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Vastu Design Tips for Wall Clock: Direction, Position, and Colour

Wall clocks have been a requisite part of Indian homes and offices for decades. They are utilised to tell time and enhance the wall looks. They silently remain in our spaces while occupying a prime spot in our hearts and homes. Even though designer wall clocks offer grandeur to interiors, they should be installed following the Vastu Shastra rules. The right placement of a wall clock as per Vastu can bring positive energy while keeping the harmony of the space intact. This blog will help you understand the significance of the correct direction, placement, and colour of wall clocks according to Vastu Shastra. 

Importance of Wall Clock 

According to Hindu traditions, time holds a significant importance in our lives. Likewise, in many cultures, a clock represents memories and has always been a notable part of everyone’s life. Even though the use of wall clocks has declined in recent years, they are still an intrinsic decor piece in Indian homes. That’s why people emphasise the correct placement of wall clocks according to Vastu, promoting balance and stability. Vastu Shastra suggests some guidelines for correctly placing wall clocks in our interiors. According to Vastu, each element should be following the four directions. So, it is important to place the wall clock in the direction, Vastu recommends. 

Wall Clock Direction As Per Vastu 

While renovating your old home decor or moving into a new house, you must focus on multiple elements, from selecting the right home tiles design to finding the correct spot for your wall clocks. Thankfully, Vastu Shastra offers some directions for wall clocks to avoid the inflow of negativity in your interiors. If you follow the directions recommended by Vastu, you can attract positive energies and happiness. Also, remember to avoid mounting calendars and clocks on the exterior walls of your house. 


As per Vastu, the best direction to mount a wall clock is the north direction. Kubera, the lord of wealth and prosperity, rules the northern direction. This will help lower the financial difficulties in your family. 


If it is not possible to place the wall clock in the north direction, the next best option is the east direction. Indra, the king of lords and heaven, rules the east direction, and placing the wall clock in the east direction will promote prosperity. 


Another direction that Vastu suggests is the west direction for the wall clock. Varun, the lord of rain, rules the west direction and can promote stability in your life. 

Place the Wall Clock Towards the Orient 

According to the philosophy of the eastern world or orient, the east direction is auspicious. You can mount your wall clock as per Vastu on the eastern side if there is no space in the north direction. As the sun rules the east direction, it promotes good activities performed by you. Thus, placing the wall clock towards the orient can upgrade your work quality and improve relationships in the family. 

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Wall Clock Position in Living Rooms 

Living rooms are generally the spaces where everyone spends time with their families. According to the wall clock Vastu rules, you must place all decor elements, like mirrors and wall clocks, in the right direction to boost the flow of positive energy in the space. So, if you are struggling to find the right spot to place your wall clock in your living room, consider the north wall, which is quite auspicious as it is ruled by Lord Kubera. If the north wall is not available, you can also consider the east, northeast, and west directions. Placing the wall clock according to Vastu helps promote positivity, peace, and prosperity in your house. 

Avoid These Wall Clock Directions


According to Vastu rules, you should avoid mounting wall clocks in the south direction. Placing wall clocks on the south walls can have a negative impact on your family and wealth. Yama, the lord of death, rules the south direction, so it is not considered auspicious. Also, it can lead to health issues for your family members or bring problems to work. 


As per Vastu, you should avoid placing your wall clock in the southwest direction. It is considered inauspicious and can bring negative results to you. 


You should avoid the southeast direction. It also brings unfavourable results and negative impacts.

Avoid Placing a Wall Clock in the South Direction 

The south direction is not an ideal wall clock direction as per Vastu. If you place a wall clock on the south wall, it will not be beneficial for your family. This is because Lord Yama rules the south direction, which leads to misfortune and a slump in life. Also, it can lead to multiple obstacles in businesses. 

Avoid These Places for Wall Clocks 


According to wall clock Vastu, you should avoid placing wall clocks above your main door. Also, it should not face any door in the house. Besides, avoid hanging clocks above your house entrance, entryway, or above the level of your door frame. 

Electrical Items

Make sure to not mount wall clocks in areas around electrical outlets or wires to avoid attracting negative energies. Also, it does not look visually appealing

Wall Clock Position in Bedrooms 

When it comes to placing a bedroom wall clock as per Vastu, remember a few rules. The clock placement in the east direction is considered good and can bring positive effects. As an alternative, you can also consider the north direction. If you install the clock on the north wall of your bedroom, it will promote wealth and success. Besides, if you sleep with your head directed towards the south, you must place the clock in the north or east direction. Do not mount a wall clock with reflective glass in front of your bed or bedroom door. 

