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10 Bathroom Decor Inspirations for Your Next Home Makeover

A bathroom with a tub and shelves.

Are you looking for decor ideas to redesign your bathroom look? Or is it time to update the outdated bathroom design that you have had for several years? Bathroom design involves choosing the right location for the sink, toilet, and shower in addition to the type of decor you want to use. Every bathroom is a space where people relax themselves and find peace, so it is obvious to create a gorgeous-looking bathroom look. 

In this blog, we are here with some awe-inspiring bathroom decor ideas that you can try with your next renovation project. Each of these decor ideas is filled with creative inspirations that you can use to renovate your bathroom, and you can infuse your personal touch, including relaxing tubs, sleek showers, and elegant vanities into these ideas to glamourise the decor further. 

Art Deco

A bathroom with pink, blue and black walls.

The classic 20th-century Art Deco style has recently become a current interior decor trend. Be it the living room or kitchen, today’s interior designers are infusing the classic designs of this era into modern spaces. It can also be beautifully combined with bathroom decors to create a stunning look. The Art Deco bathroom should include bold colours and glamorous finishes. So, you can go for geometric and marble tiles with elegant designs and vibrant colours. 

Consider HN Super Gloss Crystal Onyx Blue Floor Tiles and SHG Mosaic Streak Dusk Blue HL to create an Art Deco design, giving a nod to the era. You can further elevate the look of the marble tiles with brass fixtures to get a contemporary take on the overall bathroom setting. Also, you can go for a black-and-white theme Art Deco bathroom look using black and white tiles. You can use ODM Nexa Granule Plus Black (Plain Black) and BDM Anti-Skid EC Diamond Carrara Floor Tiles to infuse diamond shapes into your bathroom flooring while having an anti-skid surface for walking. 


A blue and white bathtub.

Embrace the best of the regal elegance of 19th-century Britain in your bathroom decor. Victorian bathroom decor is a popular choice for bathrooms as it can provide a flair of bold and unique expression. To create a Victorian-style bathroom, you should infuse richness and colours and burst your flair. Consider using patterned tiles that are available in diverse variants, such as mosaic and Moroccan tiles. Check out tile options such as OHG Armani Spanish Art HL, OHG Moroccan Art Multi HL, and GFT SPH Multi Mosaic HL Floor Tiles that can beautifully elevate the look of your bathroom. 

Besides, you can also go for an intricate floral mural spread across multiple tiles, such as ODH Gladiolus Flower HL to give your bathroom walls a unique look. Also, consider floral bathroom tile options like OHG Stargazer Grey HL and SDH Cristo Flora HL to let your bathroom wall pop. Additionally, you can also choose tiles of bold colours like deep red, purples, blues, and green, such as HBG 6X4 Bricks Turquoise, to infuse classic elegance with a modern outlook. 


Buy Plank Chestnut Natural Floor Tiles Online | Orientbell Tiles

A bathroom with wooden floors and a tub.

Elevate your master bathroom decor with a modern and up-to-date design trend to craft a stunning and functional space. When creating a modern bathroom look, tiles are a go-to material option. Available in a large variety, you can create several modern bathroom looks using tiles. To craft a neutral yet bold bathroom look, consider using Plank Chestnut Natural and Bianca Dew and create aesthetically appealing bathroom decor. Instead, if you want to get a simple bathroom look, go for monochromatic decor using terrazzo tiles such as DGVT Terrazzo Multi and Carving Terrazzo Grey LT on both the walls and floor to create a seamless appearance. 

You can always play with pastel colours to design a minimalist and modern look for your bathroom. Also, you can pair these tiles with gold or rose gold sanitary fittings and accessories to elevate the luxurious appeal of the bathroom. If you want to infuse happy emotions and create a ‘feel good’ ambience in your bathroom, go for subtle patterned tiles such as SHG Star Petal Gold HL to design an impactful space. 


A bathroom with green tile and gold accents.

Opt for contemporary bathroom design aesthetics – try infusing sleek lines, natural materials, minimalist undertones, gilded finishes, and neutral colour palettes. To get a simple yet current trending bathroom look, you can pair contemporary colour schemes with cool greys, greens and blacks with a wooden vanity. You can choose tiles like ODG Marmi Marble Grey DK and EHM Stacked Stone Scale Grey with light-coloured grout for your bathroom flooring. 

