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7 Best Ideas to Renovate Your Bedroom on a Budget & With Style

Bedroom is the spot that has a direct relationship with destress and relaxation. So, why not give your bedroom a fresh look without breaking the bank? No matter if the existing bedroom is boring and has nothing that excites you when you sleep here every day, In this blog, we will be sharing some outstanding room renovation ideas, bedroom renovation ideas, and bedroom remodel ideas that are both beautiful and budget-friendly. Continue reading to see our assortment of incredible tips, which include anything from creative storage ideas to modern bedroom floor tile designs.

Play With the Colours

What is a room without some good shades? So, pick them wisely as per your choices and transform your bedroom. It happens to all of us that, after a point in time, we all get bored of the same look and look for some change. You can play with colours, as it is the initial step in transforming your space.

  • Light Shades

Most people love going with light shades these days when it comes to bedroom colour.  People adore colours like white, beige, or pale grey because they work so well to create tranquil, relaxing environments. Your bedroom will appear more airy and spacious with these colours. The bedroom in most Indian homes receives very little sunlight. While looking for renovation ideas for this space, choose lighter colours since they reflect more light and allow you to decorate the wall with bright items. 

  • Dark Shades are Evergreen!

Dark shades normally do not find a place in most of the bedrooms, but when they do, they look gorgeous. So, if you are on the other side and want to make bold choices, then why not start with navy blue, orange, charcoal, mauve, or deep green to add a touch of elegance and cosiness to a bedroom? These colours make your room feel more intimate and filled with romance. Want some more tips? Pair a dark wall with subtle-coloured furniture, curtains in soft hues, and lighter-coloured bedding. 

  • Mix and Match with Your Idea

Well, this one is for the people who love experimenting when they are confused between the two colours and want them both in their bedroom. You need to keep in mind that balancing is the art of mixing and matching. Pair a dark shade with a lighter colour to make it pleasing to the eyes. Or add a different colour to one wall and a light shade to the rest of the three. This wall counts as a centre of attraction in the room. Another option you can choose is to paint light colours for the walls and complete the look with darker hues through furniture, bedding, or decorative elements. This combination allows the room to remain bright and open while adding contrast and depth.

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Tiles Selection For Awesome Bedroom

Are you thinking about a modern bedroom floor tiles design as you remodel your bedroom? Start with the tile selection first to escalate the bedroom’s overall appearance and feel. Orientbell Tiles offers a range of tiles specially designed for the bedroom. You can get tiles with the comfort of porcelain, the elegance of marble, the artistic touch of patterned ceramics, and the warmth of wood-look tiles. You can make a stunning, contemporary place that represents your taste by choosing tiles that go well with the décor of your bedroom.

  • Modern Bedroom Floor Tile Design

Updating your bedroom floor tiles can dramatically change the look of your room. Here are some modern bedroom floor tile design options that are both stylish and practical:

  • Woods are Evergreen

If you love the look of hardwood floors but prefer something easier to maintain and less expensive, wood-effect tiles like DGVT Venezia Oak Wood and Crust Sahara Grainy Choco are great options. Such tiles add warmth and beauty to your bedroom by evoking the natural grain and feel of wood. PCG Square Multi Wood also offers beautiful texture and comes in a glossy finish. You can select a hue that goes well with your décor, from light oak to dark walnut, as they are available in a variety of shades.

  • Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are renowned for their longevity and variety of artistic options. Nu River Smoky, Nu Seawave White, and Natural Rotowood Silver can give your bedroom an elegant, and modern look. Because of their high stain and scratch resistance, these tiles are a sensible option in budget. To fit your preferences, they come in a variety of finishes, such as PGVT Monaco Brown in glossy finish, and Crust Sahara Grainy Choco in matte finish.

