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Why do Tiles Installed in Bathrooms Crack?

Bathroom Tiles

Choosing the right tile for a bathroom is a tough task but actually, the toughest task is to prevent bathroom tiles from cracking. There are various reasons why bathroom tiles crack very easily. One of the ways to minimize this is to carefully choose high-quality bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Check If the Concrete is Cracked Underneath

There is a possibility that the concrete underneath your bathroom floor tiles gets cracked after drying up. As a result, the tile moves along with the concrete and gets cracked too. To avoid this, let the concrete heal itself for a month or so before you install the tiles. This way you can prevent cracks in bathroom tiles too.

Bathroom Tiles Design

Go for Premium Quality Tiles

People often fall for designer bathroom tiles and neglect the tile material. Choose premium quality bathroom tiles because tiles made of poor quality material may crack very soon. Orientbell’s bathroom tiles are made with the best quality material and are very durable. You can check out various designs available in the modern bathroom tiles category.

Bathroom wall tiles design

Water-Resistant Tiles

Another aspect that can cause cracks is the porosity of tiles. When moisture seeps in the tiles, they create space within the tiles and lead to cracking. To avoid this, you can go for porcelain tiles as they are less porous and are resistant to water. These tiles are not just strong but also prevent any kind of water leakage.

Water-Resistant Bathroom Tiles

Stone Tiles

Natural stones are always the first preference of people looking for bathroom flooring. But they require regular maintenance and are expensive! Orientbell’s travertine tiles, limestone tiles, marble tiles, and granite tiles look the same as natural stones and are equally durable and long-lasting. These tiles are less porous and can withstand all wet area conditions, therefore, they are perfect as bathroom tiles. The bathroom tiles price is reasonable so it wouldn’t pinch your pocket!

Stone Bathroom Tiles

Different types of tiles which you can use in the bathroom area:

Not just porcelain material, you can try tiles made of other materials too in the bathroom. One thing that matters the most is that bathroom tiles should be resistant to water, stains, scratches, and all kinds of wear and tear. Also, bathroom tiles are durable. Some of the popular types of modern bathroom tiles are:

  1. Ceramic tiles
  2. Porcelain tiles
  3. Travertine tiles
  4. Limestone tiles
  5. Slate tiles
  6. Marble tiles
  7. Granite tiles

Make sure you buy high-quality tiles and follow the proper installation process to ensure a crack-free bathroom surface. 


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