15 Jul, 2021
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What Causes Damp Walls and How to Prevent Dampness?

Use these Preventive Measures to Keep Your Home Free from Dampness

Damp walls can cause structural damage and result in deterioration of the building. Several factors like water seepage through the walls or leaking plumbing pipes can create a damp and mouldy environment. The biggest disadvantage of damp walls is that it creates an unhealthy indoor environment which can cause damage to fabrics, books, shoes and other household items that are within closed cabinets.

Method to Check Dampness

  • If you keep your hand against a wall and it feels cold then it is a sign of dampness.
  • Mould or fungal growth will appear as black speckled dots on the walls, woodwork and wallpaper.

Damp Walls

  • Flaking paint from the walls and the ceiling is a sign of dampness.

wall dampness

  • Dampness may cause discolouration in the ceiling and stain marks can be visible in the form of brown patches.


  • Musty smells in areas like the basement, garage or store room is a sign of dampness.

Causes of Dampness

  • Poor ventilation is one of the main causes of dampness as a lot of moisture is generated while washing clothes, cooking or drying clothes within the indoors.
  • Dampness can penetrate into the walls through leaking roof tiles or leakages from an adjacent bathroom
  • Water from the leaky plumbing lines of the exteriors or interiors can result in damp walls.
  • Rising damp is a very common problem in older homes especially in houses where a damp proof course has not been used to create a barrier between the soil and the foundation of the building.

Preventive Measures to Reduce Dampness

  • It is essential to ventilate the home and reduce condensation. Periodically open the windows and cross ventilate the home so that the moist indoor air is replaced with fresh outdoor air.
  • Use exhaust fans in areas like the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Install a chimney with a high suction power to remove smoke and steam into the outdoors.

Repair the Damp Surfaces

  • Identify the sources of dampness and repair the wall cracks or re-plaster the walls of the building.

wall cracks

  • Fix and repair the leaky pipes and replace old fixtures with new ones.
  • Waterproof the damp wall surfaces by commissioning the work to a professional waterproofing expert.

Install Tiles

  • After repairing the damp surfaces, it is advisable to install wall tiles because tiles create an impervious surface which can resist dampness.

bathroom wall tiles

  • Wall tiles can be installed in areas like the external facade of the building, on the balcony wall, on the internal walls and the internal lining of the wardrobe.

wall tiles

  • It is highly recommended to install a plastic or elastomeric sheet membrane on the wall before the installation of wall tiles. Use waterproof adhesives and epoxy grout to fix the tiles.

Thus wall tiles are a great way to enhance the aesthetics of any space , it can control dampness and transform any home into a safe and healthy haven.


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