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What Makes Orientbell Hoskote Tiles Special?

Orientbell Hoskote Tiles manufacturing plant

At Orientbell Tiles, we have always been at the forefront of innovation and technology in the tile industry. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities produce high quality tiles that meet Indian and global standards. We have three strategically located tile manufacturing plants and also two associated plants under a joint-venture. They are located in Sikandrabad in Uttar Pradesh, Dora in Gujarat, Hoskote in Karnataka – these tile manufacturing plants have a combined capacity to manufacture almost 33.8 million square metres on an annual basis. 

While all our tiles are known for their high strength, durability and aesthetics, our Hoskote-manufactured tiles are something different. Let us take you through the Hoskote plant’s manufacturing process and what makes these tiles special.


Hoskote Manufacturing Process

We pride ourselves in being a brand that embraces sustainability in spirit and action. An example of this is our Hoskote tile factory, where sustainability is an important and key part of the manufacturing process. Orientbell Tiles is one of the few in the tile industry who are staying ahead in the area of sustainable manufacturing. Here’s how we do it.

1. We save water

save water in tile manufacturing

Our plant at Hoskote is a unique one – we use a dry manufacturing process here unlike other tile makers in India. Dry process uses 74% less water per m3/Mg d.s. compared to a wet manufacturing process. This means that the process of manufacturing uses less water than the normal manufacturing process. Hence at Hoskote, we save almost 10 litres of water per sqm more than most other tile manufacturing factories. We use less water every year and also hope to replenish more water than consumed through groundwater recharging by 2024. 

2. Saving Energy

save energy and save environment

Our Hoskote plant uses a lot less energy and reduces energy usage with each passing year. This is achieved through innovative activities such as:

  • Usage of saw dust as a fuel for the spray dryer for drying
  • The waste heat from the kiln is utilised in the spray dryers to save energy.

We also aim to install a mega 1 KW Solar Plant to take care of some of the energy needs of the plant, further reducing the need for conventional energy.

3. Zero Waste Discharge

zero waste discharge during the manufacturing

Not just the Hoskote plant, but all three of Orientbell Tiles’ manufacturing plants discharge zero waste and 100% of all the waste (water and otherwise) is taken back into the fold. Old, broken, or unsold tiles are broken and recycled, enabling the plants to remain 100% waste free. We are so green that we don’t have smoke coming out of our factory!

4. Green Cover

manufacturing plant covered in green nature

With almost 5,500 trees on the factory premises and more being planted every year, the Hoskote plant has a substantial green cover. The factory teams are given tree plantation targets to adhere to, to ensure more trees are planted – almost 300 trees are planted on a yearly basis by employees. 

5. Use of Locally Sourced Materials

procuring the locally sourced material for packaging

All the raw material sourced for the factory is from local sources, reducing the carbon footprint at the manufacturing stage. Almost 95% of all the raw material is sourced is from within a 250 km radius around the factory, not only boosting the local economy, but also reducing transportation, therefore reducing the environmental impact. The unique red clay used to manufacture the tiles here is indigenous to the state of Karnataka and helps make the tiles a lot stronger and long lasting. The tiles manufactured at Hoskote come with a distinct red back, thanks to this red clay.

Types Of Tiles Manufactured At Hoskote

The Hoskote manufacturing plant is one of the three Orientbell Tiles owned manufacturing plants in the nation. The distinct native red clay used and the dry manufacturing process here is what gives the Orientbell Hoskote tiles its uniqueness, high strength and durability. 

Paver Tiles

paver tiles for outdoor floor

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Paver tiles are ceramic tiles imprinted with designs such as wooden, stone, cement, floral, 3D, geometric, etc. These tiles are primarily used outdoors on balconies, swimming pool decks, parking lots, etc. but can also be used indoors in commercial spaces, hospitals, bars, restaurants, etc.

Forever Tiles

forever tiles for flooring

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Forever tiles are also often referred to as “scratch free tiles”. This is because try what you may want; you will not be able to scratch the surface of these tiles. Do not believe us? Click here for video proof! Manufactured using patent pending technology, these durable and long lasting tiles are a great choice for both residential and commercial spaces and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Cool Tiles

cool tiles for terrace

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Cool Tiles is one of our most functional products so far and is very popular in south India. As the name suggests- the product, wherever installed, keeps the area cool. Manufactured using a patent pending technology, cool tiles are highly reflective tiles that reflect most of the sun rays back into the atmosphere, keeping your floors and the space below them cool. During peak summer (we tested at 49 degree Celsius), cool tile helps keep the surface up to 18-20 degree Celsius cooler than a normal cemented floor.

Elevation Tiles 

house front elevation design

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As important as your interiors are, the exterior façade of your space is equally as important and using elevation tiles can not only help add a functional touch, but can also elevate the aesthetics of the space. These tiles are designed to be able to withstand the harsh weather elements – from the scorching sun to the relentless rain to the bone chilling cold – and protect your exterior walls from getting damaged, preventing leaks and cracks in the wall.

Wooden Tiles 

wood look tiles for floor and wall

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Wooden tiles or wood-look tiles are highly popular since they provide you with the characteristic wood look, but in a convenient tile form. These tiles are manufactured in various sizes, materials, finishes, colours and various different wood looks, such as oak, pine, ash, Cyprus, birch, etc. allowing you to choose and find the tile that matches your aesthetic needs.

Outdoor Tiles / Parking Tiles

outdoor parking tiles for floor

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Outdoor tiles or Parking tiles need to be robust and durable in order to not only withstand the harsh weather elements, but also the heavy foot and/or vehicular traffic they may be subjected to.  These tiles are made to withstand anything you throw at them and can be used in spaces like parking lots, while providing you with a striking look.

Advantages Of Using Hoskote Tiles

Orientbell Hoskote tiles come with a long list of advantages including strength, durability, aesthetic range and more. The unique red clay along with other ingredients makes this tile a very strong one. 

1. Strength: These tiles are stronger than most other tiles and have a comparatively higher mohr value. We believe our Hoskote tiles are so strong that they can withstand heavy weights without breaking. 

2. Low Water Absorption: These tiles have a low rate of water absorption, making them a great choice for water prone spaces, such as bathrooms, kitchens, terraces, balconies, swimming pool decks, porches, garden pathways, parking lots, etc.

3. Wide Range of Uses: These stunning tiles can be used on both floors and walls, indoors as well as outdoors.

4. Unique Tiles: Our range of Cool tiles are great to use in residential and commercial spaces to bring down the temperature. Our scratch free Forever tiles can be installed in any space for a durable, scratch free look! 

Watch how a 30 tonne truck challenges the strength of Hoskote tiles:

As a brand that takes sustainability seriously, our manufacturing plants are a step towards a greener future. Want to know more about the tiles offered by Orientbell Tiles? Visit the Website or visit a store near you today.






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