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Amazing Window Designs that Improve Your Home Decor

Spacious living room with high ceilings, large windows, and a stone fireplace.

Windows have a large role in the world of interior design as they can not only add a lot to the beauty of any dream property but are also incredibly functional. Modern architects and designers emphasise creating window designs for home options that serve as eye-catching elements in home decor, adding a touch of elegance to both indoor and outdoor spaces. A good and well-designed window can not only take the beauty of your dream home to the next level but can also help you to make your indoors feel brighter and airier thanks to natural light and good ventilation. This is one of the main reasons for choosing the perfect window design for your home. This blog will help homeowners by providing a detailed guide full of inspiring window designs, tips, and other details that can help you as a homeowner to choose the best-suited and perfect design of window for your home. 

Different Types of Window Design According to the Space/Area of Home

Homeowners can choose from a plethora of designs of windows for their dream homes by considering factors such as their taste and the architectural details of the house. These designs can range from simple wooden designs to window glass painting designs for home options that can include a lot of detailed and ornate work. Here are a few ideas divided according to the various spaces and rooms in the house that can get you inspired while choosing designs for your windows. 

  • Home Window Design Ideas for Kitchen 

    • Jali Window 

Modern outdoor kitchen setup with a stainless steel grill and decorative jaali window.

A classic window option that can be used in the kitchen for both decorative as well as functional purposes is the jali window. Jali or lattice work is a commonly seen motif in Indian design and architecture and it can allow for proper flow of lights and air while also maintaining a decent amount of privacy. It is great for kitchens as it provides extra light necessary for cooking. 

  • Stained Glass Window

A bright dining area featuring a glass table with palm-themed chairs and a colorful stained glass window.

For a more decadent and ornate kitchen aesthetic, homeowners can choose stained glass panes for their doors as well as windows. What makes stained glass windows and doors so popular with homeowners and designers is that they have very beautiful and vibrant colours. These colours and designs, when paired with designer kitchen tiles such as mosaic and Moroccan tiles, can enhance the overall visual appeal of your kitchen for sure. 

  • Ventilated Window

A modern kitchen with wooden cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and a view of greenery through large windows.

Good ventilation is a practical necessity in kitchens to reduce the amount of smoke and moisture in the space. Ventilated windows are available in many different patterns right from simple vents placed judiciously near the ceilings to large windows on exterior walls. 

  • Arched Window

The beauty of the kitchen can be enhanced to make it even prettier by adding simple yet elegant arched windows. The arched window provides a classic look with a charm that reflects the bygone era, thus enhancing the overall character of the kitchen. 

  • Window Designs for Home: Ideas for the Bedroom 

Bedrooms generally call for various window glass design for home ideas as certain types of glass can help you bring in a lot of natural light to your bedroom while also safeguarding your privacy. The privacy and light can be further controlled with the help of blinds, curtains, and more so that you can make an atmosphere that is perfect for a good and sound sleep. Some commonly used bedroom window designs that homeowners can consider adding to their homes include:

  • Classic Window with Bedroom Shutters

Bright and airy bedroom with a large window framed by white shutters, a plush bed with blue and green bedding, and a neutral color palette.

In this classic design, the frame of the window is further elaborated with the help of good-quality shutters. These shutters can be opened to let the light in during the day while closed to maintain good airflow and privacy at night.

  • Ceiling-to-floor Window

Brightly lit room with large window, sheer curtains, overlooking a coastal landscape.

Large windows i.e. windows that reach all the way to the ceiling can make your simple and old-looking bedroom into a bright and contemporary one in no time. Extra large windows are a great way to add a lot of natural light and ambience to your bedroom.

  • Windows with Roller Blinds

Modern dining room with elegant pendant lighting, sheer window shades, and decorative tall grasses.

Windows with roller blinds are a good choice for bedrooms as they have a special blind mechanism that is used to adjust the light in the room. This can help you make your room dark and quiet at night and thus give you a good night’s sleep. A roller blind window design is also versatile from a design perspective and can be paired with unique and stylish bedroom tiles such as wooden tiles for a vintage and elegant look. 

  • Wooden Window with Venetian Blinds

If you are looking for the latest wooden window design for home ideas that can go well with luxurious wooden floor tiles then definitely go for wooden window frames that have Venetian blinds. These blinds have amazing wooden frames that look right out of some Victorian-era mansion. 

  • Window with Patterned Film

Large window with white frame looking out onto a balcony and trees in a residential area.

