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Why You Should be Saying Yes to Luxury Tiles in Your Bathroom

A bathroom with a tub and sink.

Known to be a personal sanctuary, our bathroom has always been a place where we take time off to care for ourselves. Be it a quick morning routine or a pleasurable de-stressing bath after an exhausting day, this space is part of our daily lives. Now imagine making this space a paradise by adding luxury tiles. 

Luxury tiles are meant to give out only exquisite feel and can transform your bathroom into a relaxing, spa-like space. With the appropriate selection of designs, interesting textures and excellent materials, luxury bathroom tiles can transform the overall beauty and comfort of a room

Reasons Why You Should Consider Luxury Tiles in Your Bathroom Walls 

Indulge in the irresistible appeal of refinement by creating your bathroom walls with luxury tiles. Let us show you why this decision would add an unparalleled touch of sophistication to your space:

1. Aesthetic Appeal

A bathroom with a bathtub and shower.

Take your bathroom one step up in aesthetic and visual appeal with high-quality luxury tile! You will get a myriad of options – from classic to contemporary to everything in between, creating a bathroom of your choice. With all the different designs, patterns and colours available, it is easy to make your bathroom walls look stunning. Just choose the right quality tile and your bathroom will have that charm that everyone will love.

2. Durability

A bathroom with a sink and bathtub.

With their striking strength and durability, luxury wall tiles are quite desirable for bathroom walls. They are constructed with quality materials and are professionally engineered to withstand the moisture and dampness usually found in bathroom environments. Made with strong materials, luxury tiles design will stay flawless in appearance and functionality, even with regular use.

3. Easy Maintenance 

A bathroom with a marble wall and a large round mirror.

Upgrade your bathroom experience with the luxury wall tiles which effortlessly create a pristine and sanitary environment all around. Being resistant to stains, water and mildew makes cleaning and maintenance a walk in the park. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your luxurious bathroom walls are not only elegant but also maintain impeccable cleanliness standards with less effort.

4. Enhanced Hygiene and Health

A bathroom with white cabinets and sinks.

Having your bathroom at max hygiene is a must. Can luxury tiles help with this? These tiles resist mould, mildew and bacteria. Unlike porous materials like wallpaper or paint, luxury bathroom tiles offer a protective coating to shield against moisture formation and prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. So, wave goodbye to that unhealthy, damp bathroom and say hi to the clean and healthy space for you and your loved ones.

5. Variety of Materials 

A bathroom with a tub and a shower.

Luxury wall tiles exist in different varieties created from premium materials that include ceramic, porcelain, glass and natural stone among others. Create your dream bathroom by picking the best one that matches your taste and needs.

  • Known for durability and high water resistance, porcelain tiles offer both style and functionality to ensure longevity. 
  • Want to give your bathroom a new level of glimmer and opulence? Glass tiles are the way to do it. They are also easy to clean and therefore, provide a much more hygienic surface.
  • To break the impression of splendour or coldness, you may look at the natural stone tiles in marble or slate. They are quite robust and durable to stand the test of time without compromising the beauty of your bathroom.
  • The flexible ceramic tiles also give a choice of various options. Among these are the anti-skid tiles that come with a textured surface, aiding in reducing slip risks especially when the surface is wet.

6. Customisation Options

A bathroom with black and white tiled walls.

Luxury wall tiles give endless possibilities for customisation on your terms. From intricate mosaic designs to spacious large-format tiles, you can create a bathroom that truly reflects your taste and preferences. This level of adaptability guarantees that every aspect of your space exudes your style and vision.

7. Increased Property Value and Enhanced Resale Potential 

A modern bathroom with a wooden sink and shower.

Adding luxury tiles to your bathroom can boost the value of your home. People looking to buy homes often love seeing luxurious bathrooms, and nice tiles can catch their eye. Also, these high-quality tiles are tough and can handle moisture well, so you don’t have to change the tiles frequently to achieve a long-lasting, well-to-do bathroom. This quality doesn’t just make your home more attractive but also makes it worth more value.

8.Temperature Regulation

A bathroom with a marble wall and a toilet.

Luxury tile in premium materials like porcelain or ceramic adds both visual appeal and practical advantages to your bathroom. With their natural ability to regulate temperature, these tiles can help retain and distribute heat which makes the bathroom more cosy and inviting, especially during cold winters.


A modern bathroom with white walls and gold accents.

Luxury bathroom tiles go beyond simple wall decorations with their remarkable versatility. Not only can they adorn walls, but they can also beautifully cover your bathroom floor and other surfaces. This adaptability allows for cohesive and visually harmonious design schemes that seamlessly elevate every aspect of your bathroom.

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10.Timeless Elegance

A bathroom with tiled walls and a tub.

By choosing luxury tiles in timeless patterns and versatile shades, you can achieve a truly elegant and everlasting look for your bathroom walls. These tiles offer a superior level of quality and endurance, guaranteeing that your walls will radiate luxury and remain flawless for many years to come. Say goodbye to fads and hello to enduring splendour.


To sum it up, luxurious bathroom space is now a matter of “when” rather than “how” and luxury tiles have a lot to do with it. With these tiles, your bathroom becomes an oasis of elegance without compromising on functionality. If you are looking for such tiles. Orientbell Tiles has an astounding assortment of luxury bathroom tiles, with great designs and the best material grades to satisfy any taste. Get ready to take your bathroom into the world of elegance and beauty. 


  1. Should bathroom wall tiles be light or dark?

    When it comes to choosing bathroom wall tiles, make your individual preference and the style you want to create the parameters. Light and dark tiles both have their advantages. Adding light tiles can bring a sense of openness and brightness to a smaller bathroom whereas dark tiles can give a feel of warmth and cosiness. Always take note of other essential factors like the size of your bathroom, natural light and overall design into consideration when making this important decision.

  2. Will small or large bathroom wall tiles look better in my bathroom?

    The size of the bathroom should be considered before choosing between small or large bathroom wall tiles. Small tiles generally add a touch of intricacy to a small space and can make it feel overly cluttered. While large tiles can create an illusion of space in a confined bathroom. And because of its fewer grout lines, it is easier to clean.

  3. What are the common types of bathroom wall tiles available?

    Commonly used bathroom tiles that are strong and resistant are porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles (marble/ slate). They demand little maintenance and one can choose from hundreds of designs and shades that will cater to different tastes and decor styles.

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