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A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing Elevation Tiles

A comprehensive guide to choosing elevation tiles.

An elevation adds a completely new unique dimension to the front face of your home. Anyone visiting or entering the house forms a first impression even before they enter your home, so it not only has to be well built, but it also needs to have an impressive visual appeal. Today elevations can be done impactfully to improve the frontal view of any building from the outside. Designing and planning for elevation is as important as selecting the right kind of materials for building one. 

For all these years, marble and stone have been popular choices for the exteriors. But a more practical and convenient alternative to that is elevation tiles. Elevation tiles are available in both ceramic and vitrified. So, why should you use elevation tiles? 

An image of a building with a brick wall.



Elevation tiles are made with the strength to withstand the needs of extreme weather conditions. At  Orientbell Tiles, our elevation tiles are  fired at temperatures greater than 10000C. This gives them high strength that can endure the hot sun, incessant rain or even snow. 

Easy to maintain:

Elevation tiles have a rustic appeal that remains in good condition for a long time. They come in two textures, matte and glossy, both of which are easy to clean and maintain. The most popular tile designs in elevation tiles,  natural wood and stone, are easy to clean with a regular wash or a damp cloth.

Many SIZES Many Uses:

Elevation tiles come in three sizes- 300X450mm, 300x600mm and larger ones of size  600X1200mm can even be used in external ventilated facades.  While the large tiles enhance the visual appeal of the exteriors, they are best mounted on a scaffolding, and requires specialised contractors for execution. Please click on this link, if you are looking for a ventilated facade.

On the other hand the 300x450mm and the 300x600mm  tiles are recommended for most residential use be it a bungalow you are making or even a cosy balcony. 

Nature-inspired and visually appealing:

Our tile designs are inspired by nature, giving your spaces a warm, homely feel, transporting you to those beautiful homes atop mountains! Whether you wish to give the look of a natural stone or bamboo, or bricks, our tiles have got you covered.

If you want to determine the depth of the tile, just run the tip of a pen through the grooves or run a coin to determine the depth of the tiles. 

Water-resistant and prevents damp walls:

The most exposed part of our homes is the exterior. They are constantly combating weather conditions throughout the year, from the scorching heat to the immense pressure of rain beating down on them during  the monsoons. Water can seep through  the ] exterior walls through micro-cracks, leading to damp walls. You would often see it as damp patches on the corners of your room. iles Tiles have a very low porosity, which acts as a protective umbrella against the falling rain, preventing water from seeping in. However elevation tiles look good too while having the same barrier properties like a normal wall tile. This combination of great looks and low porosity makes them a great choice for the exteriors, ultimately protecting and extending the lives of the homes. You can also use specially developed tiles like Cool Tiles (patent-pending)  on your terrace to reflect the sun and reduce the temperatures inside the homes. 

Meticulous but robust installation:  

The large-size elevation tiles 600mm X 1200mm or 600mm X 600mm require installation through professionals and contractors, especially if the area is larger than 2000 sqft. Please contact us here if you need our help to get in touch with such a contractor. .

These professional tiling services for ventilated facades come at  a premium rate. And the  local mason may not have the expertise  to execute this 

If you are looking for a professional to help you with the large tiles installation, then you can reach out to us here. 

Paint v/s Tiles: Which is better?

A man is painting tiles on a wall with a brush.


A conventional practice we have seen over the years is painting the exteriors of homes. But is it an excellent choice to paint the exterior walls? Let’s find it out. 

If you compare the two, sure, painting is more affordable and price convenient compared to tiles. But paint does need maintenance every 3-5 years at least. This means there will be recurring maintenance over a period of time that will be unavoidable. And you must check this explicitly with your paints contractor before you make this decision.
Tiles on the other hand are baked at high temperatures and require virtually no maintenance. They not only protect your exteriors but preserve the aesthetics for a long time. Tiles have low porosity and prevent water seepage. They stand tall when it comes to visual appeal

So if you need to pick one between the two, definitely evaluate  tiles for better look and longevity of your exteriors. 

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Once you have decided to choose tiles, the next big question would be, what size should you choose, and how much will that cost?

We have already discussed why large-size elevation tiles could pose more challenges- needing a professional tile setter. As mentioned above, there are broadly three sizes available in elevation tiles; 600 X 1200mm,300 X 600mm and 300 X450mm. The most practical choice regarding sizing would be the 300 X450mm or 300×600 mm tiles. 

  • The first and most important advantage of installing these tiles is that a local mason can easily install them. This makes the cost of installation much less and affordable. 
  • Secondly, because these tiles are lightweight, installation can be done hassle-free. 
  • Thirdly, as you go down in size, and choose the smaller sizes, the range of designs increases, and you will be spoilt for choice. Moreover, as it is only looked at from a distance, the size of the tile does not matter at all. 