Along with curtains and blinds, you can use special stickers on the glass panes of the windows to make your bedroom more private. You can find a variety of films and stickers online that convert a simple glass frame to a beautiful piece of art instead. 

  • Inspiring Office Window Design Ideas

If you are a homeowner with a home office setup, you know how important natural light, fresh air, and low glare can enhance your productivity and improve your work. Specially designed office windows can help you with these three factors and can also fill your home office with light and energy, thus ultimately keeping you inspired.

  • Install Awning Windows

Awning windows open on a blue building facade.

Awning windows are stylish and highly modern window designs that instead of opening on the sides, open on the top with special hinges. They open with the help of a push-out mechanism using a crank. These are a perfect solution for spaces that are difficult to reach and can help you bring in light and air in the room even during rain.

  • Go for Bigger Windows

Retractable awning extended over a patio area next to a modern house.

To improve the lighting conditions in your home office, you can add larger windows. These windows can not only add a lot of light to your office but can also provide you with ample vitamin D in the morning. Another benefit of getting a large window for your home office is that you can introduce a change of scenery to your space, which can help you stay inspired. Choose a sliding window design for home offices for convenient opening of the windows. 

  • Casement Windows & Double-Hung Windows

White building facade with open black-framed windows against a cloudy sky.

Both of these options are a must-have design for your home office setup. These are available in large sizes that allow for ample air as well as natural light to come in. These windows can thus make a room feel fresh and enhance your productivity. Another benefit of installing casement windows in the home office is that they can help with the ventilation in the room, making the room airy. 

  • Get Double-Hung Windows

Three evenly spaced windows on a gray siding house with shrubs in bloom below.

Double-hung windows can be opened on both sides which not only helps with light and ventilation but also allows easy access thus making cleaning and maintenance a piece of cake. It is an efficient option for home offices as you can focus on working instead of keeping your windows clean all the time.

  • Beautiful Window Designs for Wonderful Balconies

Windows that are installed in the balcony area are quite integral to the structure of a dream home as they allow the free flow of fresh air, natural light, and warmth. Nowadays, there are many stylish and stunning window designs and patterns available for balconies that can give homeowners combined benefits of beauty with functionality. Here are some of the most popular balcony window designs that you can consider to add in your home:

  • Louvred Balcony Window

One of the best things about getting louvre windows for the balconies is that these windows can help you make your indoors feel bright and airy without making any compromises as far as privacy is concerned. They can also help you avoid a lot of sunlight and provide ample ventilation even when they are shut. 

  • Windows for Scenic Views

View of a city skyline from a high-rise building with large windows.

Many large window glass design for home and balconies can help you get the maximum view of the outside beauty with ease. These feature large glass panes that can make the balcony seem spacious and bright. 

  • Sliding Glass Windows Design for Balcony

Three-panel window with a view of lush green trees.

When it comes to practical and low-maintenance balcony window ideas, consider a sliding glass window. This design, made with aluminium or vinyl frames, effortlessly opens for fresh air and closes for privacy. The unobstructed view enhances the surroundings, while solid-coloured curtains offer easy privacy. Cost-effective and stylish, it adds a spacious and seamless feel to compact spaces.

  • Vinyl Balcony Window

Modern residential balcony with dark railings and wood ceiling at dusk.

Vinyl balcony window designs as the name suggests, are window frames and designs that instead of using traditional materials, use PVC for construction. These are an excellent choice for all homeowners who want something that can be maintained with ease.

  • Arched Balcony Window Designs

Facade of a building with arched windows and wooden shutters.

If you want a balcony window design that combines a classic charm but also includes modern elegance then go for an arched window design for your balcony. This design is an amazing option for balconies as it has both aesthetics and functionality covered well. You can install wooden shutters that can be folded whenever you want for a nice and flexible option. Alternatively, glass shutters can be a great choice for smaller balcony windows. The arch design adds a rounded aesthetic, creating a sense of spaciousness

  • Latest Window Design for Home: Ideas for Bathroom Window Design 

Choosing the perfect bathroom window design is a simple but effective way in which you can make your beautiful bathroom feel comfortable and cosy. Here are a few stunning bathroom window design ideas to get you inspired:

  • Contemporary Bathroom Window 

For homeowners who want to have a simple yet contemporary design aesthetic in their bathroom, contemporary bathroom window designs, especially a good aluminium window design for home can work wonders. 

  • Minimal Bathroom Window 

Modern bathroom with a freestanding tub, double vanity, and vaulted ceiling with pendant lighting.

