Floors are one of the most significant design elements of your residential and commercial space décor. Apart from the aesthetic requirements, functionality, durability, and budget are significant deciding factors while selecting a floor tile. With so many floor tile options available, selecting the right tile becomes quite a task.

Brand of the year-2021 award winner, Orientbell tiles, is here to make the flooring choice easier for you.

Orientbell has launched its latest range of floor tiles, named Versalia collection, in astonishing colour options. As the name suggests, it is a truly versatile flooring option for your residential as well as commercial spaces. Being a double charge tile in 800mm*800mm, it provides a practical, functional, and aesthetic solution to all your flooring needs and desires. These tiles have been manufactured with the modern and most trusted Nanotechnology using high-quality raw material. Exceptionally durable, robust, low-maintenance, long-lasting, fantastic colour performance, water-resistant, and anti-stain are just some of the features that describe these wonderful tiles.

With such benefits at disposal, Versalia collection of double charge vitrified floor tiles are not only an apt flooring option for residential spaces but also equally remarkable for commercial places, shopping complexes, banks, airports, educational institutions, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and malls etc.

What are double charge vitrified tiles?

Double charge vitrified tiles are the ones manufactured by infusing two layers of vitrified tiles together, which makes the top design layer thicker than most regular tiles. The process of vitrification also makes the surface of the tile very stronger and shinier. The design in these tiles is a part of the body and not just a print on the surface of the tile, thereby ensuring the longevity of colour and design irrespective of the place where you install them.

The features and advantages offered by double charge vitrified tiles give them an edge over their counterparts make them the most preferred modern floor tiles. The vitrified base body of these tiles provides great support to the topmost design layer which in turn can bear high wear and tear and continue to provide better aesthetics than the standard tiles.

VersaIia floor tile collection is a perfect choice for keeping the floors modern and classy. These large format tiles, available in the size 800 x 800mm, are very easy to install, ensure zero water absorption, are chemical and scratch-resistant too. Even with very low maintenance and easy cleaning, these tiles retain their shine and appearance for years, making them the best-fit and preferred floor option for busy areas. These tiles are very robust and can easily bear heavy foot traffic and rough usage also. With so much to offer, these tiles are very reasonably priced.

The exquisite glossy finish Versalia collection of tiles from the house of Orientbell also offers a premium look for the floors of your contemporary homes and office spaces.

A beautiful colour palette, from light to dark colour available to suit your décor. The tiles have been launched in five amazing colour and design options such as Versalia White, Versalia Beige, Versalia Sanddune, Versalia Rosa, and Versalia Ash. You can also mix and match the different tile colours to create an elegant and unique look for your spaces.

The natural shades of these tiles can go well with almost any kind of décor theme. You can beautifully incorporate them into your living rooms, studios, showrooms, lobby areas, conference rooms, etc.

The finely processed tiles, with an urbane colour scheme, will surely bring a touch of luxury and sophistication to your spaces. Incorporate these versatile tiles and see them grace your space for years to come.