  • Patterned Ceramic Tiles and Stone Tiles

Tiles such as HN PGVT Stone Veins Beige DK, Carving Grey Stone Marble or BHF Ceppo Stone Beige Multi FT give your room a distinctive texture and are incredibly durable. Because they have a distinctive design, your floor becomes truly unique. When you give them a place in your bedroom, it looks more inviting and warm. Furthermore, try something in pattern to add an artistic touch and a bit of drama. With Orientbell Tiles, you can find a variety of patterns, from geometric shapes to traditional Moroccan tiles. They can bring a twist to your sober bedroom.

  • Marble Tiles

Marble tiles are a great choice for an opulent and classic appearance. Go for Super Gloss Emperador Honey Marble as it gives your bedroom a hint of refinement and elegance. PGVT Classic Dyna Marble Beige, BDM Anti-Skid Diamond Carrara or PGVT Fog Onyx Beige tile are some good options from the marble category, having distinct veining patterns. Marble tiles can cost more, but they are an excellent investment due to their longevity and elegance.

  • Tiles For Large & Small Bedrooms

For a large bedroom, you can choose tiles with a wood look, vitrified material, or something similar to a stone look. For a modern, industrial vibe, think about Carving Softmarbo Creama or PGVT Endless Sofita Beige which are light in colour and come in both glossy and matte finish and are ideal for your bedroom. PGVT Travertine Grey comes with a beautiful pastel grey shade and glossy finish. You can play with both vibrant and pale colours on the wall as they go well with the tiles. A great choice for a small room is little mosaic tiles. OHM Floral Mosaic Beige HL can be used to add a colour stripe around the area or to make an impressive wall. Patterned tiles are also a great choice if you want something striking. They are available in eye-catching geometric patterns or charming floral patterns. 

Green Spaces Here and There!

So you’ve picked out your killer tiles, and your bedroom is still, something is lacking—that lively, fresh energy that comes solely from plants. Adding plants to your home can improve its overall ambience and quality of sleep by eliminating pollutants and boosting oxygen levels. They function similarly to small air purifiers. It’s also a great way to bring some outdoor elements to an otherwise drab space—perfect for relaxing after a hard day. Remember, always choose low-maintenance plants like snake plants, pothos, etc which need less attention and barely need watering.

Smart Storage Solutions 

No matter how beautifully you have transformed your bedroom, if it is not well arranged and managed, even the cosiest one will look small and congested. So, always introduce clever storage options to maintain an organised and clutter-free environment. To store extra clothing, bedding, or seasonal goods, look into utilising under-bed storage boxes. You can add floating shelves to your bedroom and decorate it with plants, frames, books, etc. Even if you have limited space, this idea will work well.

DIY Artwork

Do you love painting or have the art of transforming stuff into decorated pieces? Then why buy items from the market when you have an artist in yourself? Get creative and start personalising your bedroom with DIY artwork. Paint canvas, bottles, and more using acrylic or watercolour paints. Incorporate your family photos on the wall and add extra love. 

Modern Lighting Fixtures

When it comes to totally altering the vibe of your bedroom, good lighting is just as crucial as the other elements.  Introduce contemporary styles to give your room a lift. To lighten the space and add a touch of elegance, you can think about installing an upscale ceiling light that fits within your budget. When selecting lighting fixtures, go for styles that give just enough of radiance and go well with the décor in your bedroom.

Plush Bedding 

When someone asks you about the bed, what first comes to mind? And since this piece of furniture is the main attraction here, why not put in extra effort to decorate it? Purchase some premium linens, such as original cotton, satin, silky, and plush, for your skin. Adding warmth to your bed with a comfortable comforter makes getting out of bed in the morning even more difficult. Remember to incorporate creative and fashionable cushions into your design to give it a bit of substance. Select patterns and colours that go well with the overall design of your bedroom and represent your sense of taste. 

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Think creatively and upgrade your bedroom with these simple and amazing ideas. Incorporating new lighting fixtures and choosing the right tiles, whether they are wood-look, porcelain, or patterned cement tiles, can make your space look entirely new and stylish. So go ahead and give your bedroom the makeover it deserves.

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