Minimalism is a great aesthetic choice for people who prefer beauty that is seen in simple shapes and structures. It is a straightforward and bold window design option for your bathroom which also makes it feel classy and timeless. 

  • Functional Bathroom Window 

Modern bathroom with a glass shower enclosure and white bathtub under a window with a view of trees.

A functional bathroom window design combines practicality with visual appeal, coming in various forms and sizes to offer ample natural light and ventilation. These bathroom window ideas bring both functionality and style to your space!

  • Circular Bathroom Window

Modern bathroom interior with a bathtub and round windows.

A circular ventilation window brings a touch of fun and drama to any bathroom. With its distinctive circular or oval shape, this window idea suits various bathroom sizes. If you’re after a practical and relaxing washroom, consider incorporating this unique feature! When paired with stunning and stylish bathroom tiles, these oval or circular bathroom windows can take your modest bathroom to the next level by making it feel like a spa.

  • Vintage Bathroom Window 

Elegant bathroom with a vintage clawfoot bathtub and decorative curtains around a frosted window.

If you want a beautiful bathroom window that looks and feels like a vintage home, you can go for stylish wooden windows with designer frames. 

  • Modern Bathroom Window

Modern bathroom with a freestanding tub, glass-enclosed shower, and dual vanity sinks.

A modern bathroom window design is majorly focused on clean lines and geometric forms with a neutral palette like white, cream, grey, and beige. These versatile bathroom window ideas offer adaptability to various design styles.

  • Small Bathroom Window 

Modern bathroom interior with wood accents and white fixtures.

A small bathroom window design maximises light in a compact space, complementing traditional and contemporary styles. These bathroom window ideas are perfect for smaller spaces that need more light and ventilation.

  • Spacious Bathroom Window

Modern bathroom with large glass wall overlooking a garden.

A spacious bathroom window design is perfect for large bathrooms as it often uses a floor-to-ceiling design. These are best for a bright and open ambience. Ideal for larger bathrooms, this concept from the bathroom window ideas list maximises natural light, creating an expansive, expensive, and airy feel.

  • Modern Window Design for Home: Staircase Window Design Ideas 

    • Luxurious Staircase Landing Ideas

Modern wooden staircase in a minimalist interior with natural light.

To make your staircase landing seem grand and luxurious, you can choose from a variety of open and ornate window patterns that will add a sense of opulence to the space. For added beauty, use stained glass or wooden frames with detailed carving. 

  • A Coloured Window Design For The Staircase

Warm sunlight filters through colorful stained glass windows, casting vivid patterns on wooden staircase and wall.

Instead of the same old and usual clear glass, go for a pop of colour! Coloured or stained glass windows can transform your staircase into a visual delight. This modern design features frosted glass in vibrant hues, offering privacy without compromising beauty. When sunlight hits the panes, the staircase comes alive with kaleidoscopic reflections and shadows, making it a stunning play of light and colour.

  • A Window Design For A Mediterranean Staircase

An elegant foyer with a curving staircase and high ceilings.

Enhance the beauty of your grand staircase with multiple picturesque windows, each featuring an intricate grill design. Sunlight filtering through creates a captivating dance of light and shadow on the stairs, adding immensely to the visual appeal. Besides aesthetics, the wrought iron handrails complement the detailed window grills, making your curved staircase an iconic design statement. For people who want to stick to the classics, you can also choose to go with wood window designs for homes instead of going with iron or any other materials. 

  • A Simple Window Design

Modern hotel lobby with elegant staircase and contemporary furnishings.

Transform your staircase landing into a welcoming retreat with a bamboo blind-draped window against a charming exposed brick wall. This simple yet effective setup adds privacy and natural texture. You can even convert the landing into a cosy nook for reading and relaxation by adding a nice rocking chair or a couch so that you can enjoy your rest while taking in the scenic view. 

  • A Stylish Staircase Glass Window Design

Modern hotel lobby with elegant staircase and contemporary furnishings.

A dainty and ornate staircase window made of glass can enhance the overall beauty of your mid-century and contemporary homes. 

  • A Metal Jali Staircase Window Design

Symmetrical stairway with ornate railings leading up to a large window.

You can transform your staircase landing into a piece of art with a classic Jali design. It may seem simple, but it can change the way your staircase looks dramatically. A metal jali, featuring stylish geometric patterns is used in this design which can draw a lot of attention. The beauty becomes even more prominent when daylight filters through the meticulously crafted jali cutwork, as it stunningly replicates the geometric design on the nearby walls through shadows and lights. 

