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Wondering Which is Better: Wooden Flooring or Wooden Tiles? Read on to Find Out!

Flooring is the visual foundation of your home’s interior. Flooring sets the tone for the overall look of your home and can beautify your home. Wooden look is one of the preferred ones when it comes to flooring, whether it is for your living room or bedroom. Wooden flooring can make any space look elegant and cosy at the same time. Though wooden looks are subtle, they can make any area stand apart.

People often get confused about whether to opt for natural wooden flooring or wooden tiles. While the aesthetics of both the materials would be the same as wooden tiles replicate the natural wooden look, it is the functionality and feasibility that really titles the balance in favour of wooden tiles. Wooden wall tiles as well as wooden floor tiles can give a natural look to any house. You can even use it outdoors without worrying about damage due to exposure to natural elements.

There are several options of wooden finish tiles available at Orientbell. You will find eye-catching colours and shades of your choice with the look of natural wooden planks or wooden tiles otherwise.

Wooden vs Tile Flooring 

Hardwood floor is definitely a good choice when it comes to enhancing the aesthetic look of an area such as your living room and bedroom, but you would need to pay a substantially high price to get that look compared to wooden tiles. There are several issues to be considered when comparing natural wooden flooring with wooden tiles.

  • Quality and Strength: Natural wooden flooring gives a soothing look, but its durability depends a lot on the quality of natural wood used. Planks of good quality shale or pine wood may cost you a bomb and there would be no guarantee of quality in the general market. On the other hand, you will get the best quality wooden finish tiles at Orientbell. The tiles will be value for money and you won’t regret having chosen them over natural planks.

Wooden tiles are not just available in planks but also tiles in 600*600mm. These are available in both vitrified, ceramic tiles as well as in porcelain body.

While wooden planks are available in limited shade of brown but wooden tiles are available not just in your favorite colour of wood but also in various other colors like grey etc.

  • Maintenance: Wooden flooring can easily get affected by termites and require regular termite treatment, which could not only be tiresome but will also need frequent investment in maintenance. Tiles do not require any such treatment. Water seepage and moisture inflow is another problem with wooden flooring and wall tiles because of which they may need to be frequently replaced. As a result, you will have to put up with the hassle and cost of replacing the flooring and wall covering. On the other hand, tiles have a much longer life span, which goes up to 50-60 years, with minimal maintenance.  They will last long without their colour or texture getting faded or affected. They can be easily mopped and are low or almost no-maintenance.


  • Pricing: Wooden colour tiles are much cheaper than natural wooden planks as they are easily available. Even if you are ready to pay a high price for natural wood, you may not get the quality of wood that you see in the decor of old houses. Wooden tile price is sure to affect your decision as it is bound to sweeten the deal.

Why should you buy wooden tiles?

There is a substantial price difference between natural wood planks and wooden tiles: Buying new wood floors is a larger investment when compared to other types of flooring options. It is more expensive than installing tiles. Orientbell’s range of wood-like tiles have many options at much lower prices than natural wood tiles.

Wooden flooring is not suitable if there are a lot of activities in the house: Natural wooden floors can get worn and scratched over time if there are heavy activities like children and pets playing and running around, and spilling and dropping things on them. This means that you may have to refinish and fix your wooden floor regularly. This is a major problem with wooden floors. You will not face this issue if you choose wooden tiles instead.

Wooden floors have noise problems: Wood floors can be quite noisy when compared to tiles as they can be squeaky when you walk on them. Once the floors are installed, the wood begins to wear immediately, especially in high-traffic homes. Keep in mind that wood floors don’t absorb noise. To avoid noise, you may have to cover the floor surface with a carpet, which may defeat the purpose of having a wooden floor.

Wooden floors are not as hard and sturdy as tiles: Tiles are made of hard material, making it very easy to clean and maintain. It also makes them sturdy and durable. Wooden floors are not as hard as tiles and are prone to scratches and peeling off and chipping.

The range at Orientbell

Orientbell has a huge range of wooden finish tiles with different colours and shades that can give a very natural and soothing feel. They will look no less than natural wooden planks.

Wooden floor helps in adding warmth in cool temperatures and for homes with elderly folk, as it is slip-resistant. Orientbell wooden color tiles which come in matte finish will give the same effect as natural wood surface floors do. They are also slip-resistant.

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Maintenance of natural wooden floors is much higher than wooden tile flooring as they require immediate attention if there is any spillage on the floor. Wooden flooring is great for cold weather and gives a classy look. Since wooden flooring is prone to scratches, it is advisable to avoid it if you have pets in the house. Wooden tiles that Orientbell offers do not get scratched or marked the way natural wood does, so pets or children cannot cause any damage to them. Our wooden tiles are also resistant to water and moisture and will not get easily damaged.

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