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21 Wardrobe With Study Table Design Ideas

Wardrobe With Study Table Design Ideas

A closer look at various study tables attached with wardrobe designs. 

Every home needs a study room or a special workspace nowadays because the amount of work and study has increased a lot. This is why having a special workplace in a house can be of a lot of use. It is recommended to have a special space in the house where anyone can work or study without any kind of disturbances or noise from the outside. This is why having a special study room is something that every homeowner must consider adding to their houses. But the issue with going for a special study room is that most homes do not have enough space to fit one, which is where the combination of a study table with wardrobe design and other similar ideas can be used to fit a comfortable study table in any of the existing rooms. Similarly, this model can also be used to save space and use it as efficiently as possible making it a good choice for all homeowners.  

Wardrobe With Study Table Designs 

While looking for a modern wardrobe with study table design ideas in the market, the sky’s the limit for the homeowner as it is possible to find a large variety of designs and construction patterns that combine the functionality of both these items quite effectively. As a homeowner, you are free to visit various shops as well as professionals who can create a stunning wardrobe with a study table for you. And if you are looking for ideas and design styles to inspire you, here are some excellent examples:

1. Multifunctional and Stunning Corner Wardrobe With Study Table 

A wardrobe with a study table and bookshelves.

When your home space is a bit tight, the challenge is to make every nook count. It’s like solving a puzzle – finding the best use for those corners that often go unnoticed, transforming them into valuable parts of your space. That’s where a straightforward corner wardrobe combined with a study table design can step in, adding a touch of peace and calm to your room for work or study. It’s about turning overlooked spaces into functional and serene corners of your home.

2. Space-Saving Kids Wardrobe With Study Table 

A pink and white bedroom with a study table and bookshelf.

If you have kids you already know that they require a specific or special space(s) where they can sit and study properly so that they don’t get disturbed by outside elements. There are many study table attached with wardrobe designs that are kid-friendly meaning your kids will find them not only useful but also attractive so that they will want to study all the time. 

3. Compact Study Table With Wardrobe 

A small room with a study room, wardrobe and bookshelf.

The space under the indoor staircase is often underutilised, in fact, in most houses it lies vacant or is often not used to its fullest potential (unless you are Harry Potter). If you have a large enough space under your stairs, you can use it to make a nice nook with a combination wardrobe and study table. It is a nice way to use the space to its complete extent while also making it beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. 

4. Stunning Study Desk Ideas Carved Right Out of the Wardrobe 

A 3d rendering of a bedroom with a white dresser, wardrobe, study table and mirror.

The wardrobe can be extended further to carve out a desk right from it. This allows for a very seamless and uniform look along with a comfortable and judicious use of space. You can use this method in any room where you have a wardrobe. This is especially suitable to be used in bedrooms, especially in your kids’ rooms. 

5. Folding Study Table with wardrobe 

A small bedroom with white cabinets and a study desk.

For those who are in dire need of extra space in their house, the folding study table option combined with a wardrobe is a must-have. This way, you can unfold the table whenever you need it and then collapse it and store it away to free up the space which then can be used for various other purposes. Do try to get a table that folds and unfolds smoothly and is strong enough to handle some weight for additional durability.

6. Wardrobe Having a Library Nook along with a Study Table 

A small room with a desk and bookshelves.

Perfect for both adults and kids, a combination of a wardrobe with a study table with a small library is a must-have for everyone who requires a lot of books or documents for their study or work. This additional library corner or shelves allows for easy storage and access to various items and not just books. 

7. Wall-Mounted Wonder

A room with a desk, wardrobe, chair and shelves.

Proper utilisation of both horizontal as well as vertical space in a small study can help you save a lot of space. It can also make for a cool and modern interior design plan. A hanging study table along with a stunning wardrobe is a must-have for people who love a simple yet bold design plan. 

8. Wardrobe with Sliding Glass Doors

A modern bedroom with a wardrobe, desk and bookshelves.

Stylish glass-doored wardrobes along with a study table can be used to display various collectables and souvenirs in your study. It can also be used as a bookshelf to keep your titles dust-free and safe for a long time. 

Other Design Ideas

Here are a few more design ideas that combine study tables and wardrobes to inspire you.

1. Wooden bedroom wardrobe with study table designs

A room with a wardrobe, desk and a bookcase.

An elegant wardrobe design inspired by classic bedrooms, a complete wooden finish wardrobe and a study table design can add a lot of vintage charm to your room. This look can be further enhanced with the help of wooden tiles that can add a lot of visual interest to your space.

2. Sleek and Stylish wardrobe with study table design

A room with a bed, desk, and cabinets.

The combination of various neutral shades with simple lines and geometric construction can create a nice study table and wardrobe floor-to-ceiling design. You can add depth to the design with the help of ambient and functional lights and can also add various decals for a unique look.

3. Modern wardrobe with study table design with stunning colours

A bedroom with a green wall, wardrobe and bookshelves.