  • Window Design for Home Outside Entrance Window Design Ideas

When you have guests over, the first they see is the entryway or the foyer, and as it is said- the first impression is the last, so making your foyer look as beautiful as possible is a must. The beauty of the foyer hints at what’s to come in other rooms. Here are some stunning window styles to make your foyer seem welcoming and bright.

  • Coloured Stained Glass Windows

A welcoming foyer featuring a bright yellow door with colorful stained glass side panels and a transom window.

For a stylish, bold, and elegant look, you can use various window glass painting designs for home techniques as well as coloured glass panes to create a look that reminds you of stained glass windows. You don’t even have to buy new glass panes to achieve this look as nowadays you can find affordable window stickers that can make a regular glass window look and feel like real stained glass.  

  • Small Oval Addition Windows

Symmetrical front facade of a brick house with a central blue door flanked by windows with blue shutters and potted plants on the doorstep.

For a cosier and more traditional vibe, consider adding an oval or round window to your foyer. It brings charm and warmth.

  • Arched Window Above Doorway

Two adjacent front doors, one painted black and one red, with contrasting conditions and styles.

Placing an arched window above your doorway in the foyer can help you enhance the architectural and aesthetic appeal of the entryway in no time. Go for detailed and ornate designs for a classy and elegant look. For additional luxury, you can incorporate designs with multiple arches too. 

  • Surrounded by Small Panes

A cozy front porch with an american flag, plants, and a white door with a decorative wreath.

For a simple yet bold glass window design for home go for designs that have small panes of glass that are separated into different sections using grilles. You can choose to install panes of the same finish or colour or for a bolder look, go with different colours and hues. 

  • Large Bay Window

Sunlit interior with a window seat offering a scenic view of the ocean and trees.

A large bay window can add a lot of natural light to your entryway making it seem bright, large, and airy. It is also a great option to make your interiors feel fresh and fancy. 

  • Separated Panels

A black front door flanked by white trim and sidelights on a house with light-colored siding.

For a classic and vintage look, go with doors that have separate panels with glass panes. These panels can feature thick and intricately designed trims for a stately look.  

  • Best Window Design for Home: Living Room Window Ideas

While looking for a living room window design for home ideas, the homeowner needs to find designs that go well with their home office and can also boost productivity. This makes the living room feel fresh, spacious, and inviting- something that your guests will always cherish. Some popular window design ideas for living rooms include:

  • Casement Window

A close-up view of a house's upper facade featuring a white triangular gable with siding above a set of windows, against a clear blue sky.

Casement windows have hinges like doors and are quite a good option for home offices as they can be opened from one side. Casement windows are not only easy to use but also last a long time.  

  • Transom Window

A light blue front door with a transom window in a white frame, viewed from the interior of a house.

These windows are aligned horizontally and are generally placed on top of other windows or doors. They are both functional and decorative as they allow for additional natural light to seep through and also look beautiful.  

  • Porthole Window

Modern living room with a large circular window offering a panoramic view of the mountains.

As the name suggests, these windows are inspired by windows of the ships which is why they are often circular or oval in shape. They are perfect for a unique and bold look that can also add a beachy vibe to your living room.  

  • French House Window

French doors with decorative glass panels open to a bright garden view.

French windows are also commonly known as French doors as they are quite large. They have a large number of glass panels making them a good choice for living rooms where a lot of natural light and air is required. These can be decorated with beautiful curtains and can also be enhanced by framing them with living room tiles. French doors or windows look especially amazing with wooden tiles and marble.

  • Dormer Window/ Roof Top Window Ideas for Stylish Homes

Dormer windows or rooftop windows are windows that are designed like small rooms on the roof. These ‘room windows’ are an excellent choice for homes designed in classic English style and can also help to add a lot more space and natural light to the attic. Different styles and types of dormer window designs can be installed in a home. These ideas for window design for home outside and roofs can be a great addition to the beauty of your home. 

  • Gabled Windows

Upper section of a yellow brick house with a red tiled roof and dormer window against a clear sky.

Gabled dormers or windows are windows that have a peak at the top which then forms slopes that come downwards. This is one of the classic styles of dormers that is also the most seen. It is generally used with architectural styles such as Craftsman, Victorian, Colonial Revival and more. 

  • Pyramidal Dormers

Dormer window protruding from a shingled sloping roof against a clear sky.