Also, you can get creative with tile layouts to elevate the visual interest and give the walls or floor a fresh and unique look with your personal touch. For example, try laying your tiles like DGVT Tango Wood in a basketweave pattern with horizontal and vertical applications and use contrasting grout to enhance the visual impact. 

Try layout patterns like herringbone, brick, diagonal, or grid. Additionally, you can try floor-to-ceiling tiling to create a taller effect if you have a small bathroom. You can use rectangular tiles such as DGVT Peru Wood Jumbo L and lay it in a vertical layout with different coloured grout to create a visually appealing wall look while making the space seem more open and airy. 


A green tiled bathroom with a bathtub and sink.

Be it Victorian-style or country-house-inspired bathroom decor, traditional bathroom designs are always elegant and beyond the race of time. Traditional bathroom decors often mix and match different types of tile materials, designs, sizes, and textures to create a timeless vibe. If you want to give your bathroom a traditional touch, you can incorporate dark colours, intricate patterns, and plenty of detailing. 

Even though black and white tiles are often associated with classic bathroom looks, you can also go for blue, red, pink, green, and even multicoloured tiles. Create a checkerboard floor look by using white and blue tiles such as PGVT Super Plain White and Anti-Skid EC Denim Blue rather than going for the typical black-and-white look. 

Infusing the earthy tones of terracotta tiles such as OPV Plain Terracotta and Anti-Skid EC Cotto to add a more traditional feel to the room. To include a modern twist in your traditional bathroom decor, you can think of laying wall tiles in creative layouts like herringbone, stacked, crosshatch, or chevron, adding an extra layer of visual impact. Take advantage of textured tiles as they can add depth and interest to your bathroom walls with their subtle textured surfaces. You can consider simple textured tiles like DR DGVT Stucco Beige to elevate the look of specific areas in your bathroom.


A bathroom with green walls and a gold bathtub.

Farmhouse bathroom decor refers to the typical bathroom designs that were used in farmhouses built during the turn of the century. However, these bathroom decor ideas are used in modern farmhouses with a contemporary twist. For example, you can use traditional tiles with more detailed designs to create a modern-day farmhouse bathroom look. Like, laying tiles in creative layouts or infusing cement tiles such as BDF Smoky Taupe DK FT to create accent spaces. 

Another way to create modern farmhouse bathroom decor with a bohemian vibe is by adding hexagonal tiles such as HRP Stone Hexagon Slate DK and Hexa Nero and elevating the attractive factor of the tiled surfaces by using grout of contrasting colours. For a big statement, consider laying black and white patterned tiles like SBG Star Petal Grey and OHG Pentahedron Black White HL for your bathroom backsplash; add a mirror and a wooden cabinet to exude cosy charms in your bathroom. Also, you can use wooden floor tiles like DGVT Double Herringbone Oak Wood and gold bathing fixtures to add warmth and depth to your bathroom look. So, there are many ways you can create gorgeous farmhouse bathroom decor. Just choose your favourite and go for it! 


A modern bathroom with black walls and a black tub.

Infuse an irresistible appeal with industrial-inspired bathroom decors. Whether you live in a modern apartment or a newly built suburban home, you can transform your bathroom decor with industrial-inspired aesthetics, ranging from using vintage lighting and plumbing fixtures to elevating the effect of cement tiles. 

You can consider cement tiles such as TL Rustic Grey DK and BDF Cloudy Marengo FT to add an industrial edge to your bathroom design. It may sound like harsh decor, but you can elevate the overall industrial bathroom look with curvy furniture, warming woody hues, and indoor plants. You can further upgrade the bathroom look with an atmospheric glow by lighting the space with LED lights. 

Besides that, you can also consider laying geometric tiles in black and white colours like BDM Anti-Skid EC Diamond Carrara, adding a metal grid shower wall and black metal fixtures to create a crisp and contemporary look but with an industrial feel. To create a seamless look while adding an industrial edge to your bathroom, you can use textured stucco tiles such as DR DGVT Stucco White or use large format tiles like Carving Terrazzo Grey DK and PGVT Fiorito Fantastico Beige with minimal grout lines. 