While timeless neutral shades like grey, white, and beige remain classic in interior design, there’s room for creativity with bolder hues and distinctive designs. Take, for example, the use of a green accent wall serving as a backdrop for a wooden shelf cleverly crafted to resemble a tree. This, paired with a simple but bold study table and wardrobe design is a must-have for you if you want to add a pop of colour to your space. 

4. Simple and Bold study table with wardrobe design

A room with a wardrobe, desk and chair.

Minimalism is one of the most popular and happening trends in the world of interior design currently and rightly so. Its simple yet bold stylistic appeal is enough to make any space stand out among the rest. You can use minimalist aesthetics to design your study table with a wardrobe combination design for a unique and eye-catching look.

5. Dual Coloured, multipurpose cupboard design with study table 

A walk in closet with shelves, drawers, and a study desk.

There are many different dual-coloured combinations that can be used to design your wardrobe and study table. For instance, here shades from the neutral palette i.e. beige and white have been combined for a muted and elegant look, but you can always go bold and choose various complementary or contrasting shades together while designing your study room. 

6. Black Beauty Design with Wardrobe and Study Table 

A black bedroom with a desk and bookshelf.

Black is one of the boldest and most attractive shades to exist, and a study table with a wardrobe design plan that is made completely with dark black shades can become the focal point of your room. The rich tones of black combined with minute details of white is not only a classy look but also something that will be the talk of the town. 

7. All White wardrobe with study table Design

A white bedroom with a desk and bookshelves.

Just like a completely black study table and wardrobe combination, you can also go for a completely white study table and wardrobe design combination. You can choose different shades of white for a unique yet uniform look. 

8. Playful study table design with wardrobe 

A children's room with a bunk bed and desk.

Combine kids-friendly decor and furniture with a study table and wardrobe for a unique look that your kids will fall in love with instantly. For added charm, you can add their favourite colours or even posters of their favourite characters. 

Things to consider while designing the wardrobe

When creating a combination of a wardrobe with a study table, it’s essential to take into account several factors that enable you, as a homeowner, to design the most fitting pieces of furniture for your room. Some key considerations include:

1. Lights For Your Space: 

Be it study or work, none can function properly without an ample amount of lights, which is why while designing your wardrobe and study table, decide what kind of lights you would need and where you would like to install them. It is recommended to see how both artificial as well as natural lights work with the tiles, furniture, and walls, colour combinations and what role the lights play in the overall appearance of the space. Consider incorporating ambient lighting and task lighting to cover both functionality and aesthetics in your study and work area. Additionally, maximise the use of natural light whenever possible. Not only does natural light help in saving electricity, but it also contributes to keeping you feeling fresh and active.

2. Excellent Ergonomics and perfect Posture:

People think that labour-intensive work in which a person needs to use a lot of physical effort and energy is difficult, but did you know that even sedentary work which involves nothing but sitting on a chair can also prove to be harmful to your body? Yes, constantly sitting on a chair for hours together with bad or incorrect posture can be disastrous for your back, eyes, and other parts of the body which is why the correct ergonomics of your workspace is an integral thing to think about. Ensure your table is at a height that won’t strain your eyes or back. Select a chair that strikes the right balance, providing comfort for productivity without being too cosy and risking drowsiness. Additionally, make sure there’s ample legroom under your desk, allowing you to stretch out and avoid cramps.

3. Storage Options: 

If you can install shelves along with a wardrobe around your study or work table, these shelves can prove to be quite beneficial as they can provide you ample space to keep your books, gadgets, chargers, stationery, and all similar paraphernalia. Tables with drawers are also highly recommended for people who need a lot of knick-knacks for their work.

4. Quality of the Material:

While designing your study table and wardrobe combination, a homeowner needs to pay ample focus on getting the highest-quality material. The material should be sturdy and durable enough to last long without any issues. Also buy proper hinges, runners, knobs, etc. of a high-quality material. 

5. Flooring Options: 

Your chair, wardrobe, you, and in most cases your table- all are supported by the flooring in your house, which is why as a homeowner you must pay close attention while designing the floor of your study room so that it is easy to clean, looks good, and is comfortable on the feet.  

While there are trendy flooring options like wood and rubber gaining popularity, the timeless appeal, versatility, and affordability of a tiled floor remain unmatched. A well-done ceramic tiled floor not only enhances the aesthetics but also offers the convenience of easy cleaning and maintenance, letting you concentrate on your tasks instead of spending time scrubbing the floor.  

6. Wall-to-Tile Transition Effect:

If you have proper and ample space, you can always install a stunning tile backsplash as a backdrop for your study table or work table. This backsplash will not only add a lot of visual interest to the space but will also make it quite easy to clean and maintain. There are many tile options available to homeowners to choose from when installing a backsplash for their study table including Moroccan tiles, floral tiles, and more.



Combination furniture options that combine the features and benefits of a variety of pieces of furniture are all the rage nowadays thanks to their space-saving capabilities, incredibly stylish look, and added functionality. This blog is sure to help you with ideas that will inspire you to design your own wardrobe and study table combinations for your space. For more design and decor ideas, you can always visit the Orientbell Tiles website where you can check inspiring design blogs right away!


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