Wooden tiles are a great alternative for low-maintenance, pocket friendly, and equally attractive wooden textured flooring. Tiles offer great flexibility in design, shape, and application. At Orientbell there are wide range of wood tile designs, with multiple options in color, texture, sizes, and finishes.  Also, these wood tile designs are not limited to conventional rectangular and square shapes, but also available in planks to take a realistic wood effect up a notch. It’s almost impossible to tell them apart from real wood flooring with just a look. This is because of the advanced technology and manufacturing processes that are put in making them. The quality of wood tile flooring is equivalent to that of wooden plank flooring if not more.

wooden flooring tiles for living room

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The price for wood flooring ranges between Rs. 120/Sq.ft. to 5000/Sq.ft Depending upon the type and Quality. But best quality wooden tiles are Available for Rs 80 to Rs 250/ Sq.Ft.

wood look flooring tiles for outdoor

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Wooden Planks are usually nailed down or glued to the floor. They can be installed anywhere in the house with restrictions to wet areas. Wooden Plank floors cannot survive moisture. But, wooden tiles can be installed even in wet areas. There are a number of wood tile designs available at Orientbell that are suitable for wet areas like Kitchen, Bathrooms, Outdoors, and Decks, etc. wood look flooring for gym area

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Four types of Wood options are available in the market for flooring purposes. These are Hardwood, Engineered Wood, Laminate wood, and Bamboo wood. The sizes Are majorly planks and Very limited Finishing Options. But at Orientbell Wooden tiles are Available in Ceramic, Vitrified, glazed, and Porcelain Category. With, Different Finishing Options like Matte, Glossy, and Rocker/Reactive Finishes, in sizes Regular, Small, and Planks. These Wood tile designs are unique, distinctive, and fresh that will give a modern and contemporary look to the Space.


Wood prevents the development of germs. Wood Flooring Is quite healthy, allergy-free as it does not attract dust and moulds. But the new Innovative, Germ-free Technology of Orientbell Tiles comes with an anti-microbial layer that kills 99% Germs. These tiles give protection from Bacteria Causing germs, making your house healthy and Safe.


Wood flooring is usually low-maintenance but great care has to be taken to keep the floor long-lasting and termite free. Regular sweeping and vacuuming they are also prone to scratching so having a Pet and Walking in Heels should be avoided. Also, the wood floor needs to be polished every year for added Durability and Shine. Wooden Tiles on the other hand are easy to clean and maintain, just basic Mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming is enough. Tiles do not possess the risk of termites and if a tile is cracked or broken for some reason, it is easy to replace them.