Vastu Tips for Wall Clocks at Home

Select the Best Direction

As mentioned earlier, the best wall clock direction as per Vastu is the north direction. Also, remember to avoid southeast and southwest directions for clock placements. 

Choose the Right Location

To place a wall clock for home vastu, you should always find a location inside your house. Do not place it on any outdoor wall. 

Ensure The Clock Works Properly

The wall clock that you install in your house denotes your life. So, you should always make sure that all your wall clocks are working in good condition, displaying the correct time. However, if you have a wall clock with broken or cracked glass, you should remove it immediately. You can either discard or repair it to prevent negative impacts. The glass surface of your clocks must stay spotless. Also, remember to keep a few extra batteries at home to use whenever any clock stops working.

Displays Time a Few Minutes Ahead

According to Vastu, you should ensure that your wall clock does not display a behind time. This may slow down the growth of your family members. So, if it feels necessary, you can adjust your clock time a few minutes ahead of the actual time. 

Pick a Clock Design to Boost Positivity

To infuse a wall clock as per Vastu, you have to pay attention to the clock design. For example, if you have a clock that makes a melodious sound, it can boost the positive flow of energy. You may come across numerous wall clock designs inspired by superhero movies but do not pick them up without checking the guidelines of Vastu. Also, do not bring in wall clock designs that reflect memories of sad incidents or bad times, like wars and grief. 

Choose an Auspicious Colour

You have to choose the colour of your wall clocks according to the direction where you want to place them. For instance, if you want to place them in the north, east, or northeast direction, you should pick wall clocks in yellow or off-white tones. 

Select the Right Wall Clock Shape

Wall clocks in regular shapes are prescribed by Vastu. A circular wall clock is ideal for every space as per Vastu. It can promote the flow of positive energies in space. Also, avoid wall clocks with pendulums in your bedrooms. But you can add them in other rooms but choose the east direction. Do not pick wall clocks of irregular shapes. 

Vastu Tips for Wall Clocks in Office 

As per Vastu guidelines, the correct direction of wall clocks in offices should be the north or east direction. The north direction can promote career and wealth, which will bring more business opportunities. Likewise, the east direction promotes education and work, which will boost your quality of work. 

Wall Clock Placement for Prosperity 

To incorporate a wall clock as per Vastu, you should prefer the north and east directions. This will help increase prosperity in your household. Lord Kubera, the god of wealth, rules the northern side. So, the north walls are the best for wall clocks. Also, you can consider the east and west directions, which are ruled by Indra, the king of gods and heaven, and Varun, the god of rains respectively. The easy direction can invite prosperity and wellness while the west direction can promote stability

Wall Clock Colours As Per Vastu

According to Vastu guidelines, you should pick wall clocks in lighter tones, like white, cream, or sky blue. Also, you can go for wall clocks with dark green or brown wooden finishes. Metallic and grey tones also work for wall clocks. However, you should avoid dull and dark tones. Remember to select the colours of your wall clock depending on the place where you want to install it. 

Wall Clock Size As Per Vastu

The ideal sizes of wall clocks are between 6 to 18 inches. According to Vastu, you should pick a wall clock with a standard shape and size. Round clocks are usually preferable for walls as per Vastu. 

Lucky Wall Clock Designs 

Nowadays, wall clocks come in countless designs with unique shapes and captivating designs. However, while getting a wall clock for your home, go for an auspicious design. Some popular auspicious wall clock designs are:

  • Koi Fish Wall Clock Design
  • Evil Eye Wall Clock Design 
  • Decorative Elephant Wall Clock Design 
  • Feng Shui Tortoise Wall Clock Design 


Even though wall clocks are quickly being replaced by smartphones and other smart gadgets, they are still the second best accessory to convert a bare, dull wall into a visual treat, after decorative wall tiles. So, if you want to add a wall clock to your interiors, follow this guide. But if you want to change the entire look of any wall, lay stunning wall tiles from Orientbell Tiles and mount a decorative wall clock as per Vastu to bring good fortune and positivity. 

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