Travelling, for now, seems like a farfetched dream but isn’t completely impossible. Why take the risk of actually travelling when you can go places with ‘armchair travelling’? And with Orientbell Tiles’s latest Inspire Art décor collection, you really need not to step outside the house if you plan it right. The whole ‘Inspire Art’ collection is inspired by Moroccan art which gives your home an earthy and Mediterranean vibe.

So why not travel the world from the comfort of your home? Besides, not just Moroccan, the range offers a variety of designs that you can mix and match to create an essence and aesthetic you have always wanted for your space. Read on to know how these latest tiles will add a Mediterranean touch to your house.

Decor Moroccan Art Black White

Moroccan Art Black White tiles in the living room

All tiles of the Inspire Art collection are glazed vitrified tiles that have a glossy finish and are quite durable. These tiles instantly upgrade the look of residential as well as commercial spaces. Opt for the Moroccan Art Black and White tiles to add some design into an erstwhile monochromatic space that might need some sprucing up. These tiles are perfect for floor as well as wall tiles. You can, of course, style and fit the tiles either as is or with base combination tiles to add some more colour. These are easy to mop, and have a shelf life for years to come! The kitchen, washroom, living room and even outdoor spaces can be fitted with this range.

Decor Bottocino Flora Beige

Decor Bottocino Flora Beige bathroom wall tiles

The Bottocino tiles are a homage to the Italian city, and in a way, if you are longing to visit the European city, these tiles might just give you the look and feel of it. There is a method in the random placement of arty designs in blocks which makes it even more enticing to look at. The beige colour scheme makes it one and gives your space the perfect balance between a natural shade and colours. Add it to your bathroom wall where you place the mirror or on the floor, to the kitchen floor or just install it in your study or office. The minimalism of this floral design is definitely going to steal the show.

Decor Geometric Multi

Decor Geometric Multi floor tiles

Lovers of pattern can rejoice as the Inspire Art collection houses a bunch of geometric patterns that is going to add some uniformity to the space. Decor Geometric Multi tile has a combination of colours like dark brown, beige, light blue, white, and dark brown among others that makes it interesting. It works as a multipurpose tile as it not only has various colours but also fits in seamlessly in a living room as it would in a bathroom. The glossy finish of this range makes sure there is enough light reflected off the surface which in turn brightens up the room and makes it easier to clean. Remember, use surface cleaners that are not extremely acidic.

Decor Moroccan Spanish Art Multi

Decor Moroccan Spanish Art floor tiles

Bring Spain to your doorstep, literally. These carefully curated and perfectly coordinated tiles from the décor range by Orientbell Tiles are the perfect amalgamation of design and art. The deep colours of blue and chocolate merged with white and beige make for a memorable design. Each block in a row of six comes in different designs and exudes the richness of the culture. These tiles can perfectly weave into a study room or an entertainment space and one can ditch the rug for these. Bring it closer to you by adding an accent to your bedroom making the room more intimate and personal.

Decor Fabric Strips Multi

Decor Fabric Strips wall art

These durable and easy-to-manage tiles are every minimalist’s dream. Don’t want to add colours or not quite a fan of too much design? These fabric strips-like tiles by Orientbell Tiles’s new décor range are just the right fit for you. All you need from a tile is durability, easy maintenance, longevity, richness, aesthetic feel, compliments, and value for money – all of which you will find in these multi-hyphenate pieces of art. Confused about how to design and integrate it well into your design plan? You can connect with our tile expert who will guide you and recommend the best ways to club these with base tiles that will add more depth to the space.

Decor Geometric Floral Grey

Decor Geometric Floral Grey living room wall tiles

Do you want to upgrade but are just not ready to let go of the gorgeous floral designs? Fret not, these subtle-coloured floral grey tiles mixed with geometric patterns will hit the bull’s eye. Floral designs, as you wish, and the essence of our latest Inspire Art range. This design will perfectly blend with the kitchen island screaming elegance and minimalism at the same time. Don’t forget the intricate detailing tied in with floral and geometric patterns!

Decor Star Multi

Decor Star art wall and floor tiles

All stargazing fans can now hustle and bring the stars down to the balconies of their homes. If you are living in the hubbub of cities, stargazing can be a task but Orientbell Tiles makes that easier for you. Although not exactly stargazing, the Star Multi tiles are as close as you can get. Install them in your balcony, on the window wall of your living room, or in your pooja room. The multi-coloured design brings structure and a sense of calm in the chaos. The best part about these tiles? Once laid perfectly, there’s very little that can actually tamper its finish and look. So, you can be rest assured for a long time, and enjoy the beauty of your house.

Who says tiling the house comes with limited options? If you are open to experiment and let creativity take centrestage, you’ll be surprised with the outcome. Looking for an out-of-the-box tile to suit your artsy taste, check out Orientbell Tiles website which also offers detailed filters to help you choose the best one depending on your budget, liking, preference, and the space to be remodelled.