A bathroom with a blue and white tiled wall.

If you wish to create a beach-inspired bathroom look, there are multiple ways that you can create a soothing coastal bathroom design, ranging from nautical elements to beach hut vibes. When it comes to colours for a beach-themed bathroom, you can consider blue, sea green, and beige colour schemes. Also, coral and pink colours work for this theme, and you can easily do it by using pink or coral curtains, highlighter wall tiles like HWH Wave Pink HL, and rope mirrors. Additionally, you can add nautical-themed decor elements like towels and rugs. 

To create a chic and modern coastal bathroom look, club blue and white plain tiles like Anti Static Conductive Blue Dk and PGVT Super Plain White in an interesting layout for your walls. Besides that, you can choose beautiful pebble tiles for your bathroom flooring such as HFM Anti-Skid Sea Pebbles and add a wooden vanity to create a more homely and inviting feeling. Moreover, you can also try creating a blue accent wall in your bathroom with decorative blue tiles like OHG Twig Leaves Blue HL to add an extra layer of depth and character. To create a vintage beach hut or oceanic look, go for wooden tiles like BDF Koa Plank Brown FT and underwater tiles such as SHG Sea Dolphin HL to elevate the walls. 


A bathroom with a bathtub and sink.

Get ready to enjoy the serene atmosphere that your Scandi-inspired bathroom decor will offer you. Even though Scandinavian designs mainly rely on diverse shades of white and wood, they still offer the simplest ways to make your mind feel relaxed and calm. So, you can go for the classic Scandi-style design with minimalism by adding white marble tiles such as Cloudy White, wooden cabinets, and black iron fixtures. Besides whites, you can also consider subtle grey tones with BDF Smoky Taupe LT FT to create a monochrome look without overpowering the overall decor. 

If you want to go beyond whites to design your Scandi-themed bathroom, go for tiles of muted shades of green, such as SBM Olive Green LT that can beautifully blend with the rest of the quiet colours and textures while elevating the overall bathroom decor. Likewise, you can also use the power of beige to shine out your Scandi-style bathroom decor. Try using beige-coloured tiles like BDF Koa Plank Brown FT and pair them with black and white bathroom elements and fixtures to elevate tranquillity and sophistication. Also, add a golden touch by using metallic fixtures that are ever-classic and elegant and can elevate the beauty of the space. 

Shabby Chic

A modern bathroom with a toilet and sink.

Elevate the class, cosiness, and charms of your bathroom decor with shabby chic designs. Shabby chic designs often refer to floral patterns in bedrooms, weathered furniture in living rooms, and ornamental decorative items across the space. To create a fantastic shabby chic design, you can combine tiles of white, pastels, and muted tones. Consider subtle tone tiles like SDG Dahlia Pink LT, GFT PGVT Porino Ivory, HBG Flora Grid Pink LT, and BDM EC Mango Wood Creama to achieve this modern and chic look. You can further enhance the decor with golden accents that will perfectly stand out against the subtle backgrounds. 

You can also choose vibrant geometric patterns like BDF Smoky Geometric Multi HL and BHF Sandy Triangle Grey HL to add a modern twist to your shabby chic bathroom flooring. It will automatically grab the attention without overwhelming the undertones of the walls. If you want to energise your bathroom walls as well, you can use Moroccan tiles such as BDF 5×5 Moroccan Blue FT to infuse colours in your bathroom. Also, remember to consider floral patterns to elevate your bathroom walls. Go for floral tiles like OHM Calendula Venezia Crema HL and HHG Dyna Floral Leaves HL to transform the look of walls or your bathroom backsplash. Also, you can infuse rugs and shower curtains with floral patterns to create a vintage look. 


Making a makeover to your outdated and boring bathroom can greatly improve its comfort, relaxation, and aesthetic appeal, and remember that it also increases the resale value of your property. You should explore these bathroom decor ideas and build your desired bathroom look. And the best part of these ideas is that you can create these bathroom designs to suit every space and budget, both large and small. With high-quality and decorative tiles, you can easily create any of these decor styles as per your taste and style. Connect with Orientbell Tiles, which offers a wealth of different tile styles to spike up every renovation project! 


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