These are a type of hipped dormers which are made at a 45-degree angle. This angle creates a pyramid-like shape which is an excellent modern window design for home.

  • Hipped Dormer

Dormer window on a house with gray shingles against a blue sky.

In the case of a hipped dorm, the roof slowly slants towards the back while it goes up. This phenomenon is seen not just on the sides of the window but also on its frontal side. These are most commonly seen on houses that have hipped roofs and are a popular style of dormers in architectural styles such as Shingle, Prairie, and more. 

  • Flared Gable Dormer

Gabled dormer window on a house with beige siding and dark shingle roofing.

In this design, the roof of the dormer is flared in a way that mimics the flare of the main room and is used when you need an addition to be put on the roof or when the roof needs enough space to accommodate a porch. 

  • Arched Top Dormers

Symmetrical arched windows on a house with blue siding and white trim.

These are most commonly used in houses built in French architectural styles. 

  • Polygonal Dormers

A colorful dormer window protrudes from a red-tiled roof on a yellow house against a clear blue sky.

These dormers are mostly shaped like octagons except without the three sides at the back. They are a stunning addition to a roof as they allow you a view of five different directions. 

  • Charismatic Corner Window Design Ideas

Corner windows are truly an amazing home window design as they can provide a rather unusual, rare, yet highly efficient architectural detail to your home and make it feel spacious, brighter, and luxurious. These windows can either be fixed or windows that can be opened separately at an angle. Different materials are used to make corner window designs in homes as well as other properties and thus you can find a variety of styles and design features for them. The two most commonly seen corner window types are:


  • Mullion Corner Windows: 

Windows of a white building with a blue sky, presented with a digital painting effect.

These windows have a vertical strip that serves as the connecting link between two different panes of glass. These panes are connected with each other at an angle. 


  • Step Corner Windows: 

Classical architectural details on a building with a window, showcasing pilasters and ornate cornices.

In step corner windows, the panes have a 90-degree angle connection. Step corner windows are a stunning piece of architecture that can add a lot of visual appeal to the overall facade of a building along with added ventilation and light benefits. 

The most important thing that must be considered while choosing a corner window design for your home is the kind of space you have and the location where you would like to install the window. Later, a homeowner should also focus on choosing the most appropriate and suitable window colour combination that will go well with their corner window as well as the surrounding walls. 


  • What is the most popular style of window?

No one particular style of window can be considered the best or most popular style of window for your home as the designs and choices vary and are based on many different things. For instance, some people may prefer a simple window design for home while others may go for more ornate and grand designs instead.

  • Can modern window designs enhance energy efficiency in my home?

Absolutely! Well-designed modern windows can help to make your home more energy efficient as they often have special coatings and features such as insulated frames, double glazing, etc. These are excellent features that can help you regulate temperature while also improving lighting and ventilation in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner.

  • What are some popular features or functionalities of modern windows?

New designs for windows available in the market come with many different features. These features can make your dream home even prettier while also adding to its functionality. These features include different mechanisms to open and shut the windows, energy-efficient features, noise control, smart technology, and more.

  • How do I maximise natural light with modern window designs?

Homeowners can install modern window designs such as large windows to enhance the quality of natural light that comes inside the house. Use sheer curtains and thin blinds instead of thicker ones to allow sunlight to enter the indoors of your house freely. 

  • How do I choose the right size and shape of modern windows for my space?

The size as well as shape of any window in your dream home depends on where the window is going to be. This means you need to consider the overall architectural style as well as the purpose of the room where you want to put the window. 

  • What is the standard size of a window?

There is no standard window size as such as it depends on the dimensions of your home along with various other factors mentioned in the previous answer.

  • Are there any privacy considerations with modern window designs?

Modern window designs offer various features for enhanced privacy and security. You can complement your windows with blinds or shades for added security. Tinted or frosted glass panes provide privacy without sacrificing natural light. 

  • Can I customise the materials used in modern window designs?

Yes, it is possible to customise your windows by choosing various types of materials to design the windows. Contact expert interior designers to find out how to customise windows so that they will suit your house the best.


In conclusion, choosing the right and stylish window design for home not only adds to the beauty of your dream home but can also make it more functional. From panoramic scenic views to cosy nooks for relaxation to improved and enhanced ventilation and natural light, a well-chosen window design- whether contemporary, classic, or traditional can help you transform your space completely. 

For more design ideas that can help you make your dream home into a haven of beauty and functionality, visit the Orientbell Tiles blog today!

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