

Grey is another elegant colour that works in small bathrooms. You can pick simple tile designs in grey tones to add subtle charm and style to your bathroom. Consider simple options like Smooth Anti Skid Cloudy Ash and Sugar Coquina Sand Grey DK for your compact bathroom without any doubts. 

Brown Tiles 

Adding an earthy tone to small bathrooms can provide a special touch to the space. You can infuse a simple pattern tile design in a brown shade, like ODH Lewis Brown HL, and pair it with ODG Lewis Brown LT and ODG Lewis Brown DK to create a decorative wall look in your bathroom. 

Blue Tiles 

Blue hues can add a sense of calmness and relaxation to your small bathing space. You can pair a simple blue-pattern tile design like ODH Lewis Blue HL with ODG Lewis Blue DK and ODG Lewis Blue LT to bring a fun vibe to your bathroom. 

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Contemporary Small Bathroom Designs with Tiles 

Subway Tiles 

Subway tiles are always a safe choice for small bathrooms. They are quite versatile and can create the illusion of a bigger space in your small bathroom. You can simply use small rectangular tiles in light tones and lay them one over another to create this classic design on your bathroom walls 

Geometric Tiles

If you want to add a captivating design to your small bathroom, consider infusing geometric tiles. Multi-coloured geometric patterns in small bathroom tiles design options like BHF Grunge Mosaic HL FT and BHF Sandy Triangle Grey HL FT can elevate your bathroom look. 

Tiles with Horizontal Stripes 

You can pick tiles with horizontal stripe designs to create a sense of more space in your compact bathroom. Consider picking options like OHG Emperador Marble Strips HL and OHG Wood Marble Cutting HL to create the same refined bathroom look. 

Tiles All Over 

You can pick a tile design that runs all over the walls. Pick tile designs like Carving Endless Silver Root Marble and DR PGVT Royal Oyster Marble to cover all the walls, making your small bathroom appear larger by adding a spacious effect to the space. 

Staggered Vertical Layout 

Consider laying small rectangular tiles in a staggered vertical layout in your low-ceilinged bathroom. This layout will help create an illusion of a taller ceiling, making the space appear larger. 

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Vintage Small Bathroom Designs with Tiles 

Herringbone Pattern Tiles

The herringbone pattern is a classic design that can provide visual texture to your bathing space. You can check out different tile options with herringbone designs, like DR DGVT Double Herringbone Wood and OPV Herringbone Stone Beige to create a timeless floor design. 

Mixing Tile Patterns

One of the best small bathroom design ideas is to incorporate different patterns within the same space. You can pick a vintage tile pattern like ODH Leathra HL for your backsplash while laying complementing textured tiles like ODG Leathra Nero and ODG Leathra Bianco in alternative horizontal stripes, creating a truly unique look. 

Tiles in Complementing Tones

One of the small bathroom design ideas is to combine matching tones. You can pair complementing bathroom tiles, featuring patterns or simple designs, to create an elevated look in the bathroom. For example, you can pick a colourful Moroccan tile design like ODH Look Flora HL, which you can pair with white tiles like ODG Look Bianco. The white tiles will enhance the beauty of the Moroccan designs. 

Small Bathroom Designs with Pattern Tiles 

Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles 

Hexagonal mosaic designs can add a style factor to almost every small bathroom design. Moreover, if you pick a hexagonal tile design like SHG Hexagon Dual HL that possesses both wooden and marble effects, you can bring an organic feel to your bathroom. 

Pebble Tiles

Pebble tiles have a unique design that can inject a natural feel into any bathroom setting. You can go for options such as ODH Statuario Pebble Hl and ODH Deka Pebble HL with rough textures, bringing earthy vibes to your bathroom. 

White Stone Mosaic Tiles 

This is one of the best ideas to create a stunning small bathroom design. You can opt for white stone mosaic tile options like ODG Carara Mosaic, HHG Statuario Crackle Mosaic HL and HWH Staturio Mosaic HL to add the elegance of stones along with the visual interest of mosaic designs for a soothing effect in the bathroom. 

Square Shaped Tiles 

Adding square shapes to your bathroom is a classic way to infuse visual interest. You can find square tiles in different designs, like GFT BDF Cement Strips Multi FT, OHG Brushed Mosaic BlueGrey HL and OHG Mosaic Onyx Aquagreen HL

Checkerboard Tile Design 


One of the most classic small bathroom design ideas is to create a checkerboard pattern, which always stays in fashion. Pick dark and light tiles like HWG Penta Grey DK and HWG Penta Grey LT to create a checkerboard design on the bottom half of your bathroom walls. Also, infuse a highlighter tile design, like HWH Penta Grey HL on the upper half for an overall captivating design. 

Black and White Geometric Tiles

Combining black and white tile patterns does not always have to be a checkerboard design. You can find different types of black and white tile designs like Craftclad Linear Stone Black & White, which you can pair with SBG Emperador Black Marble and SBG Emperador Silver Marble for an interesting design. 

Small Bathroom Designs for Elderly People 

Anti-Skid Tiles 

If you have elderly people at home, you must choose tile options that can provide safety and cater to their needs. Anti-skid tiles are the best options that you can pick for your bathroom flooring. You can opt for tile options such as HFM Anti-Skid EC Sea Water to offer a better grip to senior citizens. 

Tiles with Matte Finishes 

Creating a modernised look in your small bathroom is easy if you pick matte-finished tiles. Tile options like Nu River Golden and Streak Sahara Grey can look smart and also provide the risk of slipping, which is a plus point for bathrooms for elderly people. 

Germ-Free Tiles

With small kids and elderly people at home, considering hygiene and cleanliness in your bathroom, you should go for germ-free tiles. These tiles come with anti-bacterial layers that can fight against germs. You can choose options like GFT BDF Chips Multi FT and GFT BDF Moroccan Art Grey FT. Or, you can check out other options.

Tiles with Simple Designs

Elderly people do not usually prefer bold and vibrant tones in their spaces for relaxation, like bathrooms. So, you can pick soft and subtle tones to keep things minimal and simple to make them feel content. 

Tiles with Muted Colour Tones 

As elderly people at your home might have issues with their eyesight and vision, they might have trouble adopting complex patterns and bold designs. So, you should prefer opting for muted tones to design a simple yet elegant bathroom look. You can combine muted-toned cement tiles such as Crust Sahara Golden and Crust Sahara Dove Grey. Or, consider DGVT Sandy Smoke Silver and DGVT Coquina Sand Ivory to design a bathroom look that helps them see things. 


When it comes to unlocking the true potential of small bathrooms, bathroom tiles are a wise choice. From small toilets to small shower areas, the right tile choice can make the space look more stylish and expansive. So, if you have liked any of these small bathroom design ideas, it is time to infuse them into your bathroom. Visit the nearest Orientbell Tiles Boutique to explore amazing tile designs to turn your small bathroom into a stylish and functional space. 

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