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Vastu Tips for a West-Facing House and Its Rooms

Do you agree that walking into some corner of your house gives you instant calm and energy? Is it that corner where you love to spend time when you are low, just with your coffee or maybe a cup of tea?

The Vastu Shastra then has an important role to play in that scenario.  You may reap the benefits of every area in your house and create a relaxing space for you and your loved ones if you design it with this thought process in mind. In this blog, we’ll jump straight into some of the ideas you can incorporate for your west facing house vastu while designing it. We bring you ideas from choosing the right direction for your main door to floor tiles design for a house, west facing house vastu plan, and more so that your house, including all the rooms, will have a constant flow of energy.

Pooja Room is Where the Heart Is!

There is no denying the fact that the shrine area of your house is where all the energy kicks in and spreads around. If you are looking for a west facing house vastu plan with pooja room to create a spiritual and right setting, then you need to first find the perfect spot for it, which is considered the northeast corner (Ishanya) of your house. Another key factor is to design the area using colours like white, soft yellow, pink, and a hint of maroon, as well as pooja room tiles. Tiling with some traditional-looking pieces can transform the area. For instance, ohg-rhomboid-lord-ganesha-hl comes in a glossy finish and ceramic material and has a Ganesha idol on it. Similarly, ohg-statuario-swastik-om-hl, ohg-songket-swastik-om-hl, ohg-songket-kalash-swastik-hl are all best choices for a modern pooja room. Doing this, you can feel the good vibes flowing in. If natural light comes into the room, it is best, but if not, you may consider using lamps, LED string lights, and other illumination ideas. 

Vastu For Peaceful Bedrooms!

You must rethink your design for the bedroom of a west-facing house, to maintain calm and relaxation. The southwest corner of a west-facing home according to Vastu is the ideal place for the master bedroom since it signifies strength and peace. 

When sleeping on your bed, make sure you sleep with your head facing south. Even if you do not believe in Vastu, science says that sleeping that way helps align your body with the Earth’s magnetic field, ensuring better sleep quality. A good floor tile colour here can accentuate the feel of your bedroom. Go with colours like the one in HHG Mosaic Flora Grid Pink HL, HHG Travertine Marble Strips HL or other similar options at Orientbell Tiles. Whereas nu-river-whitee, nu-canto-creama and likewise tiles offer neutral shades which are apt for flooring.

Now coming to colours, mauve, ivory and pink hues work best because they have a calming influence on the body and mind, which promotes mental and physical well-being. 

Kitchen & Dining Area Vastu For Physical Well-Being!

Well, this part of your house gives you all the happiness you are looking for. Any guesses? It’s, of course, the kitchen and dining area. For a west facing house, the southeast is the best direction for the kitchen because Agni, the fire part, rules this direction. Most importantly, maintain a clean and organised kitchen; do not leave it unorganised or dirty, otherwise, it can impact the energy flow.

For floor tile design, ceramic or porcelain tiles are great choices in the kitchen area as they are easy to clean and maintain. You can go with dark to light-coloured flooring options along with some popping patterned tiles on the wall like ODM Moroccan 3×3 EC Grey Multi, linea-decor-travertine-moroccan or HWH Kitchen Sandune HL etc.

When it comes to dining, the west facing house vastu says that the northwest corner or the west side are considered prime spots. It is believed that these corners help with good digestion. Also, when selecting the dining table, go for a square or rectangular table and avoid round or odd shapes. Use bright and cheerful colours in the kitchen, whether they are bold as red, funky as orange, or yellow. These colours represent fire and energy, making the space vibrant and welcoming. 

Allow Flow of Energy In the Living Area!

The living area is the focal point of your house, where all the happy moments take place. You relax, spend time, gather with loved ones, and share time. According to Vastu, the best locations for the living space are the northeast, north, or east sides of the property, since these directions bring prosperity and positive energy into the house. Rearranging furniture in front of doorways or blocking walkways can disturb the flow of energy, so keep things uncluttered and maintain a stable energy level. This area should reflect your personality. So, choose anything from soothing to bold hues for the walls. Natural light helps uplift the mood and energy of the space, so kindly keep curtains or blinds open for some time during the day.

Tiles are a popular choice for living areas, and Vastu offers some guidance for choosing the right ones. Opt for light-coloured tiles eg. DR Carving Statuario Altissimo Marble, streak-sahara-off-white, that reflect light and create a spacious feel. You can also go for glossy, patterned ones such as HHG Travertine Marble Strips HL, HHG 3×3 Moroccan Rios HL, HBG Midtown Beige LT and so on. If possible avoid dark-coloured tiles, as they can absorb energy and make the room feel heavy.

Placement of Bathrooms Are Important!

Well, if you are wondering there is a vastu for bathrooms too, then yes, they are also an important part of the house that needs peace and energy flow. According to Vastu, if your home faces west, the bathroom should be in the northwest or west, with the toilet seat facing either north or south. A well-ventilated bathroom is essential, with windows oriented ideally to the north, east, or west. The bathroom door should open towards the north or east. Light-coloured bathroom tiles, ODM Cardstock EC Crema DK FL, and Streak Sahara Grainy Choco are always a good choice for a serene, tidy space on the floor. And for the walls, you can play with dark tiles as well like ODM Amelia Grey Dark, ODH Trapezoid Blue HL etc. You can never go wrong with these pairs in the bathroom for a calm and clean atmosphere. 

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Follow these Vastu tips for your home and rediscover each of the spaces, including the living area, kitchen, pooja room, etc. You can see a big difference at the end. Do not miss adding the tiles from Orientbell Tiles as we have already discussed in the blog and suitable colours to create a positive, fun, and healthy house. 

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