And when it comes to price point, the elevation tile prices start at Rs. 31 per sq. ft. Depending upon what suits your needs, budget and the extent of the coverage; you can choose the tile accordingly. Call us if you need an expert to guide you through.

Also explore the Normal House Front Elevation Designs Options

Look at some of our fantastic range of elevation tiles that will surely make up your list. 

  • Hewn Stone: Our Hewn Stone range has some of the most natural looking designs that will give you the feel of a natural stone and the performance of a tile, which is the best of both worlds! 

A 3d rendering of a modern house.


This stunning exterior is designed with our Hewn Stone range in the colours beige and grey, giving it a modern, yet rustic charm. 

To check our entire Hewn Stone range, click here.

  • Cliff Stone: The Cliff Stone range is for those who want to have that old-school charm for your exteriors to take you back in time and make your exteriors look attractive. Click here to see the Cliff Stone range. 

A brick wall with a wooden table and chairs.

  • Brick Stone: These gorgeous brick stone elevation tiles are all you need to take you to one of those bucolic villages with brick houses. The beauty of these tiles is in how raw and unfiltered they look. Check out our entire brick-stone range here

A living room with a sofa and a balcony.


  • Linear Stone: The linear stone range will make your exteriors look elegant and prim. Giving the look and feel of natural stones, it will also connect you with nature. Click here to see our entire Linear Stone range.

A modern home with a brick wall and wicker furniture.


  • River Rock Stone: Ever dreamed of  a home in the countryside?! One with woods around and a river or a stream flowing by it? Just the thought of it is so calming and serene. So are the looks of our elevation tiles’ beautiful River Rock Stone range. Check out our River Rock Stone range here

A house with a stone wall and a fence.

  • Bamboo finish Stone: Small houses that were built in villages were originally made of bamboo. Later, we witnessed luxury getaway properties making bamboo tree houses for holiday stays that connected you with the feel of the good old times. Our Bamboo finish stone range will be just the perfect choice for ardent lovers of nature. Check out the Bamboo finish stone tiles range here

A living room with a wooden floor and a wooden wall.

Ledgestone: Yet another impressive nature-inspired design in our elevation tiles, the Ledge Stone range also calls for some impressive visual appeal through the structured stone look that makes the exteriors look natural yet modern and stylish. Click here to see the entire Ledge Stone tiles range.

A house with a brick wall and a glass door.

  • Stacked/ Block Stone: A more constructed and defined design of the block stone is the USP of these tiles. They add the extra dimension while looking graceful on the outside, giving it the visual appeal of a sturdy building built in the 50’s by the British. Check out the Block Stone tiles range here

A swimming pool with lounge chairs in front of it.

Who says elevation tiles are only for the exteriors?

Yes, you heard that right. A lot of you may feel like elevation tiles are meant to be used and applied only for the exteriors. Well, that’s not true. Thanks to their small size, the 300 X 450 mm & 300x600mm tiles are great for exterior application and work wonderfully well even for the interiors. And what is better is that they look as beautiful inside as they look outside. 

Elevation tiles are popularly used for the balcony or verandahs. Elevation tiles also look marvellous when used for highlighting an accent wall, a TV unit, backsplashes and even a bar. Nature-inspired look, hassle-free cleaning and maintenance and beauty that is incomparable- when all these three aspects are covered with elevation tiles, what more do you even need? You can add lights to accentuate their looks even more !

A living room with a tv and a brick wall.

This TV unit looks stylish and unique with our Hewn Stone Grey tiles used as wall tiles. 

A bathroom with a bathtub and a tiled wall.

Using brick tiles in the bathroom walls or in the living room, as showcased above, is a great way to create focal points that stand out and bring the best out of these rooms without putting any extra effort in designing or decorating the spaces. 

A kitchen with a black tiled backsplash and a gold faucet.

This EHG Brick Blue Dk elevation tiles used as a kitchen backsplash gives your kitchen a rustic touch whilst keeping it trendy.

A living room with a brick fireplace.

For those of you who are fortunate enough to have fireplaces in your homes, these brown stacked tiles not only add a pop of contrast through their colour, they are making the fireplace look even more charming. Else, yield to the temptation and indulge yourself with a faux fireplace. 

We hope you found this blog helpful! If you want your home exterior to be just as beautiful, then look no further. You can opt for TruLook, where our in-house experts will provide you with a 3D model of your space with the tiles of your choice installed in different patterns, making tile selection a breeze or visit Orientbell and check out our Trialook feature and try the tiles with just a few clicks for your homes! What are you waiting for? The world of tiles awaits you! 


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